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  1. > I remember that one. > > "Oh, there goes the Hitler building!"-Tom Servo And the Mussolini Mall!
  2. > What a great movie!...after the 100 or so times I > have watched it...I still laugh at the greed these > people have to find the 350 G's under the "Big W"! > It is indeed in my opinion an "Essential"! I love the movie and still laugh but I've noticed that as I get older, I don't want to watch the whole movie. I think it's because I know the thing by heart. And it does seem to be getting longer every time I see it. The scene where Buddy Hackett and Mickey Rooney are trying to wake up Jim Backus is one of the best, I can't drink anything when it's on. And Paul Ford
  3. > Girl in Gold Boots is one of my favorites. The bit > with Servo singing about LA. I can't quit laughing when the drugged out dancer talks about her "beautiful mind". BTW, isn't the Prince of Space the one with the Japanese shoe shine guy who battles aliens? I seem to recall the huge banner of Hitler hanging on the side of the building, creepy, since the movie was made in the 50's.
  4. What a great clip Benwhowell!! He he didn't say anything, I wouldn't have known who he was. Thanks. There is alot of interesting stuff on youtube.
  5. Thanks for the info and picture of the Mauch twins. The Prince and Pauper was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Shame is, I can already hear the sounds of silence at the next Academy Awards sho.
  6. > They also failed to recognize Arthur Hill and > Elizabeth Allen. > > Anne They did forget them didn't they? I was so mad that Glen Ford wasn't given much recognition. Maybe if they would have shown him in Superman some of the young pups would have known who he was.
  7. > Checking in as a diehard GWTW fan... > > Every time it's on, I vow not to watch AGAIN, Otterhere, I vow not to watch it either, but I do. And I know why I watch it, Clark Gable. He's so good looking in it. His clothes, his hair, the color, he never looked better.
  8. We didn't start watching until 6:45 PST and they where already in their seats and on the way to the first award. I have to say the only reason I watch any more is to see the memorial montage. I like to see the films that where chosen to celebrate a long career. But every year it's difficult to hear 3 hands clapping for an older actress/actor. Glen Ford deserved better. I haven't seen any of the films that where nominated so it didn't mean much to me. I would have loved to see Peter O'Toole win but not to be.
  9. > > This dependency business always really sends me > off. > > The Government made promises to the military > recruits > > and their families,.Why can't they honor them ? > > Message was edited by: > > ken123 SORRY about hitting the button too soon. Just wanted to say the keywords in your post Ken are "government made promises". I stopped believing in Santa and the tooth fairy when I was 5. I think I quit believing the speeches and promises not long after that.
  10. > This dependency business always really sends me off. > The Government made promises to the military recruits > and their families,.Why can't they honor them ? > Business always skims the best from the very cream of > the crop, be it health insurance, mail delivery, > loans,and so forth. When people, for whatever reason, > fall through the cracks, government needs to step in. > Without government help what you have is " Social > Darwinism ", or '"survival of the fittest ", an Anti > - Christ message if there ever was one. > > Message was edited
  11. > George Bush. > > Al George v2.0 is menacing alright, along with several other adjectives. If a writer where to write a story about him and his term in office, who would believe it? Our government quit caring about our citizens years ago. Everytime we send food, build a school or open a hospital overseas it's like slapping us in the face. How can we help others when we neglect ourselves? Anyway, a public official who is menacing in a different way is the mayor in Pleasantville. The whole book burning, idea suppression makes me sick to my stomach.
  12. >1999's "The Green Mile" Sam Rockwell as 'Wild Bill' Wharton and Doug >Hutchison as Percy Wetmore. two different kinds of menaces. > > vallo Sam Rockwell was a creepy creature in the Green Mile wasn't he? Hannibal Lecter is menacing (in every way) in Silence of the Lambs. And Richard Widmark would make me frightened.
  13. > I can't believe how much press time this story is > getting. I'm sorry what happened to Anna Nicole > Smith, but people with actual talent - like > scientists, artists, doctors, authors, inventors, > etc. don't even get a sentence. Movielover11, my thoughts also, except that I'm not particularly sorry she died. Just don't care. She literally made her bed. I heard her referred to as "Americas Rose" the other day. She ain't my rose!!. Maybe kudzu or poison oak, but no roses. Everytime I see something on the news about her, I tell my kids it's time for Lifestyles of t
  14. > Julie: > > So you are one of the ones who have seen Hugh before > his American transformation? I loved him in > Blackadder... What a hunk of a chap! > > http://hughlaurie.net > > Danny Hugh is in the Annie Lennox video for Walking on Broken Glass....she leaves Hugh for John Malkovich. That's just wrong. And Hugh and Malkovich are in The Man in the Iron Mask. It's been awhile since I've seen it but I think Hugh is tastefully naked in Peters Friends.
  15. Casablanca is a favorite for so many reasons, but I really love We're No Angels. I find myself cheering on Adolph, the unseen snake!
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