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  1. {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}BTW: are you catching Max Raabe at the Paramount this weekend? That'll get you primed for Vince Giordano.{quote} Yes! I'm taking my best friend to celebrate his birthday with Max tomorrow night. I even convinced him we should go black tie. Will you be there? We're in the second row, orchestra. Keep an eye out!
  2. {quote:title=Mudhead wrote:}Does anyone remember a movie with a car going up into the air. This was an older movie; possibly back in the 40's or 50's.{quote} Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flew, but that's too new. An "autogyro" flies in for the climax of It Happened One Night, but that's too old?
  3. {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:} I actually have a couple pieces from the MGM costume collection that I got from a costume shop when it was closing. One actually still has an MGM label with the name "Irene Dunne"! It only has a number so we have no idea what movie it's from, but we've been searching for it.{quote} Irene Dunne (whom I adore) only made a few movies for MGM. RKO loaned her out to MGM for The Great Lover in the early 1930's. They also borrowed her for The Secret of Madame Blanche (because no one at MGM would agree to it). In the 1940's she made A Guy Named Joe and White Cl
  4. I just took a course in hitchhiking from Ellie Andrews and now I'm going to try to put it use on Thursday April 28. You see, that's the day I fly into LAX, en route to the TCM Film Festival. Anyone else arriving at LAX around 12:30pm? Want to share a taxi? Doesn't have to be Norma Desmond's Isotta-Fraschini, but I don't want to take Vera's Detour either. Let me know if it sounds handy. Ben-Hur's chariot awaits!
  5. {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}I notice that Shirley Jones is off the schedule. I assume that she's still doing the Road to Hollywood showing of Elmer Gantry in SF. {quote} Do you suppose she was listed because of her April 20 Road to Hollywood Elmer Gantry appearance? Oh wait, she was going to introduce Carousel, wasn't she? Or was that only a rumor based on assuption? I wonder if they'll fill in the schedule more yet...
  6. {quote:title=kingrat wrote:}Jack, the TBA slots on Sunday are for repeat performances.{quote} Thanks, those encores could rescue the Sophie from her choice! {quote:title=chicagovet wrote:}Thanks--you were at least a half-hour ahead of the TCM email!{quote} I posted it to TCM's Facebook page; was surprised they hadn't mentioned it yet. {quote:title=Jezebel38 wrote:}JB - the panel discussions are on the schedule - you just need to scroll over way to the right.{quote} Thanks Jezzy! You're so right. I had mistakenly assumed that those were advertisements on the far right, and ignored
  7. Shall we assume that the the "TBA"'s in the Chinese on Sunday are held for encore performances? I'm relieved to see that I only have one real "Sophie's Choice": The Dodsworth and Merry Widow overlap. But then I see the panel discussions aren't listed on this calendar, and the Voice Doubles and others will probably impede with some delicious bill. So glad to finally see the schedule, and so thankful to Lynn for posting it!
  8. I'm drooling after reading the many events that you were associated with, jon90027! Please keep me updated regarding any "family" events.
  9. {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}And I think JackBurley and Suex2 are going to bond over the *Voice Doubles* and *Debbie* presentations!{quote} You know me well, Lynn. I got heart palpitations when I saw the Voice Doubles bill. And I'll join you for the Mr. Brownlow talk. Looking over Kyle's latest notice and the .pdf, I'm thinking I'll end up skipping most screenings and just go to the conversations and introductions (though I must see Hoop-La, Dodsworth, Girl Crazy, and a few others). I wonder if I should bring my dinner jacket?
  10. {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}It does appear that we have the "complete" list of films. The pdf file released today is tagged "FINAL" so I am guessing there isn't any more announcments of screenings to come.{quote} Kyle, where would poor little lost movie fan with a Classic Pass find such a .pdf file?
  11. {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}Last year the Opening Party/Meet and Greet began about 4:30ish with the In-n-Out gathering happening about 2:00.{quote} I hope you're saving a seat for me. My plane should land a little after noon (unfortunately at LAX)...
