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  1. Frankly, what was so evil about a computer (HAL-9000 from "2001: A Space Odyssey") and a shark (from "Jaws")???
  2. TO: Anyone from TCM FROM: CaptainOT Is there anyway you can update "The Essentials" message board? The movies listed there are from almost a year ago when Rob Reiner was hosting the show. Thanks!
  3. FYI: "Midnight Cowboy" (1969) is the only Best Picture winner to be rated X!
  4. When I read about the JLo / Affleck possible remake of "Casablanca", I was immediately reminded of the famous quote from "Apocalypse Now": "The horror... the horror"
  5. Two of my favorite character in films are: Mortimer Brewster as played by Cary Grant in "Arsenic And Old Lace" (1944). Cary's reactions are worth the priceof admission alone! Vera as played by Ann Savage in "Detour" (1945). She's on the screen for 30 minutes in a 1:09 movie... Try to take your eyes off of her! She'll beat ya senseless!
  6. One note of the 1964 screen version of "My Fair Lady": Jack Warner offered James Cagney $1,000,000 to come out of retirement to play Henry Higgins. Cagney said no and that's why Rex Harrison got the job!
  7. If you've ever seen an episode of the 1960s "Dragnet" TV show, then you'll know Jack Webb has one of the most distinctive walks in the history of show business! When Webb walks, his arms never sway! He is so stiff-backed it looks like he forgot to remove the hanger from his coat!
  8. For the record Moviejoe, "Vertigo" ranked #61 on the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of all time. Two years later, "Vertigo" ranked #18 on the AFI Top 100 Greatest Thrillers of all time.
  9. Once in a great while, Cinemax will show this movie. It was last aired in mid-2002 and hasn't shown up on their schedule to date... BTW, this movie also stars a pre-variety show Carol Burnett who nearly steals the film!
  10. I'm happy to report I've introduced "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory" to my kids (ages 3 and 19 mo) and they loved the visuals! My favorite line from this film is delivered by Gene Wilder as Wonka, who is watching poor Augustus Gloop stuck in the pipe. As pressure builds around Gloop, Wonka has a delicious look of glee on his face as he says: "The suspense is terrible... I hope it lasts!"
  11. TCM recently showed "The Color Of Money", in which there is a topless scene courtesy of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. TCM never touched a single frame.
  12. Mongo, "West Side Story" won an incredible 10 Oscars in 1961! Thus, it joins the likes of "Ben-Hur" and "Titanic" as the only films to win 10 or more Oscars (not counting Special Oscars)!
  13. I love Bing the entertainer... But anyone who gave out 39 cent ballpoint pens with "Bing Crosby Enterprises" to his staff back in the 1960s for Christmas presents... doesn't say much for the man.
  14. Armed with Mongo's info, I found this info about the original episode: Alfred Hitchcock Hour Episode 81: An Unlocked Window Guest Stars: Dana Wynter (Stella), Stephen Roberts (Boris Crispis), Louise Latham (Maude), John Kerr (Glendon Baker), Cathie Merchant (Frieda Little), E.J. Andre (Sam), John Willis (Newscaster), T.C. Jones (Silver) b: 15-Feb-1965 w: James Bridges s: Ethel Lina White d: Joseph M. Newman
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