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  1. Sounds grueling, not fun. I always marvel at the TCM posters here who follow guidelines for movie watching. Sometimes I get in a groove, like seeing a bunch of Anna Magnani or Elia Kazan movies. But most often driven by mood like Kathy Najimy's character in THE FISHER KING: "I want a Katherine Hepburn-y, Ethel Merman-y kind of movie, something that will make me laugh. I gotta laugh tonight"
  2. Not so sure about that one. I think I recorded off TCM last year. A new version maybe?
  3. Like The COTTON CLUB, TEXASVILLE & LILAC TIME? All premieres that have been cancelled numerous times. Tease. Thanks for the AT A Glance link, I've bookmarked it. I really appreciate both of you for doing all this work. I've spent the isolation sorting all my TCM DVD recordings & found so many duplicates-flibbertyjibbet- which is why I like premieres. (and sometimes I just don't spot them on the schedule)
  4. Last night was a fave '72's GARGOYLES starring Cornell Wilde, Jennifer Salt & football star Bernie Casey. At times the Gargoyles rubber suits look like a cross of Creature from the Black Lagoon & the Witch's flying monkeys: In several shots the zipper is clearly visible. The entire "look what I found" aspect reminds me of MST3K favorite (Arizona) Werewolf 1996. My favorite scene as a kid-I'd wait for it- is the first time you see 2 Gargoyles together in the cave. The Bernie Casey lead gargoyle whispers instructions to the underling, then pats his fanny as he sends him off on "assignment". It finally makes sense- Bernie Casey was a former football player.
  5. Could you possibly post these posts a bit earlier? I compile my list and set the DVR near the end of the previous month & have missed a few good premieres. I'm sifting through June right now. I find your list way easier to understand than Ohio's grid. Sorry, nothing personal Ohio-it's me, I have a tough time with grids.
  6. Ah-HA! So George Stevens is the common factor with these movies....I've never enjoyed any of those comedies. Thanks for pointing this out, kingrat.
  7. Very unpopular opinions: I dislike John Ford's direction. There are very few of his films I'd ever watch twice. I absolutely despised DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK, actually found it distasteful.
  8. Heh I tuned in just in time to catch Kim Novak taking her top off & thought wow- perfect timing. After watching another 10 minutes I started wondering what the fuss over this movie was about-obviously the fuss was about how bad a movie it is. Kim's naked back turned out to be the highlight.
  9. Thanks for doing this N&N. I'm enjoying your personal insights, especially since the later Disney stuff can be such a mixed bag.
  10. I just watched a Ginger Rogers double feature recorded last month on TCM First movie was 1940's LUCKY PARTNERS: Ginger was in typical form as a no nonsense gal working in her mother's storefront bookstore. Spring Byington played her ditzy but insightful Mother perfectly, they even share some resemblance. Ginger's engaged to Jack Carson who's all business. Ronald Coleman's character moves into a storefront opposite the bookstore & casually wishes Ginger good luck in passing. She receives a gorgeous gown by chance when home delivering some books and immediately credits Colman. Then Ginger asks Colman to go halfsies on a sweepstakes ticket, thinking they're a lucky pair. Colman agrees, but only if she take an elaborate platonic vacation with him if they win. Naturally, no one likes this scenario, but they go along with it. Screwball hilarity should follow but instead the movie comes to an awkward thud. I'm not sure why this misfires, all the performances are good. Something about the dialogue just falls flat. I was never quite convinced Ginger was her typical smart, wisecracking nice girl...she often came across as dull & callous, especially to Carson. I've never liked Colman, but he did a fine job as a suave rich guy as always. Like I said, it must have been the dialogue. Next was 5th AVENUE GIRL '39. I had seen this several times before but in comparison to the first movie, this print looked awful, like a Xerox copy. Too bad because it's a great movie-just as silly a premise as Lucky Partners, but somehow this one gels perfectly. Ginger is her typical wisecracking Depression era girl, having a 5¢ apple for dinner in the Park. She meets wealthy Walter Connolly who has left the house in disgust that no one in his self absorbed family remembered his birthday. He & Ginger exchange some banter & he offers her a job to play "the other woman" just to jolt his wife, son & daughter into noticing him. This time it works-screwball hilarity ensues. Maybe Ginger does better with a better leading actor like Connolly. All the supporting actors are excellent - especially fave Franklin Pangborn having more screen time & zingers than usual. This was the first time I noticed Tim Holt of MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS playing the spoiled son & Veree Teasdale Menjou playing the unfaithful but repentant wife. A great fun screwball comedy that deserves restoration! Funny note-Jack Carson stands out in a bit role in 5th Ave Girl as a sailor singing to his girl on a park bench.
  11. I see Fred Willard too. Fred was a handsome funny man. That guy reminds me Charles Lane, at least in that picture.
  12. Bump for recommendation... Great insights of both their careers during this time period- Thanks TCM!
  13. And THIS is why comic book/action movies FAIL. Sure, this is absolutely a beautiful picture, but it has nothing our brains can recognize as "place" as setting for charactors. I know in contrast this is boring & unimaginative, but our brains recognize this as a solid, real place. A setting for a story. I like movies that bring you "where no man has gone before" - imaginary times & places as much as the next guy. But I also know much needs to be grounded in what we recognise & can relate with. How else can we become interested in a fantastical story? And follow fantastical charactors in the story? The other big FAIL is making the charactors move (fly) too fast. We can't focus on the movement, nor focus on the setting therefore missing the eye/brain/stomach drop effect you get from just watching a rollercoaster video.
  14. Because the rental dictates broadcasting a certain number of times within a dictated time period.
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