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  1. Anyone else see Demi on Good Morning America today? Awesome! Message was edited by: Snarfie
  2. A little off topic just when we were getting back on track here. Anyone else watching Goosebumps this month on Cartoon Network? They're showing two episodes per weekday night for a total of 40 episodes this month.
  3. I have to disagree. One of the things I like about pre-codes is the unpredictability of the endings.
  4. Yeah, they might not be word-for-word.
  5. "Just can't seem to forget you, that Windsong stays on my mind.." Levis commercial to the tune of "Mule Skinner Blues", "Creee - eee --- eee- eepy crawlers.." Choo, choo Charlie was an engineer... (I see someone's mentioned this one already) You'll get a quick tan with QT! Rice-a-roni, the San Francisco treat. Hamm's, the beer refreshing. It's so fast that you can't drink it slow if it's Quik... I see someone else has already mentioned "I'd like to buy the world a coke" For those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's there's just too many to list! These were just a few off the top of my head. Message was edited by: Snarfie
  6. >I like the party on the dirigible too! It is so over-the-top! The whole movie's over-the-top - I love it!
  7. Looks like December's going to be a de facto pre-code month!
  8. Oh, Joan Collins, thanks. I didn't recognize her so young.
  9. >>That makes 3 Chases in one week! TCM is the best! > >>also, unless I'm mistaken the schedule hasn't missed a short >>since last week's showing of the Droopy toon Mutts about Racing. >>I think we are finally getting to where we want the schedule to be. That's encouraging!
  10. >If I spend a little too long on the TCM schedule, >my old computer crashes from to much activity on the page. I think it might be an issue with the Flash Player animations.
  11. I never saw Advance to the Rear (1964) before - until yesterday. I like Glenn Ford in a comedy and it seems that this was also an influential movie. It's obvious to me that this movie was the likely inspiration for F-Troop with it's band of Civil War misfits. A reviewer even mentions this over at IMDb. I also noticed the blueprint for Here Come the Brides a little later in the decade with Joan Blondell as the matriarchal head of a bevy of beauties. Actors include Jim Backus and Alan Hale Jr. who would soon be cast as castaways Thurston Howell III and "The Skipper" in Gilligan's Island. Interesting music, too. I was wondering if it might be William Lava or Vic Mizzy who did the music for this movie. Turns out it was (written by Randy Sparks and) adapted by Hugh Montenegro. There's an instrument they used a few times - is it a harmonica? It's that's same twangy sound they use on Green Acres and seems like it was probably the inspiration for some of that show's incidental music. Anyone else notice these or any other small screen tie-ins or influences? Message was edited by: Snarfie
  12. Thanks for the reply, We have Channel 23 in the Chicago area which airs similar old shows - so between them and TV Land I can still see episodes from the remaining seasons of Green Acres but I'd just as soon not bother and instead have that sharp crisp DVD quality. >i know in the late seventies-early eighties all of rita haywoth's >technicolor musicals that played on late night television-- >my first time ever seeing her films-- were inferior black&white prints >from "screen gems", i'd read somewhere color wasn't needed >when the majority of televisions were b&w in the fifties. Then you had visionaries like Walt Disney who spent a lot of extra money to film the Swamp Fox series with Leslie Nielson in COLOR even though it was being aired in B&W! Now we can enjoy this great series on home video in color (only with the current pinheads that run the company they've inexcusably given us only three of the eight episodes)!
  13. Hi moviefan2, Small world! Yes, I just saw it at Amazon earlier today when I was browsing upcoming releases. Thanks for the info - I don't know how the two versions compare. That might be another one to wait for some reviews on. Thanks! Jeff
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