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    The Moon Is Down The Edge Of Darkness The Red Badge Of Courage Apocalypse Now Objective Burma War And Peace The Young Lions Henry V Paths Of Glory All Quiet On The Western Front
  2. GWTW Citizen Kane That Hamilton Woman Our Town The Heiress Idiot,s Delight Deception Something For Everyone Come Back Little Sheba Kings Row
  3. Vincent Price Louis Hayward Alan Mowbray
  4. DECEPTION is my favorite; it seems to dissect the private lives of classical musicians as eagerly as ALL ABOUT EVE does theatre people. And then there's THE VIRGIN QUEEN; nobody seems to remember that delight, and how Bette seemed to enjoy outdoing herself as Elizabeth. THE STAR had it' s moments too, as did PAYMENT ON DEMAND which I hope will resurface someday.
  5. I envy GOS who was lucky enough to have seen Moon is Down and Angel Baby in "the last five years" To put that into perspective, let',s just imagine the number of opportunities any living American over the age of twelve has had even in the last one year to see Bringing Up Baby, The Quiet Man, or A Star Is Born. The Thin Man! They"re inescapable. It's time, in my opinion, to give many of the overexposed classics a rest, and to dig a little deeper. If not, great pictures that for the moment seem to be forgotten , could suffer serious neglect and become truly lost.
  6. It would be fascinating to look at some short lists [say six or seven] of pictures that are most urgently in need of rescue from their undeserved oblivion. I mean of course films that were once considered to have a degree of importance or value and which have not been shown anywhere, not by Turner, or PBS, or the net- works, or on vhs for years or even decades. Are they lost, merely overlooked, deliberately suppressed, or what? My nominations are: The Trial of Mary Dugan {first genuine all talkie] Angel Baby [Elmer Gantry for a
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