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  1. Fri/Sat are my weekend days so I watched THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 2020 on Netflix in 2 parts. Pretty interesting because I'm an old hippy girl & MrTiki is in law enforcement. This was one movie I watched without making ANY comments! The set up, screenplay, sets & costumes, editing & performances were outstanding. It definitely took you through the story, although of course, very biased. There were several references/insinuations of this being a "political" trial instead of a trial based on actual intentions of those charged. The parallels to todays demonstrations/riots is im
  2. Not a spoiled brat. Back then, you could treat a kid to an indulgence for what-maybe 89¢ on a $300/week salary? Nowadays kids are begging for (expect) electronics that cost more than two week's salary. Talk about uneven inflation.
  3. Whoa what a suggestive image!
  4. While I enjoyed Sat morning cartoons, the real draw was later with the Saturday Matinee of monster/children's movies: Cormans, Castles & Foreign fantasy films, oh my! I first saw the fabulous Russian THE SNOW QUEEN '57 on a Saturday afternoon. I like that TCM continues this tradition with a great Saturday line up of cartoons & fun serials & Bs.
  5. It's already a GEICO commercial Haha I LOL when I saw that commercial. No, the mannequins don't have names, although when someone wants to smoke I'll say, "Gotta smoke upstairs with Marsha" It's the "Smoking Area" because the smell dissipates upward & out. My gals (& one creepy 1940's child) are actually set up in front of the window around a small table surrounded by chairs just like in the commercial. Arms, legs & torsos hang from the rafters. I light them up at Halloween, they totally creep out anyone who sees them. It's funny they're always there but no
  6. THANK YOU Txfilmfan for sharing that video! I have never seen anything like that before! Amazing! The asbestos curtain seemed to be specially lit, but I suspect it's just the florescent paints reflecting the spot lights. Rome NY's vintage Capitol Theater projects slides advertising local businesses interspersed with vintage "Ladies remove your hat" slides. People are entertained by the organist playing the Mighty WurliTzer as a warm up while taking their seats. I sure miss the communal experience of seeing classic holiday movies in the theater with a big audience. I'd even watch ITS A WON
  7. I have wondered for YEARS as to whether the face of OZ was Frank Morgan's face with make-up (his voice was used) or a random actor in make-up? I'm amazed someone married the two & posted it on YT as "The Dark Side of Oz". I could never synch it correctly with a record & videotape. Only "works" when high.
  8. I don't recall adverts in theaters until maybe the 80's. Theater attendance was in a major downturn, I don't blame them a bit. I recall theaters projecting slides of mixed adverts & suggestions like no smoking/talking. I thought this thread was about advertisements SENT TO theaters by the studios to promote their newest prestige picture. I found a glorious 1940 pamphlet from Disney promoting FANTASIA in the basement of an old theater, as well as a cool theater lighting fixture catalogue.
  9. I started my career working in an historical Main Street Department store, eventually bought by May Co in the late 80's. It looked very much like that shot above. I miss the elegance of these stores and camaraderie among employees especially. When the stores finally closed, some of my favorite mannequins came home with me, now living in the attic.
  10. Lovely work, Lorna. I hope your star shoots up the skies! (particularly like how you draw men as ole square-heads)
  11. Second thoughts, eh? Last night everything I put in the DVD player I had already seen. I stayed with 1941's THE SMILING GHOST mostly because I had forgotten it. It's a very simple mystery involving a ghost who kills or maims any man interested in marrying Elenor Bently played by beauty Alexis Smith. Wayne Morris is a happy go lucky never-do-well who is duped into pretending he's her fiancé to help unravel the mystery. This is lighthearted fluff but well crafted & acted by all involved. It contains two quotable lines that have wormed their way into my everyday speech: when looking
  12. Haha thanks for letting me know what I'm in for (requested this from my li-berry) Billy's Mom, "Get out of my kitchen!" Uh, he can't get out of your kitchen after blending. I hated the first movie because of the cheesy puppets & mean spirited heroes. Think I'll like this one because I'm older & will enjoy the absurdity factor. Good acting can elevate cheesy horror.
  13. Ugh, this sure is a long wait...SO HOPING this will be good. Last "Hollywood History" movie that I liked was CAT'S MEOW by Peter Bogdanovich. Kirsten Dunst was perfect as Marion Davies and whenever I saw Edward Herrmann in ANYTHING, I was reminded of Randolph Hearst. Eddie Izzard was a good Chaplin, but oh, Robert Downey Jr as Chaplin is perfection. Wow, Jodie Foster is an incredible actress and certainly could have nailed it - although wispy beautiful, a little long in the tooth to portray 20-30ish Davies, though. As for Spacey, I never liked him or his performances. He seem
  14. This thread is so much better for others when you express your opinions, rather than just list titles.
  15. I watched two movies last night. They were recordings from March/April because the host referred to 31 Days of Oscar was the previous month! First was SIREN OF THE TROPICS '27 a silent film starring Josephine Baker. Silent films are great to watch when you're on a long rambling phone call with someone that only requires an occasional, "uh huh". The story is about a young guy sent away to some tropical paradise to forget about the girl back home he wants to marry. He has a grand old time, but sprite Papitou (Baker) falls in love with him & follows him back to "civilization" Paris.
  16. Another big THANK YOU to both MovieCollectorOH & Sewhite for posting this information! You guys are AWESOME!! I would have to sift through day after days listings to pick out titles I haven't seen or are interested in. Sewhite's daily call outs with themes, principle stars & dates completely streamlined my task. I already have a list of 20 "possible" titles to program on the DVR. Now it's a matter of sifting through to see if I already have them (!) and if they're worth recording for later viewing.
  17. Full review? That post wins "Longest Post Ever" on this board! Can't find the post to quote, but I too sat with my mouth agape at the end of KISS ME DEADLY-shocked first time I saw it. It still impacts me every time even though I know it's coming-I imagine it's the long slow build up.
  18. On our vacation we left Myrtle Beach a couple of days early to visit Ft Bragg & pay respects to Martha Raye who is interred there. We were surprised to hear trumpet "calls" over loudspeakers while there. Must drive them nuts after awhile.
  19. I imagine all production has shut down the past 9 months. There's not much new in these Universal titles for the classic film fan who has seen these ad nauseam. What would really work for me is if Svengoolie started showing horror films of the 70's/80's/90's. These are "old" now (same as the Universal classics were "old" to us in the 60's) and there are so many good/bad/ugly films I've never seen. Syracuse has a 35mm horror festival every year* where I've seen several excellent 80's/90's sci fi/horror movies for the first time like POPCORN, FRIGHT NIGHT, TREMORS, etc. all perfe
  20. Thanks for your impressions. I've made that poster image into a magnet for MrTiki's locker-it's the cigar that slays me!
  21. Personally, I think it was great that they didn't raze the old Fairfax area May Co. Building and incorporated its Art Deco corner facade into this new museum's overall design. I don't see an old Department Store façade, I only see a concrete ball that looks like a bunker for the apocolypse. Looked further and found pix from the other side. I kind of like that the decoration looks like a stack of golden film cans!
  22. ...another Cobert gem. I LOL just seeing the picture of the truck ^^^
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