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  1. Still bedridden...oh goody! Just in time to watch the impeachment trials. Yes, I've been watching them every day from beginning to end (except the first day I gave up at 10pm, it went until 2am) and sometimes think I'm the only person who really cares enough to stick with it. I could be watching DVDs. Don't let anyone tell you the trial is boring, it's fascinating! Sure, a lot of the same information is gone over numerous times, but often from different angles. It's most impressive seeing people speak in complete sentences using good grammar for the most part. The biggest takeaway so far has been the request for witnesses & documents: denied. Then the House Managers go on to use available public documentation; like interviews, press conferences, emails & tweets to illustrate their points. You see/hear people damning themselves, admitting wrongdoing in their own words. I cannot wait for the lawyers defense portion of the program. I want to hear it all and decide.
  2. 31 Days of Oscar is one of the only months I don't record anything-they showcase Oscar winning movies-usually good movies- and I've seen them all several times.
  3. Ok I know we can go down a slippery slope here, so I'll try being brief: I don't see it that way. I see it as the only life Mammy knew up to that point and she stayed where she felt secure. Mammy was the one who brought up Scarlett (and Scarlett's Mother) so that was her "family". We also don't know the familial relationships of the newly freed slaves. Possibly Mammy had more people to think of than just herself. I don't think there were many opportunities for newly freed slaves to strike out on their own to make a living unless they sold their soul to the Carpetbaggers. I will admit every time I hear "darkies" or "colored" it makes me cringe-just like it should!
  4. Has anyone here ever seen an Eshelman Sportabout? It's an adult car to be used on the road, but looks like a kiddie car. I do know Eshelman made kiddie cars too. I bet many ended up on kiddie rides made by Allan Herschell Co
  5. I hated DODSWORTH first time I saw it. Then the classic film group I belong to showed it on the big screen with an audience & I LOVED it! Some movies are like that. The entire audience applauded at the end. (we've also screened THE LETTER) Fedya, try to stick with Mrs Miniver-a movie I avoided a long time. The entire story had an emotional impact on me, so much so I don't think I can watch it again. Amazing BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES is so long and still so good.
  6. I dunno, you described Prissy as simple minded, Mammy as wise. Polk was a house servant, lost without Tara, big Sam the strong farm manager & protector. Then you have Scarlett who's silly then strong, Melanie & Ashley who are also lost without their plantation, Rhett who's the opportunist, Belle Watling the town tart. Seems as though they're just CHARACTORS. If anyone thinks that's negative stereotyping language, I'll tell you 90% of my school kids speak using double negatives because their parents do.
  7. But we all expect situation comedies to kind of diminish near their end-happens to some, not to others. Yes, I've always said anthology series are spotty, like Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Twilight Zone. A friend who made a documentary on the Twilight Zone pointed out there's about 1/3 great episodes, 1/3 good episodes and 1/3 not-so-good episodes. Episodic. Whoa I just watched the pilot of All In The Family, the clapper card said it was to be called "Those Were The Days". Amazing to see Carroll O'Connor had already nailed his character, but I heard him slip into his Irish speech when he said, "I almost burned me hand!" The Mike & Gloria they originally had were DULL compared to Reiner & Struthers. I would have never realized their immense contribution if I hadn't seen it without them.
  8. The performers & writing were great. "Southern stereotype" is right. We spent a week in Mt Airy, MrTiki did a marathon run up Pilot Mountain (Mount Pilot) The people of the area were the rudest, hardest, inhospitable people we had met outside of Myrtle Beach SC. No "please" or even "thank you". But we did find the legendary "Southern Hospitality" further south in Alabama, one of my favorite places ever visited in the US.
  9. Really? Guess you've missed all the sexual harassment on the job issues since 1991's Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings. If chauvinism was diminished, there'd be no "Me Too" movement.
  10. Since I'm bedridden with the flu, I've binge watched The Television of Arts & Sciences Foundation Academy INTERVIEWS. They are amazing, here's one by Pat Morita talking about Redd Foxx: Who would have guessed he was that kind of guy? I've watched interviews about Twilight Zone, Happy Days, Andy Griffith Show, The Simpsons, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Jeffersons, Golden Girls, Taxi, Seinfeld....and I never even saw a Seinfeld! Still very interesting. My conclusion is there are tons of great TV shows from the beginning of TV to the present. Tons of talent that we got to see every week-every day with syndication. Sure, some are geared towards older or younger viewers, but still just excellent quality TV. Once in awhile someone interviewed talks about being in a movie, like Isabel Sanford talking about GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. She also talked about Zara Cully, the lady who played Mother Jefferson. The writing was great, but you can't discount all she brought to the role. Thank You TV Foundation for offering this incredible archive of interviews! What a fantastic resource!
  11. I just watched an interview with Rue McClanahan about the casting of Golden Girls: Could you IMAGINE it any other way? Gold, pure gold is right. Happy Birthday Baby!
  12. Well, only pt 1 (Tiger of Eschnapur) can be found at my library- The Indian Tomb must be stolen. I was very disappointed in Paget's dance. They were right in India filming, you would think they'd employ an Indian choreographer to make it look authentic. Paget just slithered around in a US style dance. Real Indian dancing is like hula-there are several "moves" employed that help tell a story. Even Michael Jackson's choreographer employed this style/method in his music videos.
  13. Took 3 times reading it to figure out what you're saying. Animation....mouse...I immediately thought of Disney!😎
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