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  1. Have any of you watched Miyazaki films on Cartoon Network? I swear to you, I timed it- they show 10 minutes of film, 10 minutes of commercials. A 2 hour film begins at 7 and ends at 11. Very frustrating. I know, they have to pay the bills......... but PLEASE! Shelly
  2. Hard to choose just 5, but..... North by Northwest Rebecca Rear Window Family Plot The Trouble With Harry I love Family Plot and The Trouble With Harry so much because they aren't typical Hitchcock- both are so incredibly silly and have such convoluted plots. Did any of you who saw Family Plot not laugh hysterically when Barbara Harris put her hands over Bruce Dern's eyes when he was driving the car down the twisted mountain road with no brakes? Did you wonder if we'd ever find out how Harry REALLY died? This movie was Jerry Mathers' ( Leave It To Beaver) debut- he was quite good, too! As for my favorites exceeding the 5- Hitchcock loved Cary Grant for good reason- Suspicion, It Takes A Thief, Notorious.... Hitch used Jimmy Stewart well, too, not only Rear Window, but Vertigo and The Man Who Knew Too Much. I watched another of my favorites the other day- Niagara. Regardless of how many times I watch one of his films, he was so good that I still end up biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat! Too bad they can't make them as good these days. Shelly
  3. I just reread all of the posts to this thread, and you know what? I apologize for my defense of Tecknid. He/she started out by expressing his/her admiration of Miyazaki specifically and anime in general, then, after so many of you slammed him/her, came back and said it was all sarcasm. Hell with that. The anime currently popular on TV is crap. Miyazaki, however, is art. His films all have a message- however overbearing- but I defy anyone to say that Miyazaki's hand painted artwork is something less than brilliant. I love watching his films simply to admire his artwork- but I truly love the stories of "Spirited Away", and "My Neighbor Totoro". Tecknid- sorry I defended you. You might at least have the courage to stand by your admiration of these films, and not back down when others disagreed with you. Your opinion is your own, why let other people put you on the defensive? I LOVE Miyazaki. I also love Rocky and Bullwinkle. And Wallace and Grommett. And WWII era Warner Brothers cartoons. Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to do so. If you choose to attack me on a personal level because of it- hey, if it makes you feel superior, have at it. I just would suggest you ask Santa for an open mind and a sense of humor. I love each and every one of you! Shelly
  4. Please accept my apology for the "****" comment. Believe me, I absolutely ADORE the old films- the black and whiter, the better- but I also appreciate the artistry of Miyazaki. Far be it from me to say what does or does not belong on TMC, but I do enjoy some variety in programming, just as I do in my life! Besides, didn't TMC air the Miyazakiu films late on Saturday? Maybe you should give them a chance if TMC runs them again, not for the plot, but to appreciate the beauty of Miyazaki's detailed artwork. Granted, it's no Rocky and Bullwinkle.........but what is? Shelly
  5. This thread being a few months old, my message might not be read, HOWEVER- All of you certainly have the right to dislike Anime in general and Miyazaki in particular, just as Technid ( I probably spelled it wrong, so come on after me!) has the right to enjoy the genre and the director. This person also has the right to express his/her opinion, as we all do. I guess you all have the right to belittle Technid, hint that he/she is stupid because of a spelling error or two- of course, none of you have ever made a typo- and flat out say that this person had limited education and didn't pay attention in school. Whereas the Constitution guarantees you the right to free speech, there is no suggestion that you are welcome to bully someone whose opinion differs from yours. Shame on each of you who joined in on the Technid bashing! You are hiding behind internet anonymity in order to behave in a manner you probably wouldn't consider if face-to-face. Did all of you ganging up on Technid make you feel cool , superior, or powerful? Were any of you ever the target of someone who treated you the same way you treated Technid? Did being so mean make you feel better about yourselves? Are you among those people who make themselves feel better by making other people feel badly? I'm ready to dance with all of you. If you want to try to swell your egos by attacking ME, feel free to email me directly- shellywilley2@juno.com. I'm eager to engage. Meanwhile, I'll be apologizing to Technid for the reprehensibly immature behavior you exhibited. Asswipes. Shelly
  6. I was watching "My Favorite Wife" for about the 50th time yesterday, and was driving myself crazy during the scenes with Randolph Scott, trying to remember who it is I know that looks like him...when SUDDENLY..... Everyone else might think I'm crazy, but give this some thought. Forget the hair, accent, and hype, focus on the face. FABIO! No, really. Especially in profile, and smiling. Let me know what you think- be NICE! Shelly
  7. I'm curious as to why one would think TCM isn't the place for Miazaki films. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people who thinks there haven't been many quality films made since 1965, and that there haven't been any "real" stars since Grant, Stewart, Hepburn, etc. But where else could we see animated films of this quality? Have you actually LOOKED at them? If so, you couldn't help being amazed at the beauty and detail of the artwork, especially in "Spirited Away". Beginning with the foliage and shadow work of the trees along the dirt road at the beginning of the film, the use of light and shadow when we see the boat that brings the spirits across the river to the bath house.... and when Sen runs through the garden after her first visit to "see" her parents, well, I wished I could slow the film so I could get a good look at the incredible detail of the azaleas. Even though she was running, the artistry was so evident it boggled my mind. I'm not a fan of the Japanese Anime genre in general, but I became a Miazaki fan when I saw this film on TCM. Granted, the Cartoon Network sometimes airs his films, but I can't watch them, as they show 10 minutes of film, 10 minutes of commercials. I appreciate TCM showing these lovely films, especially commercial free. I'm not advocating them showing them on a regular basis, but every Thursday night for a month was a special treat. I hope they do it again. Shelly
  8. My favorite is "The Great Escape". My husband is a war movie FREAK, his very favorite is one we never call by it's actual name; instead we refer to it as "Gavabutu"- or however it's spelled. It is, of course, "In Harm's Way". Shelly
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