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  1. This thread is now 70 pages long.....I think it's been said before, but.... Yesterday while watching The Magnificent Ambersons, I noticed Anne Baxter reminded me a LOT of Olivia DeHavilland. Although I think Olivia and her sister Joan Fontaine have a strong resemblance, I think Anne Baxter could have easily played a third sister.
  2. I just bought The Busby Berkeley Collection Vol 1. It's great for many reasons-the picture quality is good, the variety of films, many rarely seen and the bonus "extras". I was HUGELY disappointed this was released without any audio remastering. Don't people who like musicals, like hearing the music? If it's too old to remix it in stereo, fine, just have the same music come out of multiple speakers. Instead, it's tinny and only comes out of the primary speakers instead of all 5 when using 5.1 SS. They really missed the boat on this one....I won't be bothering with Vol 2.
  3. > eltone wrote: > Not that looks are the only thing but Hollywood is well...Hollywood, you are judged by your looks. Yeah, and when stars act crazy or melt down in their personal lives, (like Tom Cruise) it almost makes sense to me. As a former model, I was very aware that career had a "time limit" and I prepared for it. I think the 3Ms all knew their looks were important, but they desperately tried to develop their acting talents for longevity. If you watch old television, like Ed Sullivan, it's striking how looks took a back seat to talent - Phyllis Diller, Barbra Streisand, Sa
  4. Take a look at Mamie's own page: http://www.mamievandoren.com/ One of my friends works for her and says she is one of the sweetest ladies he's ever known. Even though she's in her 70's, she embraces all media and technology. She sees life as "fun", what's wrong with that? And yes, I was disappointed too in her teeny role in HSC. She is just adorable in Girl's Town another fave teen agst flick.
  5. Yeah, I'd say that list is WAY off. There are so many movies that make me cry no matter how many times I've seen it. I've stated before, I simply can't watch the end of Imitation of Life anymore, I tune out in the last 15 minutes, I know the effective acting. Yes, Bambi makes me cry too, but not at his mother's death....but at the "rain" scene, the "ice" scene, those parts make me cry because of their beauty and celebration of life itself.
  6. Watching the Gene Krupa Story reminded me of how much I love Susan Kohner. I've only seen her in 3 films: Krupa, Imitation of Life (59) and All The Fine Young Cannibals (60) but she made a HUGE impression! She's so perfectly beautiful and comes across as very smart and sexy in every role. Her portrayal of Sara Jane in IOL is brilliant especially when she mouths "mama" so her coworker can't see "that woman" is her mother. It's so heart wrenching, I simply can't watch the very end of that film. I especially love her in ATFYC because you think she's an awful spoiled snob at the beginning, you j
  7. Thanks for that cute pic Goddess. I thought I had all George's books - not that one! I have Brian Ahern's book on George "A Dreadful Man" which is quite good. It contains the details of his adventure serving his Gabor wife her divorce papers - BRILLIANT! But if you're really a fan, you should seek out "Memoirs of a Professional Cad", his autobiography ISBN # 59-11028, very rare. His writing is as wonderful as his acting and you'll find yourself laughing out loud! Of course, I can't reproduce his wit, but in the chapter about seeing an analyst, he says he thoroughly enjoyed his visits, as
  8. I was thrilled they showed this...one of my all time favorites! Did everyone spot young Michael Landon? I'd venture to guess Gary Ross based Pleasantville on the look of this movie as well as John Waters being influenced. More and more becoming a Russ Tamblyn fan, he's got that sweet boy/hunky guy thing simultaniously going. And he knows how to work it from sweet (7 Brides) to cynical (Haunting) to bad boy (HSConfid) just an underrated huge talent. The "Mary Jane" thing was a riot. If you like this 50's morality overreaction, you might like the old educuational shorts collections offer
  9. I had TCM on while vacuuming recently so I wasn't really paying attention to the movie. It was in color and showed topless native girls on a beach. It wasn't a steamy sex scene, just normal everyday scenes on a tropical beach, totally inoffensive to me. Glad that was deemed "ok" by TCM.
  10. I'm with you 100% Chip, I hate "special effects" movies. Makes me think of the remake of my favorite spooky film, The Haunting. It was so effective because nothing really happened, the worst you saw was the door stretching or a glimpse of a lighted face. I resisted seeing the remake thinking it would be just another special effects movie. Hope they at least retain the Theramin music, the original soundtrack rules!
  11. Good deal! A former bf had all these sets as well as all the "gangster" box sets and we'd watch them fairly often, as he didn't have cable. I think they are really nice collections to have - all good flicks at best, and at worst, curiosities. I prefer holding out to see these projected on the big screen, myself. In 2 weeks my Cinefile group is screening Creature From The Black Lagoon in 3D! Woo-hoo!
