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  1. There aren't many Davis films I don't like. She's so fascinating and fun to watch - especially when she's playing a bad girl. "No one's as good as Bette when she's bad". LOL But I really like "Deception" which isn't as well known as some of her other Warner films. She always seemed to be at her best when co-starring opposite Claude Rains (an actor whom she liked and admired tremendously). This movie, along with "Elizabeth and Essex" and "Juarez" have brilliant scores by the incomporable Erich Wolfgang Korngold. I also like "Beyond The Forest" because of it's blatant campiness. No one
  2. I think Flynn was alot better than most people give him credit for. Even Bette, in later years, told her pal Olivia de Havilland that she was "wrong, wrong, wrong" about Errol.
  3. "Skylark" (1941) would be another good Milland-Colbert Paramount film I haven't seen in many years.
  4. "The Crystal Ball', though made by Paramount, is not part of the pre-1950 Paramount library that Universal now owns. Paramount sold this film, along with "I Married A Witch", to United Artists right after production ended on them. Paramount found itself with an overstock of unreleased films during WW II while UA was in need of features after Sam Goldwyn stopped releasing his films thru them in 1941. "I Married A Witch is now distributed by Castle Hill Films, the company that has most of the Walter Wanger/ UA pictures. Not sure what has become of Crystal Ball.
  5. William Wellman's "Men With Wings" (1938) is another early Technicolor Milland film I wish TCM would license from Universal. Also "California" with Barbara Stanwyck.
  6. Put my vote in for "Arise, My Love", "Ebb Tide", "Lady in the Dark", "Kitty" and "Alias Nick Beale".
  7. The Gershwin estate refuses to allow Porgy & Bess to be shown anywhere. I have been wanting to see "The Constant Nymph" for years. The legal entanglements on that film are so convaluted it will probably never be released again. The negative and all existing prints are still in the possession of Turner/ Warner Bros. If anyone knows of a private collector that still might have a DVD to purchase please let me know.
  8. Fox has announced there are no plans to release this Hayward film on DVD because the costs of clearing all the song rights would be far too expensive. Alas we'll have to hope it pops up on the Fox movie channel.
  9. Roger Mayer said they are trying to restore the two-color Technicolor finale to Jolson's 1930 film "Mammy". TCM has all of Jolson's Warner Bros. films but have pretty much stopped scheduling them (apart from Jazz Singer) because everytime they do the network is heavily bombarded with complaints from African-American viewers because they find Jolson and his films highly offensive. It's doubtful titles lile "Singing Fool", "Say It With Song" or "Sonny Boy" will be schduled in the near future, if at all.
  10. Sepia prints of "Broadway Serenade" (plus original peach tinted production numbers) and "Let Freedom Ring" have also survived and are shown that way on TCM. Originally "The Firefly" was released in sepia but apparently only a black & white print of it is available now.
  11. The movie is Cecil B. DeMille's 1942 "Reap The Wild Wind". The girl in the basket is Susan Hayward.
  12. According to David Niven in his wity biography "Bring On The Empty Horses", Reginald Gardner's arm was mutilated from a bad fall while he was chasing Hedy Lamarr at a party. Thus, he kept it behind his back most of the time.
  13. The masked dancers are from the 1939 Jeanette MacDonald - Lew Ayres film "Broadway Serenade" which aired earlier this week.
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