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  1. Um...no. That's not what I meant. It's idiotic to assume all films made from the 70's or 80's on are low quality, and I don't mind AT ALL TCM is showing modern films. I'd just like them to only show good ones.
  2. They don't show recent films very often, but when they do they pick incredible films like American Beauty and.... THE PATRIOT???????????? With Mel Gibson??????????? Well shucks. Just what the **** are they thinking? I mean, they've shown awful war propoganda before, but at least the awful war propoganda was from the 40's and had class! Roland Emmerich's turgid, ridiculously violent, predictable, terribly acted, ****-poorly written, and profoundly awful dreck does not belong on TCM, of all places... The last refuge of great film...has been raped.
  3. Brilliant. I'd give One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Best Picture, but Best Director goes to Tommy. Visually astounding satiropera that is scored by The Who. What more can you want?
  4. ...this is a really hard film to find and I'm glad TCM is showing it to see if it lives up to what many critics are calling it. I became very interested when Roger Ebert included it in his "Great Movies II" book and called it one of the greatest war movies ever made. I thought - how can it be one of the greatest? It's animated...BUT it made me want to see it. I will let you know what I think of it.
  5. I loved the deapan way he described the Ed Wood movies. I wasn't expecting him to be that bright since he is the director of two of the worst films of the past 5 years, but he was a great presenter. TCM should have him present all cult or late night films since neither of the other presenters would be able to do it as well Rob Osbourne doesn't really talk about a film's flaws. He is great for talking about great films but simply couldn't do the bad ones. Ben Mankewitz: Huh? Why did he find "Fail Safe" funny? Did he mean Dr. Strangelove? But he said Fail Safe was funny. Did he not like
  6. Okay, the list is crap. I did mention this (all of AFI's lists are crap). (I disagree with you on Easy Rider, but agree with Rocky). really, I put more reliance on the critical/audience response to it and the fact it is one of the most beloved films of all time.
  7. it was the May December romance thing that had me wondering.
  8. ...for showing Harold and Maude. A WONDERFUL film. Perhaps before I saw it I might have been repelled by the subject matter, but I figured "How bad can it be?" I'm glad I saw it. Now I can't even imagine feeling completely natural with the film's subject matter. It was hilarious and touching. And it's the kind of film I want to show to the rest of the world after seeing. "Nathan Haaale!"
  9. > What a waste of writers, directors, lighting, > scenery, actors, entire crew, and anything else > involved in movie making. How did this ridiculous > movie become the favorite it was? Even the ending > sucked ! ! ! It was childish, and inane. It put me > in mind of the Keystone cops running through > buildings and never getting anywhere. It's funny, > the feeling I got about not bothering to re-watch, I > get that feeling quite often lately. Some of the > movies TCM is playing now, were the movies I watched > as a teen, and a lot (not all) of
  10. Antonio Banderas has a good voice??? I wouldn't know, considering his terrible performance of "Al Otro Al del Rio" at the oscars sounds like it's worth a view...
  11. Apocalypse Now takes the top prize. I've watched it an amazing number of times but it is still a wonder to behold every time it is seen. but also 2001: A Space Odessy - no real understandable plot that would get boring after one is used to it, just an extremely beautiful and relaxind display of wonderfully realized and photographed images. hand picked: the greatest "rewatchables" All the President's Men American Graffiti Battle of Algiers, The Breaking Away Bringing Up Baby Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Dazed and Confused Gunga Din Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The Jul
  12. Wonder Boys. It is incredible. Released since January 1, 2006 the best films I have seen are 1. The New World 2. Cache 3. Inside Man 4. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada 5. Why We Fight I am planning to see Robert Altman's "A Prarie Home Companion" and possibly Woody Allen's "Scoop." Woody Allen is doing another comedy and from the trailer it actually looks quite funny (although, as we all know, trailers can be deceptive)
  13. it's too bad you can't appreciate one of Cinema's best filmmakers...Peckinpah's films are brilliant works of poetry. Honestly, look closer. Because the violence is realistic and unglorified it allows us to reflect on it a little more.
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