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  1. Thanks Bricks-nothing in your post surprises me. Shirley Jones strikes me as a wonderful person, she's endured a lot through the years and handled it with the utmost class. And she has been gorgeous her entire life. A true case of the outside reflecting the inside of a person. I've dealt with Martha in business as well. While a very pretty lady, she had the nastiest attitude I've ever encountered. At the time her daughter was her go-between assistant and all I'd have to hear is one word on the phone to know who was calling: She had that incredibly bored, chin in the air, Thurston Howell v
  2. Watch that clip without the sound-Sheridan's posture shows more biting attitude than her words. Sheridan enhanced everything written for her - with Ooomph.
  3. I remember Tim-he struck me the same way in American Hot Wax because of his voice. While the resemblance is striking, Tim was born in '44 and his Mom worked with Welles in '48. I suppose they could have met earlier, on radio shows. But until looking at his Wiki entry had no idea Tim's Dad was John McIntire, the Sheriff in Psycho who says, "Ar-bo-GAST". Although it may be hard to imagine he'd have a son as good looking as Tim, here he's pictured with his also very good looking daughter Holly on WAGON TRAIN.
  4. Re: Judy Garland- But what was truly tragic is Judy's body lay in the basement mortuary a year (or more) because no one would come forward with a final resting place for her. It's purported Frank Sinatra was appalled when he found out & quickly arranged for a modest mausoleum spot. In 2017, her children had her remains sent to Hollywood Forever Cemetery where a huge memorial was built.
  5. Why not post a picture to illustrate your thought? An internet search results in pages of examples:
  6. Not really. The perfect answer is if Kushner asked the old question, "Gotta match?" "Your face / my " but he does look like a girl.
  7. Feel like going into a little more detail here Sans about how this "reaffirmation" took place??? Or, would this embarrass Mr. Capucine here. (...YOU, I know, wouldn't mind at all!) Over what kind? Big is OK as long as it's muscle, not fat. Flat is worse that fat. And Mr. Capuchine? Who is that? Capuchin = Capucine= Big difference.
  8. Groucho is the king of snarky comments. One of the only good movie books to come out in the 70's was WHY A DUCK? edited by Richard Anobile because it's has the very best snippets of Marx Bros movie scripts. I've used these: Why not bore a hole in yourself & let the sap run out? You haven't stopped talking since you got here. You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Coach: What are doing with that cigar in your mouth? Groucho: What, you know another way to smoke it?
  9. Thanks for this thread! Love love love Ginger, Blondell & Patsy Kelly wisecrackers! I have a terrible memory & have to write it down the moment it's said. Just watched STAGE DOOR....that exchange was gold. I recall a double entendre in a Charlie Chan movie that had us rolling in the theater: Gangster1: I'm not going to let some little Chinese d1ck ruin MY plans! Gangster 2: Want me to rub him out? (hope that's not too dirty for Otto)
  10. I don't think so, so much of the story was just in there to evoke emotions which work very well for kids, the main target of this movie. I used to call Spielberg "the great manipulator" because of that. A perfect example is one of the hermetically suited Doctors in the "quarantine" scene enters the room slowly, deliberately with his arms out like Frankenstein's monster, initially scaring the kids. Even as a youth when I saw it, knew it was added for "dramatic effect". Dumb.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. The only glimpse you see of working class Atlantans in the movie are the "white trash Slatterys" and working gal Belle Watling. Well my city was a very important "stop" on the URR. One of the ways to signify was having a "Jocko" horse hitch with lantern in front of your house. Jocko Graves was a real person, a Revolutionary War hero that Washington paid tribute to with the familiar statue. My house has it's original Jocko and I cannot display it in front of my home. THAT's "How accurate depiction of FACTS somehow become negative."
  12. Eventually. But when she wakes up, (I saw) the clothes in the chair are right there in frame-SHE might have missed seeing him turning away, but the guy sitting at the desk SURELY would have noticed the guy had disappeared behind her & reacted. Typical Roger Corman.
  13. Love that gal's dress! Sven pointed out the back zipper and I notice how they tried tarting this up with a flimsy rope in attempt to visually slim her hips. I thought she was beautiful but bet she'd be considered "fat" by today's dumb standards. When the gal awoke from her ordeal, NO ONE noticed the empty clothes on the chair? C'mon. I am glad Sven pointed out the movie was mostly shot in an empty grocery store (the only big box stores at the time) The exterior was the famous "story book house" in LA; It was great seeing close ups of the front door & that the front yard
  14. She needs a big hat to distract from the fact that woman has no behind!
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