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  1. Sorry that it doesn't fit your category....but the first thing that popped into my mind was 1967's TV Guide's description of STAR TREK the original series episode "Amok Time" "Spock gets the urge to mate and attacks Capt. Kirk"
  2. Last night we screened CHAD HANNAH '40 a sweet 20th Century Fox release starring Henry Fonda, Linda Danielle & Dorothy Lamour. I had seen it before, but it was first time for everyone else in the audience. I remember liking it, but had completely forgotten everything-even that it was in color! It involves a small traveling circus owned by ringmaster Guy Kibbee and his wife played by Jane Darwell in a fat suit. Both brought some levity to the story of simpleton Chad Hannah (Fonda) instantly falling for circus equestrian played by Dorothy Lamour. (who wouldn't?) I watched closely &
  3. Although I'm an "expert" in the field the questionable object fell within, I did not work for the company. They didn't know me from Adam. So pull the item from their auction on the basis of heresay from someone in the audience? I'm sure they consulted with the object owner who told them some lie. It didn't sell for the crazy price of a true antique, but for the lower price of a reproduction. Obviously everyone bidding smelled a rat. I've seen fakes passed off as authentic on Antiques Roadshow too. Not everyone can be an "expert" on everything. That's where to start-be an expe
  4. Heck I steal the IMAGES off ebay rather than buying them. There's still a photo processing place here. I have a nifty 8x10 print collection in 4x6 album books. My few real autographed photos are framed. Although I treasure my 5x7 Robert Mitchum and 4x6 Robin Williams autographed portrait photos.
  5. Yes, John Waters & I are a lot alike....Baltimore is one of my favorite cities to visit & hang out. I have movie references stashed all over my house too which is fun when people randomly discover them: Giant horse pill props in the medicine cabinet, rubber "Tinglers" crawling on the inside of the fridge and if you look up, a Maltese Falcon replica peering down from the staircase. I also use 35mm film, film cans & reels in my home decor. I love Buster Keaton, you should watch more of his films Swithin, esp in a theater with others. I know someone who has a Chaplin bowle
  6. In the 90's, high end Americana antiques were selling like hotcakes to the Japanese. Sight-unseen phone bids too. A real shame when things like that get squirreled away from public view forever. People often ask how I feel giving the stuff I restore back to clients & I'm glad to get rid of them! They shouldn't be in ANYone's home. Haha, it's part of my job to make exact replicas of antique paintings. F is for FAKE. And I have attended some higher end auctions (like Southeby's in NY) that had taken reproductions on consignment. When alerted them to the fact, they just anno
  7. Mmm, you may want to re-word that to you "agree with me". No one's right/wrong when it comes to movies or art in general-but I do appreciate the sentiment! Well Spielberg always struck me as a commercial hack. No disrespect(I consider myself a hack artist) Someone who can technically create a money making art/movie that appeals to a lot of people. Sometimes his choices are obvious & childish -but that's ok- it's not easy to make a movie that appeals to a broad range of people. Spielberg seems very knowledgeable & instinctive technically. But his stature as an artistic cr
  8. Well I for one wasn't crazy over the original, I actually think yes, Speilberg can do better. All the things I dislike about Spielberg's style -his clunky manipulation of the audience's feelings- can also be the key to their success. And in all fairness, his style has absolutely grown up from his "sensational" early days. But what about an almost "perfect" film? I can't imagine Speilberg remaking SOME LIKE IT HOT or SINGIN IN THE RAIN. I think he chose a strong, classic story (Romeo & Juliet/West Side Story) and is just improving on the original movie's shortcomings. I had to pau
  9. Sad to admit I'm not a Speilberg fan, although I find a few of his movies masterful. That West Side Story trailer is very exciting & makes me very hopeful about this movie. Spielberg may be the only guy with the talent/experience/money to honor this movie by improving on it. I hope it's great & successful and opens up some eyes of what good movies can be made, even musicals! It also seems timely in the theme of loving each other is more important than what divides us.
  10. I actually own a book called LOCATION FILMING IN ARIZONA by Lili Debarbieri and plan to use it as a guide when I visit relatives in Phoenix.
  11. It's a shame, but Hallmark used to be the sponsor of highly regarded TV specials (Hallmark Hall of Fame). That slowly deteriorated starting in the 70s, and was hastened by their own cable channels. Don't be so hard on Hallmark movies. I watched my first one during lockdown and was pleasantly surprised! They are well acted, well written & crafted productions. Some of us enjoy this kind of simple feel good type movies once in awhile, like a Busby Berkely musical. (BTW-I'm not a Christian) I have been trying to see this for DECADES. I really want to see Jack Cassidy as John
  12. All the talk about Jane Powell in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers....I once lived on a farm & loved the self sufficient isolation. I'd love that big old cabin in the woods. (actually looks a lot like my farmhouse) Another choice would be to live in The Quiet Man's Inisfree. As a matter of fact, the cottage used in the film is in ruins and my brother & I have discussed buying the property and restoring it as a shared vacation home/tourist attraction.
  13. How'd she pack so much talent into such a tiny package? Jane Powell was a tiny powerhouse, she reminded me of Tinkerbell. She seemed to be level headed, a trait I find in most women from the PNW that ended up in show business. She was so perfect as Millie in Seven Brides and equally perfect dancing with Fred Astaire. Joyous. RIP with your beloved Dickie.
  14. OMIGOD! Thank you for pointing that out- I never knew that was Bryan! Ugh "militant/snarkmeister Atheist-warriors, illicit relationships with the hunky Brazilian". Geez - can we try to be a bit more subtle with less labeling? The post comes across like a teenage boy that only remembers/talks about the bewbie scene in a movie.
  15. Wow thanks for catching that! Cool! As I recall, it was the theme song from another one of her earliest pictures-1936's JUNGLE PRINCESS I think.
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