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  1. Please don't! I'm compiling my October list & hopefully will spot the premieres and can confirm with this thread. (although last month's William Powell premiere was a dud, at least it can be chalked up as "seen")
  2. Or they could just show Bollywood Horror which contains both! If this is the traditional SCHEDULE IS UP! thread, I'd love to hear what stands out or movies you're looking forward to. I plan my viewing in advance & program the recorder for any gems playing overnight.
  3. I don't know, but since the "change" there's been a huge drop off of interesting conversation on this board. Where the newbies at?
  4. Susan Oliver, my favorite green girl-
  5. It's not unlike the 50's plethora of sci-fi films about alien invasions or Japan's atomic age Godzilla movies. When we were ordered to shut down in March, I grabbed all the Steven King I could read, most especially The Stand.
  6. Heh, I'm watching this on DVD and just can't get through it. I love Julie Hagerty, don't think she's in enough movies. Guess I found out she's BEEN in movies, just not very good ones. I love Hagerty in 82's A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS SEX COMEDY. Looking over her filmography, the only title I recognize is AIRPLANE! Guess I'll try that one next. She's 64 in this picture taken last year-WOW! (she must have a painting locked in the attic)
  7. Please stop badmouthing celebrities with unsubstantiated rumors on this board, it's tiring. I apologize if anyone takes offense to my thinning patience. If you enjoy discussing strangers' personal exploits, go back to watching this guy-
  8. First the "cutie" remark: I am so sick of people being afraid to insult/compliment people these days. I'd be flattered if referred to as a "cutie" but it's nice to be respected for talent & hard work too. But you know, OUR generation of people find it endearing to lightly touch an arm to show friendship. Different culture now. Antonia Carlotta is pretty and has a vivacious personality that comes through the screen uh, star quality? It's a craft and she's mastered it. Have you ever been interviewed on film or spoken publicly? It's not an easy skill for many (me included, I hate it) .
  9. Just caught Antonia Carlotta's newest video: I loved this...just goes to show how women were treated and this condescending attitude was ACCEPTED! I don't usually care for movie quoting, but laughed out loud at the Madeline Kahn inclusion, it illustrated my feelings exactly. Subscribed (was the 8th viewer!)
  10. I've heard otherwise. Granted, anyone can have a bad day.
  11. Last night I watched CARMEN JONES '54 on TCM. I'm a Dandridge/Bizet/Preminger fan so figured this would be good. I was turned off by the vocal dubbing and offended by the racist pronunciations & grammar used. (exactly like Charlie Chan movies) I wasn't for Carmen nor the charactor played by handsome Harry Belefonte, just didn't like them. Very sorry for my personal reaction, maybe others would like this film. It was visually beautiful, well photographed. I absolutely LOVED Saul Bass' opening credits of a red flame over the outline of a rose-simple, elegant, wonderful!
  12. Omigod CigarJoe! At first I thought someone was riffin' on your screen name then realized it's you, just posting from your cellphone! (my devices have their own names, like HectorB.Poole & Rupert Pupkin)
  13. I finally got to go into a library and spotted Woody Allen's auto-biography APROPOS OF NOTHING so snagged it. I'm about halfway through it but several opinions are already formed: Allen is a great writer. His writing style flows beautifully, this is very easy & amusing to read. He often writes using old jokes & one liners, peppering his story with great humor, like describing his 50 year ongoing therapy. I dislike Woody Allen, the person. Allen has many of the egotistical qualities that make his writing/movies funny but as a real person he's pretty despicable/deplorable. He's
  14. Reading Woody Allen's auto-biography and he mentions meeting Tony Roberts. I had forgotten how completely unimpressed I was with Tony Roberts in Allen's movies. He was often cast as the handsome leading man, and I just never found him appealing. It certainly didn't help that he mostly always played jerks. And gawd look at that tie! I remember revisiting some Woody Allen movie and was struck by how GOOD Tony Roberts was in it. He was understated & droll, playing his trademark jerk so cluelessly straight, he was hilarious and the best part of the movie! I couldn't believe the 180º
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