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  1. I seen Summer Stock for the first time the other day with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. I absoluely loved that movie! And very entertaining. I think this is one of my fav's for Judy and I don't think I ever seen Gene dance so great.
  2. Yeah to get back on track with the thread, the best movie I seen the other night was Summer Stock with of course Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. I'm still kind of new at watching old movies but I think that was one of the best I seen of Judy and Gene. The movie was just so upbeat and just very entertaining to watch! That was the best I seen of Gene's dancing to. A great movie!
  3. I'm pretty new at watching old movies but the only older movie that has made me cry was Dark Victory, Betty Davis. It was a great movie but very sad.
  4. Jerry Lewis with or without Dean Martin.
  5. Your going to think I'm weird, but...Benji. Yes Benji. I haven't seen this movie since I was a child and I watched it the other day with my child and we loved it. Then I would have to chose Citizen Kane on a serious note, and then The Caddy because it was soooo funny!!!!
  6. I'm also a newbie to TCM. The first Bette Davis movie I watched the other day was Dark Victory. That was the first old movie I got teary-eyed. It was so sad. Then I seen Petrified Forest the other day and I didn't like it as much. Looking forward to seeing more of her movies. Drew Barrymore in the Wedding Singer looked alot like Betty Davis in The Petified Forest.
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