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  1. Thanks everyone for the info! I think I am going to send myself a little stocking stuffer! I gotta have some crazy Tallulah-****-Bette kitsch. Monty
  2. Oh yeah... The Heiress staircase scene at the end is wonderful, with her carrying the lantern up the stairs. Good one!
  3. I was just searching for something on Amazon and along came this movie from 1965 with Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers and Donald Sutherland. Has anyone scene this and is it worth shipping all the way to Germany even for the "kitsch" factor? Thanks, Monty
  4. I was just thinking that... and in Dark Victory when she says good bye to the dogs and also I think it was on the staircase when she talks about the warmth of the sun when she can no longer see it And, although it is the front porch, the opening scene of The letter... it was stairs and had a railing ; - )
  5. I wrote about it the other day but happily add it here. Bette Davis' close up in The Little Foxes while her husband is struggling up the stairs for his life in the background. Davis doesn't blink the entire time and is mesmerising. Every thought is on her face.
  6. SPOILER WARNING, SPOILER WARNING, SPOILER WARNING, SPOILER WARNING... ONLY READ IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ENDING OF THIS FILM They just played the original here a few days ago and I have a question about "codes". The final scene of Leigh remake had the trucks coming, etc, etc... and I am wondering, was suicide not allowed to be shown on film then? Also, did the original end the same way? Thanks, Monty P.S. - did I warn about the spoiler enough?
  7. I have to add one that is not spoken but written: In Miracle on 34th Street when Maureen O'hara gets Kris's employment card. Written under Date of Birth is ... "as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth." and every time I see that I think it is such a wonderful little tidbit into the character of Kris Kringle and also how inane the HR department must have been at Macy's to hire a man who wrote that and named his 8 reindeer as his dependents! Also in All About Eve, when Margo confronts Lloyd and Bill about Eve being her understudy and doing the audition with Monroe's charac
  8. I just love these little tidbits of life.... thanks everyone for commenting! Monty
  9. Oh yes, that is The Heiress with De Haviland and Clift.
  10. Hi Larry, I was hoping you would reply with some inside info. Thanks. I will check your thread again and see if I find more. Dortmund is great. They have the world's largest man made xmas tree here and about 300 stands selling everything imaginable. The season is in full swing here and I am beginning my third month of my German language course. 3 1/2 more to go and I will be able to say I know the language (I hope). It is intense, 4 hours a day, five days a week. Monty
  11. Great thread....just a few that pop into mind.... Rear Window - When Thelma Ritter's character talks about how she thinks the murderer must have cut up the body of his wife while James Stewart is trying to eat breakfast.... she says "of course, the bathtub, the only way to clean up all the blood." or something like that and Stewart chokes on his coffee. The Little Foxes - When Regina's husband is struggling up the stairs for his medicine and there is a close up of Bette Davis listening to him struggle and she doesn't blink the entire sequence... it is GREAT acting. Shows how incredi
  12. I watched Designing Woman today and realized just how fun Dolores Grey was. I hopped over to IMDB and saw she did just a few films but, as they put it, "lived the high life for most of her time on earth.". She was so much fun to watch in this movie and in The Opposite Sex. I wish she had a longer career in Hollywood. Anyone know or remember some good stories about this woman? Thanks, Monty
  13. ... not a Ben fan. Pesonally I don't think his personality could draw in a younger audience any more than a cardboard box could encourage me to watch Classic Sports Network.
  14. Not to be specific but,,,,, Doris Day's a$$ in Pillow Talk when she dances with the young kid in the beginning of the movie Barbra Streisand's cleavage in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, during the banquet dream sequence. Marie Dressler in Dinner at 8 .... okay not really but I always liked how she talked about her younger days in the beginning of the movie and you could imagine her that way.
  15. This movie is why I own a cat!
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