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  1. I'm going to deviate from the pack and say the Ricardo Cortez version is a heluva lot better than the Bogey version (with all due respect.) The pre-code edginess is what makes the movie and captures Hammett's atmosphere. It's a swell picture.
  2. I've liked Billy the Kid vs. Dracula since I was a kid. I think the total absurdity of it is part of the appeal.
  3. Brides of Dracula was a good Van Helsing movie. I like the part where they list his credentials as being an expert in several different fields of study. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell was pretty good. In yet another alias, Dr. Frankenstein is admitted to an insane asylum, and he is soon running the show from the inside.
  4. Beware the Blob from the 70's was directed by Larry Hagman and it is very funny.
  5. It is also featured as the subject in Mystery Science Theater the Movie, which is out on DVD. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6305078246/qid=1144077958/sr=1-20/ref=sr_1_20/102-4010305-9248103?v=glance&s=dvd
  6. Gods and Monsters was too overtly gay for me. Quills was vile and disgusting.
  7. They have become very popular among the drug culture, but as a non-drug user, I did see Reefer Madness on TV the other night, and it was very funny. They had cut out a couple of shots that I remembered, including one at the end that shows a group of topless girls giggling and cavorting in the mirror.
  8. > mine is and always will be vincent price and bella > lugosi, they seem to bring that little somthing else > to they movies they are in I have to agree totally. Bela brought an air of diginity to everything he did. He could be in a low budget crappy movie and make it worth watching because he brought professionalism to the scenes he was in. The same is true of Vincent Price. He has a very powerful screen presence that usually makes any movie he is in worthwhile.
  9. All the Universal Horror movies are the best. White Zombie is an overlooked classic as is the Ghoul w/Boris Karloff. The ending is lame, but the movie is very creepy and atmospheric.
  10. A new series of novels featuring the Universal Monsters is coming out this year with novels featuring Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and the Creature. http://www.dhpressbooks.com/ If anyone has more info, please share it.
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