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  1. No This Movie Was Made In The early to Mid 40's. Help Me. Please Reply Soon Thank You
  2. No It was definitly modern and from a poverty row studio reply soon
  3. I Saw It 2 or 3 years ago on the film noir show on TCM it had a boy who was riding in a boat with a man and then went home and there was a bratty kid there. it was a B movie made in the early to mid 40's please help
  4. It Has Ray Milland In It and His Whole Family Dies. Please Reply Soon
  5. I would Like To Know When Movie Pests Is Next On. It Is My All Time Favorite. I Havent Seen It In Years
  6. It Is That One Always Shown But I Cant Remember The Name It Is A Film Noir From About 1945. It Starts Out On A Lake Between A Guy and This Kid. The The Kid Comes Home And The Kid Has Blond Hair. And I was Either Him Or Another Kid Who Is Thre Who Is A Real Brat. It Is WhatI Would Call a B plus to an A minus Movie Thanks Answer Soon. Bye
  7. It Must Of Been Either Billy Rose's Jumbo Or Mutiny On The Bounty With Marlon Brando. Just Guesses Though
  8. I know the Second One. Is It Killer McCoy with Mickey Rooney. It was On TCM about 1 year ago. I hope I'm Right
  9. That Dog Of Flanders Was Pan and Scanned When It Was Shot By 20th Century Fox in CinemaScope
  10. I Remember A Movie I saw When I Was A Child It Had Ginger Rogers As A Bored House Wife And Goes To A Physiatrist And He Gets Some Emotional Problems Please Reply Soon. Thanks
  11. It Is In color and Called Two Weeks With Love and Stars Loius Calhern,Jane Powell, Debbie Renolyds and Ricardo Montibon.
  12. It's About A Phone Operater Who Helps A Bookie Win Bets. The bookie Is Murdred And The Operator Becomes A Bookie and climes Up The Underworld Totem Pole. I Believe It Starred Edmund O'Brian. Please Answer Soon. Thanks
  13. Just Checked Amazon It Has Never Been On Video Or DVD. Sorry
  14. I Saw A Movie On TV A Few Weeks Ago About A Department sTORE Saleslady Whjo Finds A Baby On Her Doorstep Answer Soon. Thanks
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