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  1. My father was told numerous times he resembled Keenan Wynn and my mother resembled Ann Miller. They got many a stare when they went out and approached by strangers for autographs when they were young in the late 40's. That all ended when they got older in the 60s.
  2. Thanks to all who responded to my posting. I still feel there are enough films in the comics genre to carry a weekly series on TCM as Film Noir has. There are the series like Blondie, the musicals like Annie and Little Abner, the serials like Dick Tracy and a number of animated short versions. There were some early silent versions of Bringing Up Father, Winnie Winkle and Ella Cinders. Along with the film would bea short history of the comic itself. I wonder if any production manager at TCM would be interested to present this and would it be popular with the TCM fan base.
  3. I would like to see TCM present a weekly series of films based on comic strips and the characters appearing in them. The practice of creating films based on comic strips dates back to the early years of film itself. In recent years, due to advances in special effects, big budget films based on comic books have become more common. Preferably the show should come on Sundays when newspapers would publish their colorful comics section. I'd call the program "The Sunday Funnies" and hosted by someone well knowledged in the areas of comics and films of that genre. I would consider myself and if
  4. I would like to see a weekly series of films based on comic strips. No, not the animated kind but live action features that would include theatrical shorts and serials based on them. It should be presented on a Sunday when newspapers traditionally would print their colored comic section. Some affable host with knowledge of comics and that genre would top things off. Actually, I'd like to do it myself. Where can I audition myself and idea?
  5. Then would it be possible to technically erase Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and "replace" her with the images of Julie Andrews from previous stock so that she does "star" in My Fair Lady!
  6. Rest in peace Peter. Eternal be your memory.
  7. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and billionaire Jeff Epstein. Both committed suicide. Supposedly.
  8. Definitely the Wicked Witch in Snow White, and it would have to be my very first movie I saw at 5, made me pee in my pants!
  9. I went to see the TCM 50th Anniversary showing of Hello Dolly Sunday. Boy, did Barbra look so lucious!
  10. "Kathleen" with Shirley Temple and Herbert Marshall. Funny how Marshall kisses with his mouth closed.
  11. Wouldn't it be nice to have both Kirk Douglas and Olivia DeHaviland to star together in a film? The filming would be stress free and comfortable enough considering their health and ages. Kirk may need assist from son Michael vocally for dubbing. It could be called "The Centurnarians" a love story taking place in a nursing home.
  12. You know Robert will be there to greet her with a big smile.
  13. In an interview, Lillian Gish was asked how she felt about her starring in Birth of a Nation and her responce was something like this, "As far as I was concerned, I was committed to work and act the role I was assigned. I never thought once of quitting due to any controversy about race and I trusted that D.W. Griffith told his story honestly and truthfully as he could." So go and argue with her now, she's buried in St. Bart's church in NYC.
  14. My hope is that Deanna did not forget to use her talents completely when she "retired". Did she continue to sing for her local church on holidays and weddings? Did she help and instruct young singers with vocal lessons in her little town where she lived? If anyone knows if she did I'd like to know. It would have been a great waste if she hadn't. In my mind I think she did continue to share her gifts in what ever small way she could. May she rest in peace.
  15. Quite frankly I fell asleep in the middle of it which usually happens when watching a Ken Burns film.
  16. Before her death I was able to attend an interview session moderated by James Lipton at the Actors Studio in NYC that had Gwen . She was recovering from a cold and her voice was rather weak and hoarse but she gave it her best effort. She was such a dear and something made me want to go up and give her hug. May she rest in peace.
  17. NO ONE. They went on without even better than usual.
  18. During the Memorium segment couldn't they have at least made mention? Maybe next year.
  19. Who can forget that sweet little boy in Mrs. Miniver? I understand he didn't have much of a film career and had died recently an elderly man in his 70's. I am unable to get his name.
  20. So many of the Oscar nominated pictures have been left out. Here are just a few; Arrowsmith (1931) Blossoms in the Dust (1941) The Country Girl (1954) Darling (1965) Five Easy Pieces (1970) Hannah and her Sisters (1986) Remains of the Day (1993) More of the nominated films for best picture would be geat. Perhaps next year?
  21. Thelma Ritter and Judge Judy.
  22. Character actress of the early 1930's, Beryl Mercer and TV's Aunt Bee of the 60's Frances Bavier.
  23. She lived to be 97 because she took good care of her health. She was very strict on her diet and what she ate. During the run of Hello Dolly during an "eating" scene she brought her own food from home and actually ate her supper during the show. She never trusted fast food places and most restaurants. Only Sardis, since she was a friend of owner Vincent and the head chef.
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