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  1. Did rights issues come up, thus “Days of Heaven” is airing unannounced instead of the scheduled “Bugsy” right now? I’m not complaining - it’s always nice to see a Malick film on the channel, I’m just curious.
  2. Ok, I know there’s a lot of worry and concern now. But check out this logo at the end of the recent Mank announcement…. Am I crazy or does that look like an old school Criterion logo?! Might they be merging the channel with The Criterion Collection?! Or at least giving programming and scheduling to them? They’re already in partnership with them on a myriad of titles they’ve licensed from them via HBO Max. And this would also allow Criterion to promote their awesome streaming service, The Criterion Channel, that much more. So that’s my theory, and I think it’d be cool. But for all we
  3. https://deadline.com/2020/04/tom-ascheim-warner-bros-president-of-global-kids-young-adults-and-classics-1202902994/ Tom Ascheim is headed to WarnerMedia. The former Freeform president has been named President of Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics for Warner Bros. He will oversee Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, the studios of Cartoon Network and Warner Bros Animation in Los Angeles and will have global responsibility for the Turner Classic Movies channel. He will take over the newly formed division in the summer, reporting to Warner Bros chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff.
  4. I am! Turner Classic Movies - always doing awesome things! So glad Time Warner has continued to keep this crown jewel of cable alive and thriving - it's the only general entertainment cable channel that has never deviated from its founding principles. I look forward to immersing myself in all things film noir - I've only dabbled in the genre so far.
  5. Perhaps I might be alone on this one but to me The Master's best film will always be Rope, although on a very, very good day I might interchange Vertigo into that top spot.
  6. I've long been a fan of Turner Classic Movies, or TCM, for short. If you look back on the maelstrom of cable activity in the early/mid '90s, it was amazing. You had new cable channels popping up all over the place. Cartoon Network, E!, Game Show Network, The Sci-Fi Channel, and Turner Classic Movies were just a few new faces on the cable landscape. Each sought to carve out a special niche in the marketplace, one that until then had largely gone unfufilled. Now it's almost two decades later and what has happened? Cartoon Network has turned into a repetitive noise-machine of regurgitated "or
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