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  1. Ah, the ATA; I used to do editing work there. Thanks for the link! (With apologies to FriscoPaul for the quick tangent from his question regarding Essential Films.)
  2. {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}Well, the king of found footage is Craig Baldwin, in SF. He has an alternative/exp. movie theater there. He helps experimental filmmakers find just the right found footage for use in their films.{quote} What's the theater? I live in San Francisco and thought I was up on local film venues (just got in from an afternoon at the Roxie), so I'm very curious about this one.
  3. CineSage Jr. gave us the following link in another thread. Thought it would be appropriate to bring it here, as it's an article from Variety regarding the DVD release of classic film fare: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117960462.html?categoryid=13&cs=1
  4. I just spent a wonderful evening revelling in the beautiful revival of Jean Renoir's Le R?gle du Jeu ("The Rules of the Game") at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. For those in the area, it'll be playing all week and the print is pristine. Nora Gregor's* Christine de la Chesnaye is reminiscent of Elizabeth Schwarzkopf's bittersweet Marshallin (in Strauss' tale of bourgeois entanglements Der Rosenkavalier). French farce. comedy of manners, Beaumarchais' Marriage of Figaro, it's all there. __________ * Anyone know Mlle. Gregor's story? I understand she committed suicide in Chile 10 yea
  5. "I've heard that Rita Hayworth [in "Gilda"] was dubbed but I'm sure that even without any dubbing she would have been amazing!" Yes, Ms. Hayworth expertly lipsynched to the voice of Anita Ellis in Gilda. Ms. 1940 queried, "Does anyone else think that Rita Hayworth shares a strong resemblance to the young Julia Roberts?" I'm betting Ms. Roberts would like to think so, but Hayworth was "The Goddess" and Ms. Roberts -- lovely though she may be -- pales in comparison. Some of Roberts' hairstyles from the 1980's were reminiscent of Hayworth's...
  6. "Talk is that there will be a Joan Crawford boxset released at the same time as the Davis set." I love that they're competing even after death...
  7. I believe that might be Le Voyou de LeLouch. Jean-Louis Trintignant was in it...
  8. Truffaut's Jules et Jim. I'm guessing the second one that you're thinking of is whimsical Le Fabuleux destin d'Am?lie Poulain, which was released in the U.S. simply as Am?lie and starred the pixie-like Audrey Tautou.
  9. I love the films of Cocteau and Carn?. La Belle et la B?te and Les Enfants du Paradis send me; but so do the other works in Cocteau's oeuvre. I once saw Carn?'s Drole et Drame and Hotel du Nord in a dingy, left-bank cinema. My french was only passable though; I'd love to see them again with subtitles. Jean-Louis Barrault, Arletty, Jean Gabin, Josette Day, Edouard Dermithe, Jean Marais, Mar?a Casares... these are all stars that shine as brightly to me as any of their contemporary Hollywood fare. Later I got into La Nouvelle Vague, appreciating Godard and being enchanted by Truffaut. Alain
  10. "With the latter being released, that only means that there are only 6 more Judy Garland films to be released- Thoroughbreds Don't Cry, Listen Darling, Little Nelly Kelly, Everbody Sing, Broadway Melody of 1938, and A Child is Waiting." Glad to hear Pigskin Parade is finally being released! I caught it once on VHS 10 years ago. When are The Pirate, Girl Crazy, Life Begins for Andy Hardy, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante being released on DVD? Or have they already been?
  11. I wish you'd put a warning on that post, Ms. Cutter. It's sickening to read, and each entry is like the twist of a knife. It makes one frantic to save all that's left. Studios should be training legions of volunteers to restore their works before they're completely lost. I'd be the first in line...
  12. South Pacific is certainly the most thematic for a desert island. There aren't many island musicals, are there? Pagan Love Song, Blue Hawaii... is that it? Bing Crosby should have made Robinson Croons So with Dorothy Lamour... Anyway, if I'm abandoned like Ariadne on some island I think I should pick a lengthy musical (since we're only allowed one). Cukor's A Star Is Born has the breadth to sustain for some time. I'd consider New York, New York too... I assume we're to construct a screen using a sail from our ex-vessel? How will we project it? With kerosene and a cocoanut shell,
  13. I think there's a Costco right by the east river in Queens; just above the 59th Street Bridge.
  14. Yippee! Errol Flynn with supplemental material! Thanks, Ms. 04!
  15. Thanks, Mr. 13! Do you know if there's any supplemental material; or do the disks only contain the movies themselves?
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