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  1. "Slide away from Democracy" Perfectly stated. Anyone notice when Americans get disgusted with American politics they always say, "I'm moving to Canada". Canada doesn't want you.
  2. Punctuation helps. Yes, I do believe TCM has shown the 1979 DRACULA starring Langella. I made a screen of the Playbill cover & print my shirts with the design- Gorey/Langella/Dracula-perfection!
  3. I'm definitely in the minority here because I can only barely tolerate Brando & Dean. They have to be in the right movie, with decent lines & supporting actors for me to "get into" their performances. Brando is great in THE MEN '50 and I liked his performance in THE FUGITIVE KIND '60 although I personally don't find him desirable. I dislike the movies STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE '51, THE WILD ONE '53 and ON THE WATERFRONT '54, so obviously not enamored with his performance. Tough call because I find his charactors simply unlikeable. James Dean was in so few movies, but again, di
  4. Sorry, I never commented on this- I thought the avatar was Charley Chase! McKimson cartoons are my favorite-characters are so bombastic!
  5. Nope, but there is one obscure one out there. By ELO. ELO is my most memorable back stage experience. The band was getting dressed and I was hanging around watching the stage set up & started talking to this stage hand fiddling with the synthesizers. He introduced himself as Bob and I freaked! You're THE Bob Moog? He couldn't get over the fact I knew who he was, but I'm a theremin player & Raymond Scott fan, kindred spirit. Wish I could have gotten to know him better but he split after the show was over. Although I enjoyed hanging around with the guys, (more card players, mu
  6. Ugh, I was constantly asked for my autograph in the 80's from people thinking I was her. I even was a "lookalike" in an old House of Guitars commercial. She still looks fabulous, why do I look like an old lady? 😉 From the late 70's on I was a groupie and hung around many musicians, eventually hired as a "Rock Hostess" by the local radio station in 1982 or so. (never had sex with ANYONE, you dirty minds) The biggest stars were usually a bore, those days being the height of drug use which I also did not partake, although I did enjoy a drink or two. HUEY LEWIS- my bf's band opened for t
  7. Looking forward to this one, don't think I've ever seen it before. It would float my boat if it was a movie about Jack Pierce: Stay tuned...after Svengoolie the STAR TREK episode afterward should be The Trouble With Tribbles episode with Scotty uttering the very best episode closing line ever-
  8. Ouch. I had meant I was like Hayward in that men are "afraid" of me. While I'd never put up with unwanted advances/abuse, I also have very low tolerance with BS- and we all know BS is the typical young man's tool for attracting a woman's interest.
  9. Isn't his name spelled Langella? I think Frank Langella is super sexy and looked forward to seeing him as seductive Dracula. Found a copy of the movie at the library and remember being disappointed. His performance was kind of cold & wooden and knowing his talent wonder if he deliberately played it that way.
  10. Apropros that I was named for her, that scenario could have been written about myself.
  11. I do not understand this post. The comments jump from accidents to thankfulness to Elsa Lanchester? Please be aware of how your posts format for someone viewing on a computer. Apparently, "return" is pressed almost after each word sometimes several times and that disconnects the sentences, therefore disconnecting (for at least this reader) the thoughts. It's also hard for me to follow the intention with little punctuation and randomly capitalized words. Please bear in mind not everyone is "as hip" as others- slang & jargon can
  12. I think this is amazing-love it! Might be more appropriate if the faces represent the largest polluters.
  13. I picture you having one of these old tombstones: I have one similar in my basement. It makes a perfect fire safe locker for combustible chemicals. Haha exactly! Ham Radio- I just scored the sweetest little portable TV similar to this: ... and want to buy a digital converter so I can actually use it. Possible? Can you recommend the device needed?
  14. Surprisingly, Peter Noone's band in the 80's was one of the very best shows I've ever seen-and I've seen 'em all.
  15. Wow Sepia, that's an awful story. Glad you were OK, sorry about your car, though. The exact same thing happened to me this past week but thankfully no collisions- Stopped at a RED LIGHT in a SCHOOL ZONE, some jerk just wasn't going to wait through the cycle. Since it was only one lane, he actually pulled up the curb & drove on the sidewalk behind telephone poles, through the side street of the intersection to pass the red light! What if there was anyone on the sidewalk or crossing a road? I have it all on my dash cam, but police can barely handle the violence recently erupti
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