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  1. > You can find it on Carl Reiner's DEAD MEN DON'T > WEAR PLAID, with Steve Martin. > The stereo score by the great Mikl?s R?zsa (who > didn't write the Universal fanfare) is also available > on compact disc on the Prometheus label. Thanks! But one key question: Did R?zsa RERECORD the fanfare, or is it the original music separated into stereo? AG
  2. Can anybody tell me of an available film in DVD or VHS format that opens with the OLD Universal Studios banner (the rotating chrome ball, circa the 1940s) accompanied by music which has been remastered in STEREO? I'm a collector of movie banner music, and this is one of my favorites. Don't want it in MONO, though. AG
  3. For a short story I'm writing: 1) Can anyone here give me some examples of classic movies/writers/directors that recent film school grads tend to be either clueless about, or completely unaware of? 2) Can anyone name a classic film in which the specific intersection of Hollywood and Vine played a key part? 3) Can anyone name a classic film in which ANY intersection in Hollywood (but NOT Hollywood & Vine) played a key part? Thanks, AG
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