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  1. Sounds like the old garage band PEBBLES '78 (Artyfacts from the First Punk Era mid to Late 60's) compilations inspired by 1972's NUGGETS (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968), I believe some of the earliest of Rhino's offerings. A collection of mostly obscure songs that received only local airplay but typified the musical trends of the time. In other words, a collection of "near" hits by bands who never completely made it. Right now I'm listening to Fiona Apple's newest FETCH THE BOLT CUTTERS which I quite like for the lyrics mostly. Musically it's a bit drastic a
  2. I figured it's about time I finally watch Ken Russell's LISZTOMANIA '75 last night - Awful. Incoherent. A bore.
  3. Last night I watched **** '98, catching up with the only John Waters film I haven't seen. I was braced for a lot of obnoxious bad taste but was happily surprised to find minimal offenses. Still not a film for the kiddies or grandma, but most offenses were tolerable instead of shocking. (wait-I'm "grandma"!) More along the lines of HAIRSPRAY than MONDO TRASHO, John Waters shows his unique personality throughout this story in a more restrained, mainstream way using charactors & situations most can relate to. It's the story of a young adult named Peck er who has a sunny personality and
  4. Yes, they did cover his coming to America and his instant rise to fame. Although they often performed together, it was pointed out they were even more successful dividing & conquering their slightly different genres-Andy being more a teen heart throb. I thought too Andy's great love was Victoria Principal not ONJ. I always had great empathy for her, even without being in the public eye, it's a horrible position to be in. But it was stated at the end Andy died at 30 from a heart attack most likely caused by chronic drug use. It's funny, growing up in the 60's the bulk of my experience
  5. Always coming late to the party, last night I watched HBO's documentary on the BeeGees, HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART? '20. I'm pretty critical of documentaries and while appreciating their contribution to music, not really a big fan. But, being into music I knew there would be lots to learn here & I wasn't disappointed. (Maurice was married to Lulu!) I absolutely cannot tolerate dramatizations with actors recreating incidents & thankfully there's enough real footage of the "brothers Gibb" that wasn't necessary. I also loathe talking heads of current stars telling us how much th
  6. Mekka-Lekka Hai Mecca Heinie Ho. I gained a new appreciation for Sonja when our classic film group screened her films, usually our season closer in Dec. They are lighthearted fun and audiences are rapt in the skating dance sequences. Our host has mentioned she had rinks built with the base under the ice painted black to photograph better, ingenious. She took great pride in promoting her sport and comes across as a smart cookie. Thanks for bringing this biopic (is it a documentary?) to our attention.
  7. Oh I had forgotten about REBECCA! Good choice, especially for a teen since they never feel "good enough". I think DIAL M's somewhat circuitous plot can be hard for a younger person to follow. But as earlier stated, I'm totally coming from a parent/teacher POV and Tom's friend's fist view was a 71 y/o, a wholly different situation.
  8. A total bore, I actually fell asleep.
  9. Well I have introduced Classic Film to many a teen to get them interested. PSYCHO is one of the movies I first show to get them to accept b&w. Because of the reputation of it being a "horror" and the fast pace, they usually stick with it. If they groan that it's b&w, I just say "most of the best horror IS" and site the Universal Monsters. I think the lack of color is quickly forgotten due to the strength of the story telling. After SOME LIKE IT HOT they usually forget about color, so then throw them SINGIN' IN THE RAIN which is a tough sell being a musical. It's a parent/te
  10. Thanks Moe. I patronized record stores all my life (still do) and am familiar with quirky staff, I'm a quirky patron. I wasn't impressed at all seeing it either but based on your comments, I'll give it another shot!
  11. Have this hanging on the wall of my office. It was my favorite movie as a kid, my first introduction to Jane Russell. Second was her full figured gals ad for Playtex brassieres. Love her in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, didn't really get the fun of this scene until older- It took big cahunas for her to star alongside petite, eye catching Marilyn, I give Jane lots of credit. Russell certainly was smolderingly beautiful, love her unusual mouth.
