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  1. The Outrage is a great western, shot in black and white, directed by non other then Martin Ritt. That 1964 film was the remake of a Kurosowa film. The Outrage is often overlooked and forgotten today, Newman plays a character he's never played before he's a ruff and tuff Mexican, he was incredible in that film. Newman is great in any westerns, my favorite of his is Hombre but back to The Outrage is re-playing on TCM on April 25th. If you miss it you can usually buy it on eBay or Amazon.
  2. Well since people want to chat about McQueen here I'll put in my two cents! No question he was one of the coolest and he's done some great movies, I loved him in westerns, from Wanted Dead or Alive to The Magnificent Seven to Nevada Smith all the way to Tom Horn. I love movies like Papillon and The Getaway. The sixties were great for him, movies ranging from The Great Escape to The Sand Pebbles all the way to Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair and who could forget his first starring role in The Blob! As for other cool actors, I think Eastwood is ultimate cool! I think guys like Newman and McQueen are cool, even guys like Cooper, Stewart and Grant are pretty cool, Harrison Ford is a cool guy, just like John Travolta is a cool guy. The list goes on but Eastwood is the ultimate!*See my Eastwood Post*
  3. Clint Eastwood who began with Universal during the mid 1950's doing bit parts landed the starring role in the hit television series Rawhide (look for season one July 25th)! Eastwood then went on to make three films with Sergio Leone, these are some of the greatest westerns ever made, especially The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Then what does he do he comes home opens his own production company (Malpaso) and ever since 1968 he's been producing his own work. Then of course we first seen his directorial efforts in Play Misty for Me, you know before the slasher films of the late seventies or even Fatal Attraction we got Play Misty for Me, this is an incredible and memorable film! Since then he's directed most of his work, as well he's even composed a lot of his own movies too! In my opinion Eastwood is our greatest director going right now, greater then Scoresese and Speilberg, Eastwood is 'da man! He's also one of the biggest movie stars of all-time, nobody touched him throughout the 1970's, from three Dirty Harry's to Escape from Alcatraz he's what embodied American Cinema during the seventies! Here's some great movies of his I love: Obviously the first being Dirty Harry that was a Don Siegal masterpiece and who other then Clint could hold that .44 Magnum! Of course he starred in five Dirty Harry's, the sequels particularly from the seventies are top notch sequels! As for Don Siegal, he was a great director, often over looked today, the two had a great collaberation just like Eastwood's collaberation with Sergio! Don and Clint also did Coogan's Bluff and The Beguiled, both excellent films to watch and you can see Don in Play Misty too! I love Eastwood's westerns, he's directed a few himself from High Plains Drifter to The Outlaw Josey Wales to Pale Rider all the way to Unforgiven. High Plains is a great western, often overlooked today. Josey Wales at the time of its '76 release was a very popular western, at that time the western was dead but Josey was an exception even today its highly regarded and very remembered. Unforgiven well it won a few Oscars so need I say more! Other westerns like Hang 'Em High, Two Mules for Sister Sara and Joe Kidd are great and fun movies to watch, I'll take a Clint Eastwood western over John Wayne's anyday! Of course other notable films range from Thunderbolt & Lightfoot to The Eiger Sanction to Firefox and Heartbreak Ridge to A Perfect World and recently Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. Make sure you see his two WWII epics this year in the theatre. Eastwood is probably the favorite for the Oscars again next year, will see...
  4. Well first there isn't one, second I heard a rumor that Warner Brothers is going to release one that would include Harper and The Drowning Pool, anyone have any other informations?
