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  1. Thanks, I'm glad you like the Janie blog. I've gotta agree with you about Janie keeping her good looks down the years, especially when we see the way that most stars from that era have gone! I think the fact is that Janie is one classy lady and she will always look good! She is probably the only star from the classic era that still looks the same, which of course makes her instantly recognisable! Anyone who has read Janie's autobiography will know that Janie has a beautiful soul and that shines through in all her pictures. Keep checking back to the blog for updates, I will try to keep it as li
  2. If you're looking for info on Jane Powell then you can find pictures, postings, and all sorts of other stuff at my blog which is dedicated to Janie!!! http://janepowell.blogspot.com/
  3. The Halfway House (1943) This is one of the most bizarre movies ever made. Set and filmed in the middle of world war two, a group of people, all at a turning point in their lives, go to stay in a Welsh Inn. Now it gets really wierd because the Inn doesn't exist, having been destroyed in a bombing raid exactly a year before, and is run by ghosts! The movie is actually more serious than the plot might seem. The best scene for me is when terminally ill pianist David Davis recites 'The Lord is my Shepard' while playing the piano as the Inn collapses in flames around him. The performance from M
  4. I'd like to be anyone who is a great singer, and ideally starring opposite Jane Powell, I'd also like to be a producer too, but only in musicals or light romantic comedy.
  5. OK Jane Powell fans, I've just started up a Jane Powell on-line fan club, because the club is new its going to take me a week to fill it with pictures etc. But if you want to join and keep checking back regularly you are sure to find new Jane Powell material to download. Plus all the latest info on Janie that I can find: TONY http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/janepowell/
  6. Two videos/Dvds that I can recommend are: Hollywood musicals of the 1940s 91mins Hollywood musicals of the 1950s 100mins Released by 'Laserlight' they have clips from hundreds of movies with rare trailers and star interviews. I live in England but the videos are definately American made so you should be able to get them in the states. TONY
  7. Charlie, The only info that I have is from the web, I've reproduced the text here, the event is as follows, here is the venue: FILM FORUM 209 W HOUSTON STREET Between 6th AVENUE and VARICK NEW YORK Dual legends Jane Powell and Dick Moore share both a happy marriage and a similar background: both were popular child stars. ?Dickie? Moore made his screen debut at age one, playing John Barrymore as a baby in the silent Beloved Rogue, and, only a few years later, became one of the most popular of the ?Our Gang? (aka ?Little Rascals?) stars and Hollywood?s most in-demand little boy, ap
  8. Edgecliff, GIRL MOST LIKELY is my favourite movie, yes, it deserves more recognition, Janie is superb throughout, in fact the whole cast is superb in each role. I love Janie as an indian squaw, I love Janie drunk, I love Janie jumping into the bay, I love Janie every moment of every scene, thank god they made this movie in colour, I can't believe this movie was a flop when first released, it is excellent. I think the movie has a nice message too, that money isn't everything! What about that scene with Janie on the billionaires boat, did she ever look more wonderful? oh Jane Powell you are so l
  9. Dick Powell and Toby wing in '42nd street'
  10. Charlie, are you going to see Janie and Dickie in New York in June? Gosh, I wish I could be there but I live in England, I assume this event hasn't aleady happened because there is no year on the ad. TONY http://www.filmforum.org/films/powell.html
  11. PS: I've updated the Janie site a little since I posted the link! http://thegirlmostlovely.freehomepage.com/
  12. Great replies Janie fans, sorry I've been away until now, yes I ought to have added Janie to the best figure thread but I guess I'm just so preoccupied with Janies pristine face that I end up overlooking her delicious figure! I think there ought to be more about Janie on the web, my tribute is very basic but I'm hoping its a start in the right direction. I watch a Janie movie almost every day, you may call it obsession but I don't care, I just love watching her!, I play three movies to death, 'The Girl Most Likely' 'Three Darling Daughters' and 'Rich, Young and Pretty' but 'Small Town Girl' is
  13. Tuesday in 'Rock, Rock, Rock' I just love that cute lisp of hers and when she ticks Tommy off saying "Go on.." as he is due to go into his number.
  14. The early Marilyn has the advantage for me, but once Marilyn started to become an exaggerated caracature of herself she lost her edge and ended up looking like the sort of person the media thought she was. I like Jayne and her deliberate ham-ing up of scenes worked well in comedy, WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER is my fave Jayne movie, mainly because it also contains one of my fave stars Joan Blondell, I think Joan is a very under-rated actress and was very skilled at playing the double-meaning like in Rock Hunter when she says "Every morning when that milkman came around I got a mouthful of ha
  15. You really can't compare Marilyn and Jayne and Diana and Mamie and Betty and Sheree - some got the breaks and some didn't. And remember, according to everything I have ever read, Marilyn would do anything (or anyone) to get a job. I don't know if that is true of all these gals. Ralph, I think you are being a bit unfair on these gals, one thing is for sure though Betty Grable simply would not have done 'Anything' to get a break, as anyone who knows anything about Betty knows that Betty wouldn't stand for any casting-couch type career breaks, Betty could be very tough when she needed to be a
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