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  1. Agreed. MrTiki joined NETFLIX and I watched that Kathy Bates series DISJOINTED but after 20 episodes it ended abruptly. The acting was good, the writing was ok, but storylines fizzled in 2nd season. Whenever I search for anything to watch on Netflix, find NOTHING of interest. Not impressed with Netflix or Amazon. Both low-ball. Don't give away any effort either!
  2. I just watched two movies back to back, both are re-visits recorded from TCM almost a decade ago: OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES '45 is a simple story of an immigrant Norwegian family and their tight knit Wisconsin community starring Edward G Robinson, Agnes Moorehead and Margaret O'Brien as the Jacobson family. The story mainly focuses on the father/daughter relationship of Martinius & Selma and their relationship to the townspeople, work ethics & morality. Being an MGM production, everything is top notch and rather fanciful, if not idealistic. I'm sure most would find Margare
  3. I don't know why I love Joan Bennett so much. Those giant eyes & her voice! Her voice is very distinct and she delivers her lines with lots of emotion, you can feel her character's thoughts. I like Constance too, but never tire of Joan who seems so versatile & smoldering. I remember being flabbergasted the woman in SCARLETT STREET was the same person as the Mother in FATHER OF THE BRIDE!
  4. I hardly ever agree with you Eric, but I do on every point you've made here, most notably- why NOT contribute to the Salvation Army, they really do so much good for our fellow citizens. I was happy to see many of our new Representatives thrift shop for their work suits: recycle & help fund programs for those in need. I bet the contribution helps the ringers get through their shift. Also agree with your disdain of Favorite Things as a Christmas song unless it's John Coltrane's version which is always appropriate. Another Bing/Andrews Sisters Hawaiian song interpreted by the late, great
  5. Back in the days when alcoholism was funny. Heh, my parents had twin beds. We split the set when moving Mom into an apartment 5 years ago. The granddaughter that took the twin has already discarded it.
  6. I was in retail the last decade and that's where it was brought to my attention. I assume corporate headquarters didn't want anyone to feel "excluded" so "Happy Holidays" was the suggested greeting. It offends & always confounds me how un-Christian-like Christmas has become. Obviously, it's been this way a long time- "Namasté" means "The light in me recognizes the light in you"
  7. Well how would you feel if a cashier said goodbye with "Allah has blessed you"? Or even the innocuous "namasté"? I'm not a Christian and view Christmas as a religious holiday, even though the majority who "celebrate" it, don't. I always wonder how a Christian would react to bombardment of OTHER people's religious beliefs. I'm real happy when a cashier says a plain old "Thank you" since physically going into a store has severely diminished and there will be no Happy Holidays in 2020.
  8. No, but I saw this brilliant home made ornament on someone's FB page & have to make one for myself! (note the person's reflection in Kirk's arm)
  9. Yes, Lennon's Christmas song always struck me as a sort of lullaby variation of a standard folk tune with Italian mandolin flourishes & chorale. Wholly acceptable to borrow a classic format, especially for a Christmas song. McCartney's Christmas song otoh is hokey & unlistenable, one of the worst songs of his career. (now that's blasphemous!)
  10. Thanks all-I just requested TOO LATE FOR TEARS from my library. Even though I didn't care for MANK 2020, all radio reviews & others on this board have favorable opinions. I'll give it another look in about 6 months or so, just to see off my opinion changes. It certainly did with my next viewing..... THE APARTMENT 1960 directed by genius Billy Wilder and starring Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacLaine. I fist saw this about a decade ago and didn't like it very much-unusual that I wouldn't like a Wilder film. In retrospect, it's most likely a factor of the storyline-I don't find infide
  11. ...and the guy falls into the grave, dead! 🤡
  12. Sadly, the rest was not any better. Neither MrTiki or I felt ANYTHING for any of the charactors. I have to believe the harsh photography contributed somewhat. Mostly is was just clunky uninspired dialogue-pretty ironic considering this is a story about a brilliant screenwriter! Thankfully, there was no salaciousness or exploitative scenes, it was kept pretty civil. Everyone's acting was superb as was the sets, costuming & hair. There was very little Welles but the guy who played him was believable. The real missing piece was illustrating where the idea of Citizen Kane really cam
  13. I imagine these are shot in house, I don't see "green screen" lines. My guess is the "walls" are interchangeable, free standing & rolling and they can bring forward/take away furniture & props. It's just a well lit stage like any other. I LOVE The Handsome Family, they must be Canadian since we're the only two who are familiar with them. I also loved THE MOVE...that's ELO's drummer Bev Bevan with the black bouffant. I was just lamenting about the possibility of never enjoying the camaraderie of a crowded concert experience again....and remembered someone passing a fully
  14. Some people tend to think "beautiful" people are successful because of their looks, especially a woman. I watched half last night and will finish it tonight. I wasn't "sucked in" like I like a movie to do. It's especially easy when it's a subject I like as much as this, so not sure what the problem is. The dialogue seems "talky" instead of "snappy", and is delivered too fast to savor the intent. While Gary Oldman is a standout actor, I'm still not on his side as far as the story goes, although like many "genius" seems to be portrayed having a quirky personality. Annoying touches: 1.
