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  1. although i have never seen one of those movies. i agree. And i know that will get a lot of chaplin fans bashing on me after this, but i don't think that his movies are funny. I am sorry that i don't start chuckling when i see someone fall over, or get hit on the head with something. I just don't think slapstick is very funny any more.
  2. lauren Bacall definitely, and for an actor: Paul Newman, without a doubt
  3. I think that Ingrid Bergman was the most beautiful. She was also very tall, and i loved her dark hair. I always thought Rita Hayworth was gorgeous as well. And Grace Kelly too. But when it comes to pretty, i would have to go with ginger rogers, ruby keeler, or debbie reynolds. One of the song and dance girls. They were so cute, and i always wished i looked like them! Message was edited by: audreyfan123
  4. My favorite line from a movie is "what we have here is a failure to communicate" from Cool Hand Luke. I tell all my friends that Paul Newman is so handsome, and they all say "ewww, the guy from the salad dressing!?"
  5. Penelope definitely needs to be on DVD. It is such a great Natalie Wood movie.
  6. Alfred Hitchcock definitely. Mainly because he started the whole suspense thriller. And they often compare movies to him. Also, most people know who he is.
  7. I taped it when it was on. I haven't gotten to watching it though. I am giving it to my cousin as a birthday present, so I need to watch it soon!
  8. My cousin tells me this is such a good movie. I have never been able to watch it though because I can't find it at any stores or movie rentals. It has been on tv a couple times that i know of, but i always missed it! Penelope needs to be played more!
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