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  1. You're right, Mr. Klondike! I hadn't read that correctly: the original poster is saying that the book was accused of plagerizing an earlier movie. The screenplay was by Mr. Kubrick and Diane Johnson. I wonder if this is what the OP intended to suggest? Or if s/he meant that Mr. Kubrick's movie copied another film. I would imagine "paying homage" to an earlier movie (e.g., Broken Blossoms) would be more likely, if true at all. Hopefully, the original poster will return to clarify. "People come and go so quickly here."
  2. "JackBurley, what day is Reflections in a Golden Eye being played in June? I don't see it on the schedule." Wednesday, June 13. Yippee!
  3. It's been suggested that the scene of Wendy huddling in the corner with her butcher knife while Jack wields his axe through the door is a reference to the 1919 Lillian Gish classic Broken Blossoms, but I'm not aware of one 1940's film that contains all the attributes that you've mentioned. Now I'm curious...
  4. Don't fret; it's scheduled for another screening June 20...
  5. Sybil? Brian's Song? Duel? I'd love to see them all. But not on TCM...
  6. "I get a blank page when I click on this link - what should I do?" I've had this happen before. You must either clean out your cache or reboot. With sympathy to Mr. Ful, it looks like a great month with a load of movies that I've long wanted to see: He Who Gets Slapped Jour se Leve (I'm afraid I'll miss it tomorrow) Rafter Romance Three Daring Daughters Fatty Arbuckle flicks Jamaica Inn Reflections in a Golden Eye A bunch of old favorites: The Awful Truth Wuthering Heights Sweethearts Theodora Goes Wild Cover Girl (I can't get enough) My Man Godfrey Detour Sta
  7. She didn't wear make-up? You mean those eyelashes were her's?
  8. It's a website: http://imdb.com/ (the Internet Movie DataBase).
  9. If you search the database, it'll tell you if a specific film is scheduled. And alas, Merry Andrew is not presently scheduled: http://www.tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=312
  10. Now I'm curious too. Ms. Erzbet is right Mr. Vallo, Guilaroff's credit was normally something like "Hairstyles by Sidney Guilaroff" rather than singling out the secondary character. Who did Garbo's hair for Ninotchka? IMDB lists Mr. Guilaroff as Ms. Claire's stylist and Beth Langston as an uncredited stylist. Did Ms. Langston comb the tresses of the Swedish Sphinx?
  11. "Ah but the carousel was so pretty!" I'm afraid I'm traumatised from that mangled and murderous carousel. I shudder whenever I hear the song The Band Played On...
  12. No worries, Mr. Arkadin... Thank you, Ms. Scope. Sigh. Even if I could rouse myself by 5:30am, I wouldn't be able to give my full attention to this gem at that hour. Eventually it will be played at an accessible day/time for me...
  13. I don't think it's been mentioned yet that Life Is a Dream in Cinema: Pola Negri won the Best Documentary award at the Dixie Film Festival in Atlanta last October...
  14. "After I made my bargain with you about Suggest a Movie, I started to laugh when I realized that I was behaving a bit like ol' Bruno Anthony in Strangers on a Train! So please don't take me too seriously, Farley, er, I mean, Jack..." I shall avoid the carousel, but look forward to seeing you on the tennis court...
  15. I once visited Rio de Janeiro (and the Museo Carmen Miranda!), but because of The Three Caballeros was disappointed to discover that the buildings don't really dance the samba...
  16. Is it possible it's the original Roberta? I know this version took place in Paris... Anyone know if it could be the aforementioned A New Kind of Love?
  17. "I also wonder why there are so many people who say "I wish that was in color" but so very few people that say, "I wish life was in black and white" or "I wish we could see the world in black-and-white"." Back in the 1980's I decorated a room of my apartment based on the look of Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious. Big glossy black and white tiles (like the foyer of the house where Alicia Huberman holds the key to the wine cave) for the flooring; all the furniture and decor was on the grey scale. The only color would be the people who'd enter the room. I so wanted to live in glorious black and
  18. Well, if we can invite anyone, I'd like to ask Ann Blyth, Anne Francis, Ann Savage, Marsha Hunt and the Janes: Russell, Powell and Withers to attend. At least have them come to the after-party to sit at my table.
  19. St. Patrick's Cathedral is at 50th and 5th. The World Trade Center was at least 75 blocks south of that. It's quite a distance, though I've walked it on sunny spring weekends. St. Patrick's, by the way, was showcased in the famous final shot of Easter Parade, as Mr. Astaire escorted Ms. Garland "down the avenue, 5th Avenue... in the Easter Parade." Kitty Korner from the Cathedral is Rockefeller Center, where three sailors famously sang "New York, New York" in front of the golden statue of the titan Prometheus.
  20. There's Shirley Temple Black, who also was awarded a juvenile Oscar... How about Lee Grant, who -- like Glenda Jackson -- also won in 1970?
  21. Mr. Mongo, thanks for shining the spotlight on Carmen Miranda. You also mentioned her sister Aurora. I just wanted to point out that many people might be acquainted with Aurora without realizing that she was Carmen's sibling; for Aurora also came to Hollywood. She made a few pictures at various studios (like Universal's Phantom Lady), but is best recognized as the resplendent Brazilian in Disney's homage to the Good Neighbor Policy, The Three Caballeros. The fabulously surreal musical number "Os Quindins de Yay?" with its colorful combination of animation and live action featured Aurora Mi
  22. "It doesn't sound like a movie I would watch (I don't care for James Mason much), but if Jack requests it, I'll follow, to save your hair from you pulling it out!" What movie features James Mason?
  23. "Even the director admitted the movie has no relation at all to the musical/play that George Cohen wrote and produced, but it is a fun film filled with great Irish songs as has been stated." Shucks Mrs. L, I know that in the best MGM tradition, this film version of the Cohan's stage play bears little resemblance, but isn't saying it has "no relation at all" an overstatment? Douglas MacPhail sings "Nelly Kelly I Love You" and Charles Winniger sings "Nelly is a Darling" -- both were featured in the original musical. "I thought they showed Little Nellie Kelly (1940) every other month on
  24. Jeez, at this rate I'll never see Little Nellie Kelly! Based on the early 1920's hit stage musical, its cast is headed by Judy Garland who sings "It's a Great Day for the Irish!" and "St. Patrick Was a Gentle Man". I believe Ms. Garland plays two roles in the film, and it features her only death scene. I've never seen it, which rub against my completist ilk.
  25. I want to see this! Do you think the performers were Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica Rascals? They were a harmonica troup who were popular in the 1930's and 40's... Ah, I just noticed that Mr. Dobbs also mentioned a harmonica combo. Please let us know what you find, Mr. Boboso
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