  15. Uh, each decade has a notable blizzard. They come approx every 11 years due to sun activity and 2021's winter is the 11th year - like we need anything else. Although I'm not a fan of those you've listed, I'm discovering many really enjoyable films made in the 70's. (and some 80's movies too)
  16. THANKS for your list! I missed those two and still have time to get them on the DVR!! (apparently even having the schedule as a LIST fails me, now I'm going to complain about not being able to comprehend the FONT!) (just kidding)
  17. Glad I didn't offend you & you rolled with it. I'm just always amazed when grown men make adolescent comments. I'm sure every one of those gals pictured above was just naturally young & thin. Yes, I realize many in the entertainment industry receive pressure to stay unrealistically thin even after having babies. Terrible for your career/survival depending on unattainable standards. I'm sure it drove many to eating disorders. Me? I just switched careers-Viva the natural physique!
  18. You know some gals are just built like that, especially young althetic types. I had a 22" waist all through my 20's, but boy I never had gorgeous legs like THAT- You detect anorexia in the face, even those with wide faces just look gaunt. Very-Ellen just looks young & petite with lithe musculature. Similar to Audrey Hepburn, but unfortunately, Audrey truly suffered from malnourishment.
  19. What are you, 12 years old? Thanks AndreaD for reminding me about REMEMBER THE NIGHT '40. I only first saw this about 5 years ago when my film group screened it. I found many parallels to my personal life and several scenes made me cry like a baby. Very embarassing when the lights went up & everyone else was laughing with Christmas cheer.
  20. That was THE BEST "review" this thread has seen in a long time, LOL. I've never seen it, can't watch movies about drowning. Last night I sought out a childhood favorite, 1957's Animated Russian film, THE SNOW QUEEN. I was enthralled with this movie as a child, it was heavily rotated in the 60's on Saturday afternoon's kiddie movie. This classic film has quite a history, being dubbed & edited throughout the years. This version was Paramount's 1959 English dubbed version with an insipid intro starring Art Linkletter tacked on. (FF) There was a Fleischer credit, but don't know what
  21. Haha stan, I agree with your post mostly. I am not Christian, nor have any children, so Christmas is a non holiday* for me. But I love the sweet sentimentality many "Christmas" movies have. I really like fantasy angel/ghost stories too, so there ya go. I very much enjoy THE BISHOPS WIFE, HOLLY & THE IVY, MIRACLE ON 34TH ST, all CHRISTMAS CAROLS and especially IAWL (since I live near the town that inspired it-ZuZu always attends their festival!) CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT & HOLIDAY AFFAIR are also faves even though they are more down-to-earth, non fantasy stories. Agreed-t
  22. Did the narrator say "tappity tap tap" or "foot touches floor & makes noise"? 😝
  23. Yay! Well I LOVE Pittsburgh and visit every opportunity-it's a beautiful city with a unique rich history. Last time I mapped Pittsburgh they had 3 operating Drive Ins. Hope they're still there, definitely the way to see movies during lockdown. Isn't there an incline like San Francisco's? Are any of the movies listed actually FILMED in Pittsburgh? It has a unique look to it what with the steel mills lining the rivers. Before you complain about Pittsburgh being the brunt of jokes, try living in Syracuse.
  24. Here's a video of The Capitol's organ rising from the pit. Oops, it's a Moeller organ, not a WurliTzer. You can see the asbestos curtain, more plain than most, but still made using florescent paints. For the yearly showing of ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE the house organist wears a Santa suit. But Halloween is great-the house organist wears a black cape and there's dry ice mist as the organ rises-spooky!
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