  5. This may turn into a debate but really its just an appreciation thread of a great actor, I consider Newman as the greatest actor of all-time he's one of my all-time favorites as well. He's starred in 50 movies which dates back to 1956. He's done great work for the community donating $200+Million to charity thru his Newman's Own company, his daughter Nell also has Newman's Organics and he has a great group for children with cancers thru his Hole in the Wall Gang, he has given so much both with his movies and with his everyday life, he is a great actor rolemodel. He and wife Joanne Woodward have been married since the mid 1950's they have starred together in 11 movies the first being The Long Hot Summer and the last being last years Empire Falls. From the late 1950's into the early 1970's nobody touched Paul Newman he was making tons of films, pulling off great performances and has made some of the most famous movies of all-time. He's worked with the best actors and the best directors, he could be the most handsome man in film history, as well the coolest, if you were to compare him to Steve McQueen to me there's no comparison, I love McQueen but he is no Newman, both in the work and the being. I am such an admire of Newman are there any other's that are fans here? I've seen all of his movies and I love each and everyone of them but here are a select few: The Fifties brought us great movies like Somebody Up There Likes Me, The Long Hot Summer & Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. He played Billy the Kid in The Left Handed Gun and if you've watched him in Somebody Up There Likes Me its very close to Stallone's Rocky and I mean close! Newman may not have starred in a lot of 1950 movies but the ones he did were excellent! The Sixties were his greatest era between the people he worked with, to the great movies he did and was apart of, he made a lot of movies during the sixties and here are some favorites, From the Terrace, Paris Blues, A New Kind of Love & Winning - but really you give me any movie that has both Newman and Woodward how can you complain? Joanne Woodward is a great actress, very beautiful and talented it would be nice to see her get more recognition these days! My all-time favorite movie of his is Cool Hand Luke, I love Newman in Westerns, I wish he did more but I will take what I can get with movies like, The Outrage, Hombre & Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. TCM just had The Outrage on recently, that is a very overlooked film my favorite out of the bunch is Hombre! The next two movies that are in my top five favorites of Newman are The Hustler and Hud - how can those not be classics? Really though I love all of his movies and especially the ones from the sixties! The Seventies and beyond brought us a couple more westerns and a re-teaming with Robert Redford in The Sting. We got The Towering Inferno, Fort Apache in the Bronx, The Color of Money all the way to Road to Perdition. There's not too many actors with this great quality of work that paces out over 50 years, he's a legend and our greatest actor! I'm hopeful he will make that one last movie he wants to make with Robert Redford, as well he still plays Badminton he's 81 years old and let me tell you he doesn't look it or act it, he's a professional car racer and has been racing since him and Joanne did the greatest racing movie of all-time 1969's Winning! Anyway be sure to watch him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, April 6th.
  6. Gary Cooper who was 6'3'' and stood at 185 pounds was from Helena, Montana he lived there for the most part until he reach early adulthood (except he spent a couple of years in the United Kingdom during his early teens) Coop was around the old westerner's, the Mexicans, Indians and Cowboys he new the West and its history even in his westerns the director would come up to him and ask him is this authentic, etc. He was a loner, men wanted to be him and women wanted him, he was the ideal man to be on screen to speak for men, lets begin a new chapter-discussion on his many love affairs, his love affairs include, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Fay Wray, Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Tallulah Bankhead, Patricia Neal, Lupe Valez, Carole Lombard, Dorthy di Frasso, Evelyn Brent, Doris Virden, Joan Crawford, Mari Aldon, Lorraine Chanel, Gisele Pascal, Barbara Stanwyck, Anita Ekberg... There are many interesting stories that follow with these affairs, epsecially names lile Lupe Valez and Dorthy di Frasso.
  7. The thing is a lot of Coop's movies have been released all sepertley to dvd, movies especially from the 1950's. So I don't see a need to include them yet, the next set I would very much like it to be all thirties maybe even some forties added. You could do a $50 box set of his twenties work, a $100 box set of his thirties work, a $100 box set of his forties work and so fourth. Let me ask you this what movies would you like to see in any future Gary Cooper box set?
