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  1. I heard or read that he was advised not to do The Last Hurrah due to all the great scene-stealers in the cast. I feel that he was receiving great training for It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World. With Tracy one could probably due favorite and best per decade.
  2. One that is a lot of fun and AMC would show when it really was American Movie Classics; Buck Benny Rides Again. As themselves; Jack Benny, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Andy Devine, Phil Harris plus Mary Livingstone and Fred Allen on radio. Of course Eddie Anderson was along as Rochester Van Jones.
  3. http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title.jsp?stid=74518 Not listed. Being a Universal Film,and not part of the TCM Library, it is probably on the list to get, so again, all must be patient. Doggonit.
  4. My Local paper did what is called 'Ratings Game' article on this last week. My submissions (were both movie & TV) were: James Whitmore in 'Give 'em Hell,Harry' ( was a theatrical release),; Michael Gambon,as LBJ in 'Path to War'; and Gregory Peck in 'The Blue and the Gray." Not great picks,I admit. I felt I had to do a Lincoln,"as an Illinoisan" and the features editor sometimes passes me up if I get too ancient,which made me by-pass Walter Huston on either of his two Presidential portrayals. Below is the address; I ain't smart enough to send a link-sorry. http://www.galesburg.com/entert
  5. Probably a 'Broadcasting Rights' deal. imbd.com list 5 different production companies and 17 assorted distributors.
  6. I'll admit to not being a Garbo fan but please consider the birthday short changing during "31 Days for Oscar." That always starts on John Ford's and Clark Gable's birthday. Garbo;32 movie credits in 21 years.(imdb.com) Gable;60 listed movie credits in 30,80 total credits in 38 years(imbd.com) Ford;145 directoral credits in 49 years(imbd.com) others just in early feb; 1st George Pal,3rd-Carl Dreyer,4th-Ida Lupino,5th-John Carradine,Tim Holt, Red Buttons(he doesn't even get a dinner,either),6th-Ramon Navarro, Ronald Reagan. Maybe not as big a names as the 3 above but in Reagan's (Warner Br
  7. I can imagine him playing James Dean's dad or an older brother to an angst-ridden Brando. "WOW" might not be enough for such pairings.
  8. Thanks!!! Let's see if some omissions can be added: Caesar Romero as The Cisco Kid Chris Pin Martin as Poncho Richard Martin as Chito Jose Gonzalez Bustamante Rafferty From The John Ford Stock Company; Harry Carey Sr."Bright Star of the Early Western Sky" Hoot Gibson George O'Brien Jack Pennick [Probably played more N.C.O.s than anyone else]
  9. Re:The African Queen; The Production Companies[2] appear to be British & out of business. United Artists was the initial distribution co. and many times after distribution from U.A. the film became someone elses property. imdb.com [internet movie data base] shows a VHS distribution by CBS/Fox distribution but 20th Century Foxes web site has nothing on the film. imbd lists several european DVDs and says Paramount Home Video was going to release a DVD in 2008 but that web site had nothing. Best bet,a DVD recorder of your own and wait for the film to be broadcast by Turner or another comme
  10. 04 Considering the quality of the cuisine, I will say a Reader's Digest form of Grace.
  11. Edmund Gwenn (when asked if dying was hard), " Yes, but not as hard as doing comedy."
  12. We had a small theatre near us that on Saturday would do a special kids program, usually a Western(and I can't remember a single one), serial,and cartoon. I do remember one Halloween fright session and 'The House of Wax was the feature. A buddy and I were given money enough for Ben Hur(a 50 or 60 cent feature for kids) and seeing Rio Bravo(30 cents) instead then the h*ll I caught when my folks found out that I spent the extra money.
  13. I must apologize, I can be stupid and obnoxious at 2am(eastern) with a Leonard Maltin Movie Guide handy.
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