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  1. I'm not sure I see MGM's history exactly the way the article surmises. I'm currently reading THE GENIUS OF THE SYSTEM by Thomas Schatz for like the 3rd time (I'm forgetful) It provides more detail than generalizations and really fleshes the history of all the studios evolution & highly recommend it.
  2. That was the first movie I ever saw Joan Bennett in & I just loved her. For such a "non-edgy" part (she's really Tracey's straight man) she really brings a lot of subtle comedy to the role. I have since collected all her Fritz Lang films on DVD. Love love love her. Amazing she looks so much like her sister with blonde hair in those pictures above ^^
  3. Wow nice to see she got that surgery to fix her ears!
  4. Ugh. In the mid 80's I was in a photo shoot lying in a pile of peanut M&Ms, there must have been 48 pounds of them. Of course the photographer said, "open your mouth and hold one near your lips" dontcha think I ate it? And the next and the next until I was sick. I've never eaten an M&M since.
  5. Ugh thank you for mentioning that! Josephine Baker's huge contribution to WW2 and later US anti-racism Activist are astounding compared to any contemporary entertainer. Baker was a pilot and routinely smuggled people between France & African continent during WW2. (she wouldn't be able to do that if she didn't flee the US for France) I understand she was Martin Luther King Jr's choice as his successor but for some reason she refused. (maybe fear?) Even in her personal life she adopted children from all nations & backgrounds calling them The Rainbow Tribe, illustrating there is no d
  6. Sorry, I have no idea about the originally posted question. But I DO know, modern movies & especially commercials use "fake" food because real food will wilt & spoil under the lights during long takes. Cakes melt, vegetables lose color, etc. The "fake" food is always crafted to be extra shiny, colorful & 10% larger than life, at least in commercials. I only know this because I knew an artist who did this for a special effects company in Toronto. He gave me an authentic TV commercial Ritz Cracker made of resin. Very cool. But 1960's B&W TV? May be real food, although
  7. It's playing every day here: the lobby card of her blindfolded in the gas chamber is framed on the wall. I was named for Susan Hayward but sadly, don't resemble her.
  8. I've been watching Martin Scorsese's 7 part documentary on Fran Leibowitz called PRETEND IT'S A CITY on (ick) Netflix. I really love when Scorsese chooses subjects like this to immortalize on film. To date my favorites of his are KUNDUN '97, KING OF COMEDY '82 and ITALIAN AMERICAN '74 - all brilliant time capsule, charactor studies. Scorsese does it again: taking a pretty every day normal person and showing all that's extraordinary about them. His filmmaking & editing skills of choosing what to show & how to film it are so honed at this point, he's mastered it perfectly. For the a
  9. I always wondered who fell for the whole "pre-order" schtick. I blame it on testosterone, not Mame.
  10. Heh, the first thing I thought when hearing the news is who would play him in a biopic? First thought was Steve Buschemi, he certainly could get the manic genius & evil side of Spector brilliantly. I'd love to see John C. Reilly portray Spector, though. If this guy was still alive, he could play his prison years:
  11. The "stupid minds, stupid, stupid!" sound bite was my alert sound when I was a Mac tech. I liked loading it into unsuspecting employees desktops. (that and "I want a BIG one" from this) Actually got in trouble when the boss heard that one^^ Ed Wood films are rife with stupid lines, no surprise there: "Pull The String" (wha?) and Tor's perfect line, "Time for Go To Bed"
  12. The Tiki Family laughed out loud during THE BAD SEED '56 when someone was running around screaming outside & the Mother (I think) had her head on the table & listlessly punched it with her fist, repeating, "You're NOT HELPING, NOT HELPING" Sorry, can't recall the exact scene, it's been years since that viewing.
  13. I thought exactly that when you posted this photo: Yeah, when everyone compared MADONNA to Marilyn, I always countered with Madonna is the modern Jayne Mansfield. MM was childlike & vulnerable with a naieve idea of stardom. Madonna is more like Mansfield, smart enough to know how to use the system to gain fame with exploitation above talent. In Mansfield's case, no one WANTED her for her talents, so she used what she could to gain fame fastest in a male oriented business. Mansfield's a perfect example of "selling out", making her career a tragedy. A tragedy to
  14. Haha perfect that an 80's Punk Band took their name from the movie:
  15. I know several people who have worked for the Mouse Nazis who are stiffed, or more often short changed. A typical M.O. is for them is to demand changes on the finished product and then not pay for the cost incurred by said changes, sometimes amounting to thousands of dollars. Disney is a corporation and creates very little itself, almost everything artistic is "farmed" out.
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