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  1. Miss Goddess, I would to read your opinion of Jim Kitses audio commentary of The Furies. IMHO he talked too much. The Furies is a great noirish Western. Message was edited by: ken123
  2. I have to agree with Miss G in regard to the Otto Krueger role. Imagine wealthy capitalists who were pro Nazis, I guess that is the " fictional " part of the film.
  3. Miss Goddess, Thanks for the info.
  4. Miss Goddess, I have one ( 1 ) Hitchock film North by Northwest, but I would consider Rear Window and if it ever gets on DVD Saboteur. Miss Moira,You are welcome any time !
  5. I must have about 45 - 50 Ford films on DVD. Henry King two - The Gunfighter & 12 O' Clock High. Wellman 6 Mann 6 Hathaway 5 Preminger 4 Lumet 4 Huston 4 Lang 4 Walsh 4 Marshall 4 Tourneur 4 Mankiewicz 4 Hawks 3 Dmytryk 3 Curtiz 3 Dassin 3 Wyler 3 Wilder 3 Lumet 3 Capra 2 Lloyd Bacon, Lewis Milestone and many others have two also. Message was edited by: ken123 Message was edited by: ken123
  6. " I love America, I love America, I love America" . Now all is well ! Please stop the name calling and act like a grown up. I did not attack you, but I offered my opinion. Saying how great America is ( was ) accomplishes nothing. A recent survey shows that Euopeans show that that do not feel that America is a force for good in the world under the leadership of Mr. Bush, I was very different under " those traitorous liberals " FRD & JFK ".
  7. The mentality that says " America Love it or Leave It" is still very much with us and with that " no nothing " attitude the Country falls deeper into the abyss. Message was edited by: ken123
  8. Much of FDR's social program was based on Catholic Social Teaching. In my Catholic Grammar School years many of the Nuns were very critical of Roosevelt's New Deal and liberalism in general. IMHO another example of the Church working against it self and to the detriment of the general public.Because of the misguided beliefs of the nuns , locally many were belivers in ' the Chicago Tribune " view of history, the nation was inflicted with the dreadful Nixon, Reagan, Bush (41 ) and Bush ( 43 ), Mr Clinton was certainly no prize either. In recent years the American Church has been inflicted with t
  9. Miss Goddess - PLEASE don't get too dizzy, we need your fantastic posts.
  10. Miss Goddess - I can hardly wait for the release of the Ford collection. I am sure that those film will cause much discussion on these boads. Happy days !
  11. Ford at Fox - Is it true that this collection will contain 25 films, both silents and talkies, on 20 discs ? Among the films included are " Judge Priest ", "The Iron Horse ", "The Prisoner of Shark Island ", " What Price Glory ", and Allan Dwan's " Fontier Marshall ", starring Randolph Scott, which Ford remade as " My Darling Clementine ", with Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp and Walter Brennan as "Old Man Clanton . This film also contains excellent performances by Linda Darnell and Cathy Downs, Victore Mature, as Doc Holliday, is good also. Now if only " Wagonmaster ", "The Fugitive ",and "
  12. I pick " Decoy ", after all the hype I was very disappointed. Don't get me wrong it is more than OK, but I guess I expected more.
  13. I wonder how Herr Otto got away with that scene where Dana Andrews put his hand on Linda's rear ?
  14. The Grail Legends play a role in Freemasonry. Please see " Morals & Dogma " by Albert Pike, " Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry ", ' A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry " by Arthur Edward Waite, and numerous other references icluding " The Secret Teachings of All Ages " by Manly Pamler Hall. " The Man Who Would be King ", also deals with a " Lost King " .
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