  12. Yes, my fave guy Sheldon was a gangster in TH&HN. My question: Why does music always get louder at the end of a movie? There must be a real reason they do this, as it's pretty universal. It *can't* be to wake dozing audience as is always suggested, or it would be admitting their movie is a stinker. I hate waking to the music swelling to "The End". :-(
  13. Geez, I recall laughing out loud when that line was said! I want to say it was Jack Carson who said it, but I could be way off. He said that line to himself because he knew by making the phone call he would lose the girl. But he did the right thing for his buddy. A very Jack Carson thing to do.
  14. As a little girl, I'd get these two confused: Clifton Webb - and Ray Walston - It took me a long time to realize they weren't the same guy. Different eras, ages and even different looks, but to my childhood mind, the same.... how should I say....effeminite? I didn't realize they were two different guys until I was older. And then I met a LOT of this "type" of guy!
  15. I have always enjoyed Powell/Pressberger films and was excited to see The Red Shoes again. I had seen it when I was still a teen and didn't like it at all. As with most things, I figured I simply wasn't mature enough and as an adult might understand it better and enjoy it more. Well, I watched it TWICE recently, and still don't like it. I find the story tedious, convoluted and poorly paced. In fact, the second viewing, I fell asleep which is why I watched it again. I feel like there's something wrong with me or I'm missing something, but the other two people who watched it with me didn't e
  16. > Only thing I don't like right now is the size of the letters for the "rating" that come up now just before the movie. Seems waaay too big. Ugh, FF, I saw that for the first time last night and immediately thought of your post! I agree with you 100%. Who designed THAT?
  17. I like ALL the supporting artwork promos TCM has done - past & present - although some more than others. The "city" theme always struck me as being the WB backlot, since the "rollback" opener where all the buildings slide into camera view start with a distinctive water tower, I'm assuming the famous WB one. I especially liked the billboard and lobby card framed coming attractions, I thought they were cute. My fave spot is the one where real people's heads fall beneath a movie star face - I like the music & the images both. Haven't I heard the music bites heard elsewhere? I always
  18. > (by the way what's a noob?) Short for "newbie"....and better than "boob".
  19. ...a "used" costume? I walked into the room in the last 15 minutes of Let's Do It Again with Ray Milland & Jane Wyman. There was a woman (Karin Booth) on the phone speaking to Milland wearing a filmy light blue dress with sequins on the waist & cuffs. It looked EXACTLY like the dress a blonde Cyd Charise wore in the gangster sequence of The Band Wagon. Both films were made in '53, but LDIA is Columbia and TBW is MGM. Could they have traded costumes, or just copied them? Anyone confirm?
  20. > {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote} > And have you ever been to the George Eastman house, Lynn? How familiar are you with their work? I've read something, I think, about the films they have in their vaults, but I don't remember all the details right now. My love of film started at the Eastman House....Tuesdays at 1pm as a matter of fact. Would play hookey to catch the "Senior Matinee" throughout my school years. They have an incredible library or rare films currently under restoration, sometimes the only copy. Not just commercial films - last years Cinefest screened incre
  21. > But this (today's) prop money is almost always obviously fake, with indicators printed on the bills. Also, much of this printable fake money is smaller than its real counterpart. I disagree with that. I once had a huge stack of movie money and it was like everything else in Hollywood - larger than life. The bills were about 10% larger and only printed on one side. Then they were glued on top of colored foam to create "stacks" light enough to carry. Most of my "props" are food items from commercials and almost always bigger than the real thing, like my resin Ritz cracker.
  22. > kimpunkrock wrote: > John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and others were all a part of some of the most secret societies Yeah the "Not Much Work For Too Much Money" club. ;-)
  23. I have a couple of Rozsa's soundtracks on CD and I think they're all different and enjoyable. I especially love the fact he includes the Theremin in Lost Weekend & Spellbound. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Hungarian and a Theremin player ;-) As a soundtrack fan I applaud ANYTHING that isn't just a collection of oldies trying to create *atmosphere*. (although American Graffiti is the only successful exception of that old chestnut)
  24. I just purchased the DVD of Father's Little Dividend and wished I had Father of the Bride. It got me to thinking that this was the best sequel I could think of. Two years ago I saw The Cat People and Curse of the Cat People and thought the sequel was just as good, if not a little better. (although different cast & story, not a true sequel) Not too many others I can think of.... I'd love to hear other film fans lists of successful true sequels.
  25. I love horror films, but hate gore or slasher movies, although I watch those too occasionally. Here's a few of my faves broken into catagory: _Haunted House_ The Haunting The Others The Shining _Vampires & Demons_ Rosemary's Baby Fright Night (sexay vampire) Practical Magic (scary chick flick!) _Fun Scary_ Freaks 13 Ghosts (the original) Spider Baby
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