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  1. Hi Jono! Sorry I didn't make it to Lucky Strike. I was immediately swept up into the Festival frenzy. We've probably share a few movies these past days! The best laid plans of mice and gays...
  2. {quote:title=knotheis wrote:}We will definitely take your requests into consideration when building the app for next year's festival!{quote} That's swell! Thanks! Then may I prevail on you for one more request? I love the "My Schedule" feature, except that it doesn't allow one to change their mind. We can add a movie, but cannot delete it. I was hoping the "star" button that adds the movie to our schedule would be a "toggle", whereby, if we click the "star" a second time it will remove the move. Maybe next year?
  3. It looks as if the app is constantly being updated (I just noticed that La Dolce Vita has been corrected to read as an Italian movie, rather than French). So I wonder if we can make some requests? It would be a great help if the panel discussions (e.g., "Voice Doubles") could be added to "My Schedule". If not this year, perhaps this featured could be considered for next year? It would enable our personal schedules to be more accurate. As always, thanks TCM!
  4. I thought it was odd to have an entertainer of Alan Cummngs' caliber and relegate him to the background. He has one musical number, which is chopped up for the sake of plot points; otherwise he's only seen in short bits. I assume the bulk of his performance is on the cutting room floor...
  5. The exception to prove the rule? Mr. Astaire danced behatted with Judy Garland in the penultimate scene in Easter Parade. Of course, the entire scene revolves around the hat -- the "bonnet" that Hannah Brown gives Don Hewes -- and they dance to express their delight before going to the Easter Parade.
  6. {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}Did anyone notice that Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf got added to the lineup? It's not on the website. It's on the Festival App. It's in the Sunday, 6:30 pm slot @ Mann's.{quote} It doesn't show on the Android version of the app., but this version seems a little nutty anyway. For example, it lists La Dolce Vita as a "French Film". With the exception of the presence of Anouk Aim?e, Yvonne Furneaux and Alain Cluny, there's nothing french about this flick. Maybe it's because Path? was one of the distributors?
  7. {quote:title=twinstarhill wrote:}The android app is titled "TCM Fest" and is available through Android Market. We are going to have a Great Time!{quote} Yippee! Sure enough, there it is! Thank you, TSH!
  8. Thanks, Kingy. I've actually been curious about the interior weather. Are these theatres the type that are kept cold, so that long pants and sweaters are necessary despite warm climes outside?
  9. {quote:title=wouldbestar wrote:}I went to my bank today-Wells Fargo-to get travelers checks and was told they stopped selling them two weeks ago. The other banking chains have them but only to depositers and I'm not in AAA so I seem to be out of luck. Is this a potential problem? I have an ATM and will bring 2 credit cards. I've "never left home without them" before.{quote} You can still buy them from American Express, however, they really don't seem to be necessary any more. I see that there are a couple of Wells Fargo ATMs within 8 blocks of the Film Festival area.
  10. {quote:title=TCMFilmFestival wrote:}Yes. The Festival will be releasing a mobile app for Apple and Android devices soon. Stay tuned to tcm.com/festival for details.{quote} I understand the IPhone app has been released. Is there a release date for Android?
  11. {quote:title=twinstarhill wrote:}The App is now available through the App Store. I just downloaded it and it is very impressive. You can view the schedule numerous ways & you can even save your selections in your very own schedule. I just touched the surface. I forgot to mention the best part that it's free. Yeah!{quote} That's great news! I just checked my Android and didn't find it. Do you have an I-Phone? What is the App called (for what should I search?)?
  12. {quote:title=kikilee wrote:}My trepidation about dressing formally stemmed from not being able to get the embarrassed looks of some opera first-timers out of my head. Female newcomers to Chicago's and Detroit's opera houses sometimes dress like they see TV characters dress for the Met. Regulars usually show up wearing something in the range of jeans to business attire, especially in Chicago. That discovery turns some newcomers' excitement over their special sparkly party dress or evening gown into mortification. I didn't want to similarly miss-gauge (sp?) the degree of dress of this event
  13. {quote:title=CjHuthmaker wrote:}I am so ready for them to release the festival app!! It will be much better than my 4 sheets of paper spread across the wall with pink highlighter and endless notes!! Any Idea when it may be released? {quote} I share your enthusiasm! TCM announced on Facebook this morning that the app will become available early next week.