  12. Please add me to the list of those who would be interested in joining the tour.
  13. *"The single longest-duration theater-going movie experience I've ever had in all my x number of years has been a screening of "1900" and, way before that, a six-hour (crummy) cartoon extravaganza (i.e., screaming kids running up & down the aisles) when I was about 8."* When I was a kid, I did a 5-movie marathon in a Riverside, California multiplex. The only ones I remember now were M*A*S*H and one of the Musketeer movies with Oliver Reed and Raquel Welch. I've attended many festivals in San Francisco, where the theatre becomes redolent with the fragrence of contraband burritos and p
  14. *"The question you should be asking is 'Where can I get a decent breakfast in Hollywood at 7:30am.'"* Who can eat at 7:30am? Well, I suppose "morning people" do. I've resigned myself to having popcorn for breakfast (and maybe lunch and dinner too). It's the TCM-diet. I'll go home with better fitting clothes.
  15. Wonderful news, but dang -- when purchasing my ticket (last December) I thought I didn't need to see An American in Paris again and decided to skip the opening night gala. Now I wish I were going for Leslie Caron...
  16. Is Mr. Taylor coming?! A reunion with Tippi perchance?
  17. *1) Your favorite Fred & Ginger dance number?* Tough one, but I guess I'll tie it up with the effervescence of "Pull Yourself Up" ( Swing Time ) and the poignancy of "Let's Face the Music and Dance" ( Follow the Fleet ). *2) Your favorite dancing partner for Gene Kelly?* I've always assumed that Mr. Kelly's favorite was his own reflection in Cover Girl, but I'd vote for the sultry Cyd Charisse. *3) Your favorite Marx Brother musical number?* Chico's piano playing never fails to delight me; but then as an opera fan I edged toward Trovatore in A Night at the Opera; but f
  18. "*If they follow last year's, the announcement should come towards the mid to end of March.*" Anyone have a time machine?
  19. *"This is indeed wonderful news. The media has officially been alerted!!!"* SueSueApplegate *"Yes, JackBurley's visit will be popular with TMZ. His last visit to LA was overshadowed by Lindsay Lohan's booking at the Beverly Hills Police Department."* KyleInH'wood ~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks SueSue. Looking forward to finally meeting you in the flesh. Kyle, LL was an excellent cellmate. We crocheted a mean pancho in the that slammer. Weren't the Festival tickets supposed to be sent out in January? Am I the only one who hasn't received them? Anyone know when the schedule will be released th
  20. Just checked my copy (which was purchased at the old Tower Records), and it's the same. Just the title (and fine print). No graphics.
  21. *"2011--WHO'S GOING?"* SueSue JackBurley raises his hand.
  22. *"2011--WHO'S GOING?"* -SueSue JackBurley raises his hand.
  23. *"Countess ? I also saw Max Raabe those two times at The Paramount ? best concerts I?ve ever attended!"* Jezebel I'm also a member of the club that's seen Mr. Raabe twice (once at the Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco, and then at Oakland's Paramount Theatre). Jezzy and I have already discussed (off board) that the Palast Orchester is returning to California this April (I have tickets for his April 9, 2011 concert, again at Oakland's glorious Paramount). This is tantalizingly close to the film festival. If only we could match them up somehow for this year's fest!
  24. The song is "Did I Remember (To Tell You I Adore You)" by Walter Donaldson and Harold Adamson. Ironically, I don't believe this song was ever used in an Astaire and Rogers musical. This is the song that Cary Grant and Jean Harlow sing to each other in Suzy.
  25. In the manner of Dr. Chabot (Yves Montand) willing Daisy (Barbra Streisand) to "Come Back to Me", I seem to have been willed to stop in at the TCM board. Miss Erzbet, I've received your kind reply (along with a couple of others that had been languishing since my last appearance). It's my understanding that you may have up to 200 messages in your PM mailbox. This includes messages in your draft, sent, in and trash folders (and any other additional folders you might have created). You must tend your own "house" and delete messages when the box gets full. See y'all next year! =)
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