  12. I really enjoyed the contrast of the Father & Mother in A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN '45. If anyone is unfamiliar with the story, it illustrates the contrast of different attitudes adults adopt going through life as seen by a poor first generation Irish girl living in NYC tenements. Her Mother played by Dorothy McGuire is responsible, hard working, no nonsense. Her father played by James Dunn is a freewheeling charmer whom everyone loves, but is completely irresponsible. Although both of her parents attitudes are valid & important, they illustrate extremes. The brilliant writing
  13. Haha no offense. I know from being on both sides of the camera how it LIES. This entire thread is proof of that. I am pretty detached from my visual image and hold little vanity. My only vanity is to look neat, clean and attractive-meaning just smiling & making eye contact.
  14. I'm glad it was asked because what ElCid wrote was not clear to me either. Nothing personal. I generally like ElCid's posts (although like Mikey, seems not to like anything 😉) Lord knows I've typed my share of sentences thinking my intentions were perfectly clear to be called out with or worse an argument based on misunderstanding. Writing is an art few of us master, and I enjoy participating on this message board to learn better skills.
  15. That's what's great about this thread. I'm also not a fan of longer movies, but I highly recommend you devote the time for it. I've only seen it once myself, but was blown away by Bellamy's performance. It was interesting, well made & helped make Roosevelt a real person for me to relate to. You can't ask more from a movie.
  16. Everyone should know by now The Camera Lies. On another thread I posted this picture of myself and was compared to such beauties such as Joan Jett & Rosanna Arquette (rhymes!) The movie star I truly most resemble: That's right, a Muppet.
  17. I wish I looked that good, but never said I looked like Joan Jett. I really didn't, but just had that hard punk rock look, esp when my hair was dyed black. OTHER people thought I was her only because "that look" wasn't the norm in 1980 for people my age, this was: But I was in the fashion industry at the time and looked pretty extreme.
  18. Yes, it seems to be more successful when a relative. I think it illustrates how the public often views celebrities as "theirs" like a possession. There seems to be a bit more respect for a relative, maybe because of the idea they are a portal to that celebrity? I recently mentioned WB animation director Art Davis, whose granddaughter was on a message board/forum decades ago. All we did was gush about how much his films meant to us.
  19. Of course there are, but this board is often blanketed with trolls & illiterate posts. Worse, the criticism hosts endure here are uncalled for, often personal. Most celebrities I know steer clear of internet message boards because of that.
  20. I just watched two movies I'll never watch again. Both are double features recorded from TCM last month: 2 Nivens, 2 Garfields- First was A KISS IN THE DARK '49 starring David Niven & Jane Wyman. This was packed with talent besides the two leads: Victor Moore, Broderick Crawford, Maria Ouspenskaya. The story of a haughty, successful concert pianist whose accountant has invested his money in an apartment house full of "charactors". Jane Wyman is gorgeous and of course, he falls in love with her. And that's the thing about this movie-this is the same old rehashed plot with actors play
  21. Here's an old ad photo of me from an ad: Hair not quite as big, she's wearing a wig. But just as skinny & crazy clothing.
  22. Yup, well designed old buildings can have fabulous sound quality and surely in a church, no accident. I'm amazed architects of old understood the principles of good acoustics & how to enhance them by design. I collect soundtrack LPs too-and often find real gems such as Dietrich and some real stinkers like Meredith Willson's Love.
  23. Are you saying you liked NYNY? I just spotted it in a used bin and considered buying it but wasn't sure it was worth the bother. I'd like to know what others thought, just to help me decide.
  24. Interesting diatribe Slayton. I picked this sentiment out because I think there's a definite reason for this- Think about Hollywood movie making as a whole since "Hollywood" is the dominant player, historically. The studio system was the original "Film School" where actors, writers, directors were given smaller assignments to learn & hone their talents in "B" pictures or "shorts". They kind of worked their way up the ladder, proving their worth & most importantly, gaining experience. Nowadays, every movie must be a block buster hit, bringing too much money/pressure into the
  25. I thought that was an Art Davis one. Art Davis' daughter or granddaughter was on an early internet classic film newsgroup & she was amazed so many people loved his work. A Lad In His Lamp is a particular favorite among my brother & I: "What? Can't I even take a BATH?" and that wide swipe of the arm gesture! McKimson's loudmouth characterization of Foghorn were the best because of those big sweeping gestures!
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