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  1. OMG, Rusty! Are you my husband? He has watched that movie SO many times. Then he turned our daughter into a Dune-geekazoid. I go around sometimes saying in that creepy voice "IT'S THE QUIZZARDT'S HADARACK!" (I don't know how to spell those words.) It annoys them for some reason. They must think I'm making fun of it. Oh yeah, I am. But it's all in jest. THE SPICE! LOL.
  2. Oh and has anyone here seen Europa Europa? It's not a classic film in that it's not exactly old (1990, I think?) but I thought it was pretty powerful. I don't normally get into war movies much, but I did like that one. And would Slaughterhouse Five be considered a war movie?
  3. I just want to thank everyone for this thread. My husband is a big war film buff, and I have gotten some really great ideas for gifts for him from this thread. I've been reading a lot of the titles out loud and there are some he had totally forgotten about. So thanks! And to the original poster, I agree---viva Ted Turner!
  4. Do you have any movies that you can watch over and over for years and never tire of them? If so, which ones are they? I'll have to think more on this, as I'm sure I've got more than this, but 2001 is one of them, along with a Laurel and Hardy film called March of the Wooden Soldiers (I think it's based on Babes in Toyland). We watch that one every single December. The Maltese Falcon. And almost anything by Alfred Hitchcock, except maybe The Birds and Psycho. I did get tired of those. But Rear Window is something my family never gets tired of. Ditto North by Northwest, etc.
  5. LOL, I have no idea what the last few posts were about, but that's ok. I love 2001. That's one I've liked for quite a while. I agree, it's great to fall asleep to, all those long scenes with either classical music or complete silence. Problem is, the later scenes might wake you up. I'm thinking specifically of the one where the alarm is going off constantly or where HAL is being shut down. I once fell asleep to 2001 only to be jarred awake by that and I was completely disoriented, LOL.
  6. Telling secrets I don't normally share: I have no clue how Citizen Kane ends. Yeah, I know best movie EVAR. I've never seen the last twenty minutes. It bugs the crap out of me that I haven't seen it. But I fall asleep every single time. Sometime I should just buy the DVD and cue it to that last part and just watch that.
  7. JHaft: I have to say hear hear to your post. I absolutely detest commercials anyway, but to stick them all over in those great old films just seems like sacrilege. It's just *wrong.* And distracting. And I love that guy who intros all the movies (Robert Osbourne? Sorry, not sure on his name). I like hearing all the little details about it. Then I'll end up looking up the film on imdb.com if I want to know more and then maybe check out the price of the DVD, if it's out. Anyway, I agree: long live TCM.
  8. Jerry, that's the thing: I'm sick and tired of the crap movies that come out nowdays (and for the past several years). Probably 95-99% of it isn't even worth renting from Blockbuster, much less going to the theater to see. My favorite era is 30s and 40s, too. I absolutely LOVE the comedies. But oddly, while I don't like most modern dramas, I do love the old dramas. That surprised me a lot. And the gangster films. My husband is bigger on the war films and westerns than I am, although I did watch From Here to Eternity the other night and loved it. He got me some Laurel and Hardy D
  9. I'm loving the gangster films and that really surprises me. I don't particularly care for war movies or westerns, but the gangster films? Love them. Can't get enough of them. They just suck you in.
  10. Well, I didn't JUST discover them. But I've just really gotten into them. It will sound insulting at first, but I had horrible insomnia. I needed to find something to watch that was commercial-free (can't stand commercials) and something I could fall asleep to. I found TCM and started watching. LOL, I got too HOOKED on the movies to fall asleep! But that's ok, it was like discovering a whole new world of films. I've always been a movie buff, and had watched some old ones, but never like now. Now all I want to watch is TCM. My husband is happy because he's always loved old films, bu
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