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  1. Haha, it's like an addiction: occasional users, weekly doses or daily habit!
  2. When I visited my cousin who lived in Hollywood, she seemed way more star struck than I. We were around 16 at the time, mid to late 70's. She went gaga over meeting both Leif Garrett and Nick Nolte, whereas I wasn't crazy about Garrett and had no idea who Nolte even was. Maybe if Fred Astaire walked by, it may have been a different story. Growing up in Rochester NY, I actually walked by Louise Brooks' apartment every day from work and sometimes loitered around hoping to catch a glimpse of her to no avail. While thrilling to spot John & Yoko around town (they often visited the Eastman
  3. That's what happens when you lump people into a group: Hispanics: a few bad apples, Blacks: a few bad apples, Irish: a few bad apples, Housewives: a few bad apples. First point, police Unions are not who enforces Professional Standards & Protocol, the local Chief of Police does. The Union does protect officers from being fired even after misconduct-that absolutely needs reparation. Second point-you rarely see news stories of the assistance police provide to their citizens every day. And why do you declare these people "innocent"? Did the police just happen to be there, withou
  4. I am amazed the passive American mindset: attack the virus with drugs, "fix it". Sadly, we've already had efficient methods to take the virus out: 1. mass isolation & 2. proper mask wearing when isolation is impossible. But that was too hard for most. I am sickened to see full parking lots of people Christmas shopping. Really? I always bristle when a customer wants me to "fix" their item as if time can be reversed....instead always use the term "repair". Same for psychiatric or medical work. For example, you can't "fix" aging, you have to put in the work to lessen it's effects.
  5. Not surprising. As many of you know, my partner is in law enforcement. Mostly everyone we come in contact with-neighbors, family, friends all talk about taking power away from police. Yet, the first sign of anything wrong, he's the first person they call for advice & help.
  6. Oh so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I absolutely loathe THE GOOD EARTH '37 mostly for Rainer's insipid performance. I absolutely think our disdain for her "suffering" charactor is because of the passage of time and modern mores. We just want her to grow some kahunas & kick Muni in his. The Great Waltz was a one viewer for me as well because of her performance. She's not a bad actress, just hate her part & how it's played. To me, it's no different than the outdated mores of GUESS WHOS COMING TO DINNER '67. Only those who actually lived through that time period can really feel
  7. Oh my! I'd date that picture circa 1963-5. Hard to believe (those prices!) 99% of all fabric & garments sold in the US were made in the US. 35 years later only 5% of clothing sold in the US would be woven & sewn in the US. This is why I wear vintage clothing. High quality.
  8. I just watched ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD and loved how they manipulated the audio whenever he swore. It sounded like they played snippets of his voice backward & doubled to come out as gobble-d-gewk, although you knew exactly what he was saying.
  9. Agreed. I really liked that one, it has a kind of positive vibe to it. Some of the past songs sentiments expressed while seeing the images can make me tear up. I despise this year's song (even though I love the poem) & had to mute it to watch the video. Can't wait until that zero energy, breathy, non melodic zombie style of "singing" goes out of fashion. What's next, a rap memorial?
  10. Re: Lurking: Posts being read without comment/acknowledgement? I feel like I'm at a coctail party naked.
  11. Because I thought he was Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.
  12. It was a rhetorical comment. I just wonder what fantasy creatures may be equipped with. I have been surprised before....grew up on a farm. Ducks.
  13. AMAZING! I came across my TCM recording of this in my fantasy box set with Angels In The Outfield & set it aside to view later this week! (what's Pan hiding in those fur trousers?)
  14. I just watched 2 movies sparked by talk on this board with 4 more in the queue. (keep decribing/recommending!) In the Pittsburgh thread, ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD '51 was mentioned. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, the kind that actually got me into classic film & it was time to revisit. The plot is pure fantasy- a loudmouth baseball coach continues to browbeat his team players, resulting in further morale loss & continued losing. Gorgeous Janet Leigh is assigned to cover the Pirates baseball team from her "homemaker" column. (first fantasy) The Coach, perfectly play
  15. I'd venture to guess very few involved with TCM check the message boards for their own protection - some posters can be cruel nit picking every little thing about their appearance, their voice/accent, their manner, now the back grounds. No one wants to read those kind of criticisms about themselves when trying to remain confident about doing their job well. I remember a thread about Kim Novak a few years ago where people posted the CRUELEST things about her face. Her FACE. As if people expected her to appear 25 forever. I cringed just reading it.
  16. That's what you get when you elect a cartoon charactor for US president. This was my 2016-2021 canvas tote bag ^^^^ to commemorate. I was scared Chump would make world enemies with his buffoonery & incompetence but never expected the US government to implode by the corrupt evil we endured the past 4 years. Who would have ever guessed his dopey kids would be appointed to powerful positions? You can't buy/sue/bully your way out of stupid. Besides, the Chump HAS no money, it's all smoke & mirrors. Hopefully, this shameful period is behind us.
  17. Apparently he's a film critic who has written freelance for TCM for years. We'd often catch errors in what was written for Robert Osborne's intros/outros, so this doesn't surprise me. I'm sure he just elaborated the point in his own mind, just sloppy writing. People often bristle at my comments of writing competency....but as an editor, assumptions that can lead to misunderstanding by the reader are a big red flag.
  18. ^^^ CARL SWITZER IS MY MEAT MASTER? 😵 Believe it or not, I just sold this on ebay: Found in cupboard when I moved into Grandma's house in 1998. Fay's was a drug store.
  19. I think so too. He's being positioned to lie/cheat/steal for Trump after Guiliani implodes....
  20. Looks like it to me but no word of it from any of my location searches. Maybe they inserted shots of San Simeon using CGI. I've joined streaming channels on a 30 day trial, watched what I wanted to see then cancelled subscription. My typical M.O. is to wait for it to come to my library. What's the hurry? That said, libraries aren't in the position to buy anything new right now. May be awhile.
  21. Wow sounds like a real laugh-fest. I'm getting my January TCM DVR list together....longest list I've had in a long time! (anything with fewer than 3 stars gets eliminated first)
  22. And this is the danger of dramatizations of "celebrity" stories like THE CROWN. It's nothing new, consider the studio biopics of Cole Porter, Jerome Kern & Gene Krupa in the 40's-50's. As a historian, I am forever appalled by someone making some flippant remark in an interview that is picked up & quoted as "fact" by a writer/reporter/journalist. It happens ALL THE TIME, it doesn't matter the subject or field. Thanks for calling out the FOUL on this "author", Ray (and Stan resembles an older Fred Astaire in that pic, doncha think?)
  23. Pretty embarassing when your friend was a camera on the production. But I agree 100% of your "crispy" description of the B&W photography. It's as if it was too sharply focused, there weren't enough large empty areas to balance all the detail. And as I recall classic period B&W photography, there's even softer, somewhat blurry fields giving a sense of depth. Like I said, PAPER MOON was successful while this was a total fail. Also agree on the overlapping dialogue. There were several times we "reversed" to hear the dialogue more clearly. I got the sense Mank was an alcoholic an
  24. Thank you BOTH for actually writing about these movies. Your experience as classic movie fans & viewers show in every line.
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