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  1. He is listed in the cast, but I've never been able to find him. Does anyone know what scene he is in?
  2. Actually TCM is showing three films today. I never think of "The Women," as a Joan Fontaine film.
  3. Does TCM read the message boards? I hope so. Thanks for the two films you are showing today celebrating Joan Fontaine's birthday. I think she deserves a bigger tribute than that. Would love to see "Decameron Nights."
  4. I have always wondered why Jean Arthur was chosen to play the mother in "Shane." She seemed too old to play the mother of Brandon de Wilde.
  5. My favorites are 1. Vertigo 2. Shadow of a Doubt 3. Rebecca 4. North by Northwest 5. To Catch a Thief
  6. It was a great evening. The film clips were well chosen and each time an actor/actress appeared, there was warm applause for them as well. Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Hattie McDaniel, James Cagney, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, to name a few. Robert Osborne did an outstanding job as host. Esther Williams was also there. Entertainment Tonight did not cover the event.
  7. VERA ZORINA. She was on TCM recently in The Goldwyn Follies and I thought that no one from the past or present can come near her perfect body.
  8. The Yearling. I would like to be able to watch it from start to finish, but I can't. It's a very fine film, I just can't look at it. I saw it when I was a child, and it upset me so much, that my mother said if I didn't snap out of it, I would not be going to the movies again the next Saturday. When I was grown and it was on TV in New York City, I thought, good, now I can fully appreciate it. It wasn't on 20 minutes and I could take no more.
  9. They both are great favorites of mine. By the way, Miss Mansfield was a very intelligent woman. She was playing the part of the dumb sexy blonde 24/7 because that is what the public demanded from her.
  10. A masterpiece. Olivier's transformation from stable boy to a gentleman is one of the finest performances from any actor ever filmed. Not to mention how extremely handsome he is in every scene.
  11. Joan McCracken in Good News, and Mitzi Gaynor in anything.
  12. There are two films that are Technicolor masterpieces, The Red Shoes and Black Narcissus.
  13. GEORGE GERSHWIN I'd like to have dinner with him, too.
  14. Don't forget that Olga San Juan was the star of the Lerner and Loewe musical, "Paint Your Wagon." She is wonderful and although I have never seen the original Broadway musical, the recording of it brings it alive in my imagination.
  15. Are any of Fanny's movies available on DVD? Saw some clips from her early films on a documentary and wanted to see more. What a great talent she is.
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