  8. The thing is this can be a really fun thread there's not too many great message boards out there that praise Coop so lets be the first and if your a fan too or just interested its going to be fun no doubt about that, make sure you check out his actors page thru imdb and read the triva and such as well to a look at his great filmography. From being a stunt man to playing bit parts to finally having a small breakthrough role that changed his life forever in the first Academy Awards winner Wings. During the beginning stages he appeared in movies with Rudolph Valentino and Clare Bow. He was a natural in Wings and he finally became the biggest actor of his time in 1929 with the classic western The Virginian, really one of the first 'talkie' motion pictures! He had many romances and love affairs with his co-stars thru his career, he was one of the highest paid actors of his time, if not at times the highest! He was very good friends with Ernest Hemingway, he turned down both Stagecoach and Gone with the Wind. He appeared in eight movies with Walter Brennan. He appeared in 107 movies, 82 of which he starred in. Only 16 of those were filmed in color and he starred in 14 silent movies. He starred in 20 westerns and three of those were silents. Other notable favorites not mentioned are, Fighting Caravans, City Streets, Souls at Sea. As for the forties movies like, Meet John Doe, Ball of Fire and Cloak and Dagger. The fifties brought us movies like Distant Drums and The Wreck of the Mary Dear and lastly his last movies The Naked Edge in 1961.
  9. I am actually 22 years old and since I was 12 years old I've been a big fan of Coop's, the first film I was introduced to was The Pride of the Yankees and that still could be my favorite Gary Cooper film! I just find his movies so interesting and fun to watch and there's many of them that are great and memorable movies too! A must read is Gary Cooper American Hero by Jeffrey Meyers also be sure to pick up Coop's daughter's book Gary Cooper Off Camera by Maria Cooper Janis and last but not least the Homer Dickens book The Complete Films of Gary Cooper. Really Coop is the guy that got me right into older movies, movies from the twenties to the forties and the thing is once you begin watching his movies or reading his story it just starts to spread and you become more and more interested not only in Coop but the people of his time, the actors, directors and the movies, I love older films and its just about time that its being more recognized thru dvd. If your looking for films of Coop to buy go to amazon or ebay it sure helped me and now I've seen almost all of his films as well own them...
  10. It seems people like Clark Gable and Cary Grant are much bigger now then Cooper which isn't fair, Gable in particular becuase of Gone with the Wind, you know Cooper was first offered that film then turned it down. Anyway during the thirties and forties Gable wasn't even in the same league as Coop, Coop was much bigger then Gable throughout his career. As for Cary Grant, Grant wasn't as big as Coop during the thirties and early forites, up until For Whom the Bell Tolls Coop was bigger then any actor going and this all began in the late twenties with especially the role in The Virginian. I see why Grant is the more known and popular actor right now out of the two because Grant has more 'classic' films from the fifties then Coop thanks in part from Alfred Hitchcock! Not only that but Grant died in the 1980's while Coop died in 1961 at age 60, which doesn't help matters to go on and be a remembered name. You see thirties films aren't as highly regarded as the forties and fifties are so that's why a guy like Grant is more known and popular but Coop made his fair share of classics in the fifties like High Noon and Love in the Afternoon. Of late people talk less about Gary Cooper which is very unfortunate he's one of my favorite actors and in my opinion during the late twenties into the early forties he was the biggest actor out of any and the best looking too, well maybe Garbo was number 1 in that category but Coop was number 2! We need some great collections of Cooper's work on dvd now! Here's some favorites of mine of Coop, The Virginian, Morocco, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, The Plainsman, Beau Geste, The Westerner, Meet John Doe, Sergeant York, The Pride of the Yankees, For Whom the Bell Tolls, High Noon and Love in the Afternoon. I simply love all of his work so I could go on and on but there's the gist throughout each decade - well, ready to contribute?
  11. Gary Cooper is my favorite actor of the thirties and forties, anyway I know we got an alright collection last year with 5 of his movies but how come we haven't got the $80-$100 collection yet? Or a collection of at least 10-20 films, does anybody know how to go about getting the word out?
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