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  1. My expand button or icon will not do anything. I click and click but nothing, I was told this was the way to see if a movie had closed captioning. I am deaf and need this feature. Did anyone else have this problem and then were able to fix it? Also, am I missing were the reminder box is to email yourself when a movie is on so you can not forget? This is making me a crazy person. Why did they have to change something that was working so well. I have left email messages and had someone call and leave a phone message and have not heard a peep back from the Tech. team at TCM. Mr. Fred Dobbs had a
  2. I agree with you..I do not care for this new schdule at all!!! I have tried to post my concerns and I cannot post at all. I cannot look ahead on the schedule (except for the month we are in) and I also cannot find where to send myself a reminder email of upcoming movies in the months ahead...or in this sad case, the month ahead. Life is hard enough, I use to think TCM was my one escape from my hectic life, and now, this is nothing but STRESS and confusion. Thanks for nothing, TCM. Patricia Chicago-irishqueen
  3. Where in this new format is the email reminder box for upcoming movies? Thanks, Patricia
  4. HELP! I have been without a computer for the last couple of months and have not seen the new web site until today. I always check for my favorite actors and actresses upcoming movies and then I click on that movie and send myself a reminder of the dates that it is playing. For the life of me, in this new format, I cannot see where to do this...Is this option still offered, I hope, I hope.. Without these reminder emails I know I won't remember to set my tape player to record or watch the movie or whatever..Can anyone advise me? Thanks for you time, Patricia - Chicago
  5. This is what I recall..Black and white, probably 1940's and I am thinking it starred Gene Tierney, and maybe Clifton Webb as the Uncle. Anyway, it opens with a garden party at the home of some rich people. The girl is engaged to this man, (can't remember the actor) a good looking guy who does not want to work at steady job but would rather roam the world and discover himself. This upsets both the girl and her Uncle (cliffton webb). There is also another man who is introduced as a author who is attracted to the girl. The girl sets a time limit on her guy to "find himself" and after that he wou
  6. I realize over time that TCM has had some unusal guest host, but I try ans keep an open mind and hear what they have to say, but....Bill Maher??? Won't be able to watch this one..
  7. There is a Claudette Colbert and Robert Ryan movie called the "Secret Fury" which also stars Vivian Vance where she plays a rather sinister women..quite a departure from her usual roles. Can purchase the movie on Ebay.
  8. What pray tell is the "Maple Street Phenomenon"? Sound intriguing..
  9. At first glance, I thought for sure this is was the movie I had been searching for, but now I am not sure. I read the movie description on this site and while there are simialities, it is not ringing true. But the memory is a funny thing so I could be wrong. I wish TCM would air this movie so I could see it again as it had been so many years. The only copies I have been able to locate thus far are a region 2 DVD on Ebay and Amazon. Well, thanks so much for the suggestion. Patricia in Chicago Message was edited by: irishqueen
  10. Yes, I am familiar with that movie but it is not the one I am thinking about. Thanks for the effort. Patricia
  11. Yes, there was a trapdoor but it is not the Claudette Colbert movie, I Cover the Waterfront, if that is where you were going. It started at some kind of nightclub where people were dancing and this couple went out on the veranda of this nightclub that was above this river and the man talked the women into coming back to his place for a nightcap. The took a motorboat over to his boathouse with the apt above where the boat was parked. I cannnot remember the actors names that were in the movie. A murder was committed in the boat house apt and the man took the body down and put it in the boat. Tha
  12. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed in the movie descriptions that most movies are being listed as being in color when they are in fact black and white? I just started noticing this since the month of September started.... Curious in Chicago.
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