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  1. Wow! What great fun you guys must have had dressing as Rick and Ilsa, I think you guys took the cake for really celebrating "Casablanca" on the Big Screen. I saw it in Rockaway, NJ and while the audience was clearly very interested in seeing the film there wasn't the excitement you experienced. Yes, they laughed and applauded, but that was it. I am sure it was better at the evening showing, I had to see it in the afternoon. It was great and I do hope, as you that TCM and the 500 theaters nationwide do it some more. While we love these films and own a bizillion DVD's and watch them of
  2. Thanks, my experience was the same. Everyone was there for one thing - to see Casablance, and yes, we all applauded at the end.....What a great time!
  3. You are so right! God Bless TCM for doing this and let's all hope together that they continue showing some of the "greats" on the Big Screen.
  4. You were very lucky to have seen GWTW on the big screen as often as you did. It was so long ago I can't remember when or where but I did see it ONCE on the big screen. I will never forget that huge longshot of the wounded laying out there in Atlanta on the big screen. It is embedded in my memory forever. I really loved seeing Casablanca on the big screen - Hope TCM and the theaters found it worthwhile and keep on doing it. There are so many great classic films out there that would be terrific on the Big Screen. I'd love to see Now, Voyager and The Letter on the Big Screen. Let's hope T
  5. I went to the matinee showing of Casablanca and it was very well worth the 50 mile trip. I'd do it anytime to see such movie magic, Casablanca is my favorite Clasic Film and it was great to see it one the Big Screen, I must have seen it 50 times on the small screen and this time I saw things I had never noticed before, A febuous experience! Hope TCM does more of these - Would love to see GWTW on the Big Screen!!!!! Thank you TCM !
  6. Yes, thanks for reminding me of those two. Good to know there are others who really liked Glenn Ford. P
  7. Bobby You really took me back to the "Good Old Days" - I was born, bred and spent 51 yrs in New York City. Actually, Brooklyn first, then Staten Island. As a kid I loved the "Million Dollar Movie" wasn't it just great ! ! I think it was back in those days that I began getting this Classic Movie Bug which is still with me today.' I loved those films and felt so privileged that we had these things on this wonderful television set - right there in our own living room. I remember when I was in my teens loving Sunday afternoons because many of the New York Networks showed movies on Sunday
  8. Kim Good for you, being interviewed by Ben M. I agree with you, he's very cool, does a great job and is such a hunk. Pat
  9. Anne: Recently turned my cousin & hubby onto the classics and they have been really enjoying them. They were riveted to their seats for "Gilda" and actually asked to see it again a week later. Hubby hated Bette Davis as he had seen her in an evil woman role as a child and had hated her ever since. I showed "The Letter" and he now appreciates how great an actress she was. Now everytime they come for the weekend I have to show at least two classics if there is nothing special on TCM at the time. I do love watching their reactions to the highlights of a film and then discussing the
  10. Saw Van Heflin on Broadway playing the lead role in "Hostile Witness". The audience loved him - a standing ovation. This was back in the '60's. He was as good on stage as he was on film.
  11. Anne Hi, it's me again, I have to agree with you Paulette Goddard in The Women. A dynamite part and just full of zingers from the moment she got near the camera to the next to last scene in the ladies lounge - one terrific performance, Thanks Pat
  12. Hi I think Glenn Ford was a terrific actor and unfortunately, did not get enough 'good' roles to really let his talent shine through. IMO he was his absolute best in "Gilda" What do you think? P
  13. Hi, Miss Goddess: You are so right ! Van Heflin & Stanwick were terrific together. I especially liked their work in "The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers".. Pat
  14. Thanks for the lovely portrait of Fay Bainter, it was vefry nice of you. I couldn't agree with you more, a gracious presence in every film she was in. Pat
  15. Larry: Gee, I thought I was the only person in the world who appreciated Fay Bainter. I thought she was a great actress and never really got credit for being as good as she was. Like you, I was so happy TCM did a spread of her films on her birthday. More than a year ago I suggested to TCM to do something like they are now doing with these birthday celebrations. I love having "Star of the Month" but so many others, like Fay deserve that kind of recognition. Thanks for being there and thanks for all the wonderful info you have provided. BTW my Mom's maiden name was Del Vecchio. Int
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