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  1. The Outrage is a great western, shot in black and white, directed by non other then Martin Ritt. That 1964 film was the remake of a Kurosowa film. The Outrage is often overlooked and forgotten today, Newman plays a character he's never played before he's a ruff and tuff Mexican, he was incredible in that film. Newman is great in any westerns, my favorite of his is Hombre but back to The Outrage is re-playing on TCM on April 25th. If you miss it you can usually buy it on eBay or Amazon.
  2. Well since people want to chat about McQueen here I'll put in my two cents! No question he was one of the coolest and he's done some great movies, I loved him in westerns, from Wanted Dead or Alive to The Magnificent Seven to Nevada Smith all the way to Tom Horn. I love movies like Papillon and The Getaway. The sixties were great for him, movies ranging from The Great Escape to The Sand Pebbles all the way to Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair and who could forget his first starring role in The Blob! As for other cool actors, I think Eastwood is ultimate cool! I think guys like Newman
  3. Clint Eastwood who began with Universal during the mid 1950's doing bit parts landed the starring role in the hit television series Rawhide (look for season one July 25th)! Eastwood then went on to make three films with Sergio Leone, these are some of the greatest westerns ever made, especially The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Then what does he do he comes home opens his own production company (Malpaso) and ever since 1968 he's been producing his own work. Then of course we first seen his directorial efforts in Play Misty for Me, you know before the slasher films of the late seventies or even F
  4. Well first there isn't one, second I heard a rumor that Warner Brothers is going to release one that would include Harper and The Drowning Pool, anyone have any other informations?
  5. This may turn into a debate but really its just an appreciation thread of a great actor, I consider Newman as the greatest actor of all-time he's one of my all-time favorites as well. He's starred in 50 movies which dates back to 1956. He's done great work for the community donating $200+Million to charity thru his Newman's Own company, his daughter Nell also has Newman's Organics and he has a great group for children with cancers thru his Hole in the Wall Gang, he has given so much both with his movies and with his everyday life, he is a great actor rolemodel. He and wife Joanne Woodward
  6. Gary Cooper who was 6'3'' and stood at 185 pounds was from Helena, Montana he lived there for the most part until he reach early adulthood (except he spent a couple of years in the United Kingdom during his early teens) Coop was around the old westerner's, the Mexicans, Indians and Cowboys he new the West and its history even in his westerns the director would come up to him and ask him is this authentic, etc. He was a loner, men wanted to be him and women wanted him, he was the ideal man to be on screen to speak for men, lets begin a new chapter-discussion on his many love affairs, his love a
  7. The thing is a lot of Coop's movies have been released all sepertley to dvd, movies especially from the 1950's. So I don't see a need to include them yet, the next set I would very much like it to be all thirties maybe even some forties added. You could do a $50 box set of his twenties work, a $100 box set of his thirties work, a $100 box set of his forties work and so fourth. Let me ask you this what movies would you like to see in any future Gary Cooper box set?
  8. The thing is this can be a really fun thread there's not too many great message boards out there that praise Coop so lets be the first and if your a fan too or just interested its going to be fun no doubt about that, make sure you check out his actors page thru imdb and read the triva and such as well to a look at his great filmography. From being a stunt man to playing bit parts to finally having a small breakthrough role that changed his life forever in the first Academy Awards winner Wings. During the beginning stages he appeared in movies with Rudolph Valentino and Clare Bow. He was a
  9. I am actually 22 years old and since I was 12 years old I've been a big fan of Coop's, the first film I was introduced to was The Pride of the Yankees and that still could be my favorite Gary Cooper film! I just find his movies so interesting and fun to watch and there's many of them that are great and memorable movies too! A must read is Gary Cooper American Hero by Jeffrey Meyers also be sure to pick up Coop's daughter's book Gary Cooper Off Camera by Maria Cooper Janis and last but not least the Homer Dickens book The Complete Films of Gary Cooper. Really Coop is the guy that got me ri
  10. It seems people like Clark Gable and Cary Grant are much bigger now then Cooper which isn't fair, Gable in particular becuase of Gone with the Wind, you know Cooper was first offered that film then turned it down. Anyway during the thirties and forties Gable wasn't even in the same league as Coop, Coop was much bigger then Gable throughout his career. As for Cary Grant, Grant wasn't as big as Coop during the thirties and early forites, up until For Whom the Bell Tolls Coop was bigger then any actor going and this all began in the late twenties with especially the role in The Virginian. I see w
  11. Gary Cooper is my favorite actor of the thirties and forties, anyway I know we got an alright collection last year with 5 of his movies but how come we haven't got the $80-$100 collection yet? Or a collection of at least 10-20 films, does anybody know how to go about getting the word out?
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