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  1. Well I thought he was very sexy. Loved the 70's tuxedo ruffled shirt. I always felt he honored Elvis with his stage look.
  2. I subscribe to "Live Feed" cams and am alerted when one is underway. I once sat & watched one for an HOUR.
  3. As always, informative & entertaining post, Sans. I knew immediately what irrigators you were describing because I enjoy seeing the crop circle patterns they make from a sky view. I've come away with a couple of amazing scores from a storage cube sales for practically nothing. Amazing to think some old cubicles may be time capsules. In reality, the market for antiques is at an all time low. Sad because many things are superior to what's built today both in materials & workmanship. But I also find it refreshing that youngsters have little interest in amassing any huge collections a
  4. Heh, I buy Sony everything and my VCR still works after 30+ years! Maybe because I always used a rewinder. Wonder if it's "collectible"? I thought so. Thought some Hammer/AIP/Universal were owned by one distributer company? Please enlighten me.
  5. So sad. He was so perfect as Eddie/Dr Scott in Rocky Horror. A big guy with a big smile & big voice. Rest in Peace, we loved you.
  6. I watched this a long time ago since I love Michael Redgrave but wasn't impressed enough to remember anything. Reading your post eliminates any need for a rewatch.
  7. Yeas, I saw the same chase - at times that guy was going over 125mph! That is exactly why police won't chase in pursuit, because of crashes. The new preference is for a helicopter to observe & clock speeds, as was the footage I watched. Random violent crime is what is most disconcerting. The sweetest little old lady I knew was brutally murdered last year in her apartment by teenagers who of this date haven't been brought to justice. A similar case only a few months later, a 94 year old lady. That killer was only incarcerated because she was over 21 at the time. Stealing money, easy vi
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to be a personal slight. Like the guy who uses it as a garage, a storage unit can be a great help, especially for those moving, like yourself. Some friends of mine who were moving near Christmas time sent a card of a photo of them standing in front of a P.O.D. storage unit with a wreath hanging on it, "Merry Christmas from our home to yours!" Cute! After dismantling a Lustron house, stored it in a 53' tractor trailer. When I sold it to someone in Tennessee, all they had to do was hire a truck driver to hook it up & move it. I bought an entire carousel stored in
  9. Last roadtrip I took (2019) passed & photographed the monument at the accident site in Vermont: I had known about the case since reading about him in psych class in college.
  10. While I appreciate your thoughtfully expressed points, I also know the popularity of "open floor plan" had been overblown/exploited by home remodeling shows. I prefer having large windows to bring outdoors indoors for expansive vista from a small cozy room. Small rooms are easier to keep a comfortable temperature, no small feat in a 100 year old home! Small homes cut down on unnecessary "stuff" too and am forever amazed by the plethora of rented storage units all across America. Although I once witnessed a guy precisely backing his classic car into one for winter storage!
  11. Pretty much the entire USA. Criminals just continue to break the law and after the small inconvenient court appearance are just sent home without consequence. I know, have family members in local law enforcement AND criminal courts. Hasn't anyone noticed all the crazy driving the past year? No one cares, no one gets stopped. The few Police on duty are busy handling random fights & shootings. I've personally been "baited" by cars trying to get me to hit them so they can extort money either from the driver or insurance. Philly is having a rash of that & carjackings.
  12. You know, the minute anyone puts a divisive label on a statement, I tune out. (black/white/dems/repubs/men/women)It's like a swear word, lazy & "bait"-ing. But the looting trend is disturbing to those trying to keep business' afloat, just the new opportunistic Mob. These organized crimes are allowed to happen because: Police Departments are understaffed just like every other business/company/organization Police no longer have support & backing to do their job safely I never watch Inside Edition, but was intrigued when I saw this suggested. Interesting concept usin
  13. Why do these people need such enormous square footage? In the early days, Hollywood's successful would bring their family out to CA to support them (in return for supporting their career) Stars often shared their wealth by welcoming struggling colleagues to stay for extended periods, needing extra rooms & space. Nowadays it's everyone out for themselves, everyone needs "privacy" & won't tolerate others. Seems crazy for anyone to have a house that size.
  14. My movie buddy recently gave me a tip: if in a Dollar Tree Store, take a look at the DVDs, there's some good ones. Found New York, New York a movie I've always wanted to see. (good thing it was only $1.25, wasn't the best) Today I was in a $ Store and what did I see? Every mid-period Woody Allen movie-all my favorites that paid top dollar for years ago- like Purple Rose of Cairo, Stardust Memories, Zelig, Radio Days, etc. Apparently, Woody's cache is tired out, his persona unacceptable, yet these still great movies have landed among the "TV Family" puppy & horsey z grade movies.
  15. Very disappointing to find Fredric March & wife were cremated and buried under favorite tree on their CT property. Current owners of course, appreciate privacy. Also, Wolfman Jack is interred on his family estate in North Carolina. Very nice setting, private- not for public view.
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