  14. {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}Jack, as far as shakes go, there is the Neopolitan, which is vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry in the same shake. You can also get large and extra large. Or if you prefer to have just two flavors together, you can do that. Plus, they have root beer floats. Or you can get an Arnold Palmer, which is tea and lemonade. p.s. -- Just a reminder, I will be bring along copies of the secret menu, so all will know what they can get.{quote} Thanks Filmy! I think In 'n Out should have a special "Classic Menu" for the weekend! How Green Was My Valley
  15. The Film Festival posted this on their FAQ page: {quote:title=TCM Film Festival wrote:}"*How do you recommend I get from the airport to the Festival?* If you don't plan on renting a car, we recommend you take a cab, shuttle or private car service. Cab fare is approximately $45-$75 from LAX. Normally, the travel time to the Hollywood and Highland area is approximately 45 minutes, but depending on traffic conditions, it could take much longer. ... Shuttle services are also available and typically cost $20 or less. However, travel by shuttle can be significantly longer than whe
  16. {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}They have great chocolate shakes.{quote} I didn't see any shakes on the "secret" menu... and I could swear there are some. I seem to remember a "suicide shake"; though I don't remember what it is. Perhaps no one survives them?
  17. {quote:title=CjHuthmaker wrote:} Ok, I've never seen Now, Voyager, it was on yesterday and is on my DVR. So should I watch it before I see it in the theater? {quote} I used to have a rule for myself to only watch DVDs of films that I'd already seen on the big screen. Movies were meant to be seen this way, and in the company of other movie fans. DVDs were for reminiscing how great it was to see it in the theatre and to search for details I might have originally missed. I'm not as stringent with the rule anymore. Too many temptations regarding movies that weren't coming to my neighborhood
  18. {quote:title=chicagovet wrote:}Thanks, Jack--I appreciate it! My ETA is earlier though--around 11:15-11:30. I hope to make it to In-and-Out, but it will depend on whether my room @ the Renaissance is ready. I'm considering the Super Shuttle now, instead of a taxi.{quote} I think we should have a race! I'll take the taxi at 12:30pm and you take the Shuttle at 11:30am and we'll see who gets to the Renaissance first. Anyone volunteer to hold the ribbon?
  19. I hope to be there too! {quote:title=chicagovet wrote:}Locals: Any advice on getting from LAX (with luggage) to Hollywood? Taxi? Shuttle bus?{quote} What time is your arrival, chicagovet? Please see my post under "TCM Festival Questions and Concerns": http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=159280&tstart=0
  20. I know of a sweet, elderly lady in Minnesota of stoic and conservative stock. When bringing out a serving platter for dinner, she would invite her guests to "Take many! Take Two!"; as if taking two was succumbing to gluttony with impunity. I was thinking of removing the paper slipcovers from the bulky DVD cases and bringing them to sign. I guess now Mickey Rooney is a non-issue. But I'll bring something for Debbie. Would two be "gluttony"?
  21. How do you suppose the DVD signings (with Mickey Rooney and Debbie Reynolds, for example) will work? May we bring our own DVD's, or are we expected to buy some there? Are we allowed only one? Photographing allowed?
  22. Telephone is definitely the way to go. I acquired my tickets this morning (for May 2) after having left a message with WB over the weekend. "Norman" returned my call this morning leaving a friendly message that ignored my issue (of not being able to have the TCM promo code accepted), and hailing the tour of the set of "Mike and Molly". When I returned Norman's call, it was easily straightened out and my confirmation email had arrived. I too notice that now it says "sold out" for the two TCM tours. Over the weekend it showed how many openings remain; so it's possible that it's already t
  23. Looking forward to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour! Anyone else having troubles getting the website to accept the Promo Code?
  24. {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}I printed out the Festival schedule last year and carried it in my back pocket.{quote} Surely the Festival will have printed copies, yes? Will there be a printed program?
  25. {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}And you can't stay in your seat from one film to the next, anyway.{quote} Do they clear out the theatre after each show? I assumed that passholders would be allowed to stay (that's how it's been done at some other fests that I've attended). No?
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