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  1. In my opinion Olivia was the better actress, She was so Beautiful in, " A Midsummers Night Dream", and very, very, beautiful in, "The Adventures Of Robin Hood". In fact she was very beautiful in all her movies. Dwayne
  2. I agree with you 100%, you are so right! Dwayne
  3. I just purchased Captain Blood on saturday. I love the bonus features with Leonard Maltin, it makes you feel like your back in a theatre way back when. The old newsreels, the cartoon, it just really is nice, and the movie is fantastic, clear and pristine.
  4. I started reading Beam Ends about a month ago, and all I can say is wow! Errol Flynn did more in a lifetime than I could do. Dwayne
  5. I ordered Errol Flynn's Autobiography the other day and I can't wait to start reading it! He was one of the greats!!
  6. He is a really Great Actor, remember Lawrence Of Arabia, Lord Jim, The Ruling Class, they don't have actors like Peter O' Toole anymore. I really enjoy his potrayal of Lawrence in Lawrence Of Arabia. The defiant British Officer. I recently saw Lawrence Of Arabia on TCM in all its splendor. I would love to see more O' Toole films on TCM.
  7. Country Dance With Peter O' Toole, Oh! What A Lovely War with Laurence Olivier, The Bed Sitting Room with Ralph Richardson, The Trials Of Oscar Wilde with Robert Morley, and Ralph Richardson, The Holly And The Ivy with Ralph Richardson, and O, Lucky Man.
  8. Thank You so much for the info! I can't wait to check it out this Halloween. Dwayne
  9. I love the old Boris Karloff movies TCM shows at Halloween time, I would love to see more Hammer Films on TCM, has anyone else seen any Hammer Films on TCM? I love the ones with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Dwayne
  10. I forgot about, "Brats" thanks for reminding me! A great DVD collection of Laurel And Hardy would be, Our Relations, Twice Two, Brats, and Blotto. Dwayne
  11. Another Laurel And Hardy short I would love to see on DVD is, Twice Two where the boys play their own wives. This is classic L & H, and it was the last short directed by James Parrot. The other feature length film of Laurel And Hardy I would also like to see on DVD is Our Relations where they play their twin brothers. Maybe Hallmark could put these on a L & H DVD collection. Dwayne
  12. Casablanca, at the end when Claude Rains says , "Round Up The Usual Suspects", I love that! Dwayne
  13. My favorite Three Stooges Short is, Slaphappy Sleuths with Shemp. The boys are detectives with, "The Onion Oil Company".
  14. More Errol Flynn movies I love, Gentleman Jim, Objective Burma, and They Died With Their Boots On. Dwayne
  15. I would also like to see John Barrymore's remake to The Sea Beast, Moby Dick on DVD.
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