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  1. Im 22!! Ive always had the same problem since I was 13. I know how you feel
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has or is considering naming their child after a famous actor or actress. Im not planing on having children for a while, but I plan on naming at least one after one of my favorite actors. I have a friend who is named Marlene, and one named Bette. I think that so cool.
  3. Thanks!! It is frusterating though, I mention Garbo to one of my friends and they look at me like I have eight heads! Its like claiming to like baseball and not knowing who Babe Ruth is, you know
  4. Is there anyone here in their 20's?? Its so hard to find anyone in my age bracket who appreciates classic films. I can't be the only one!
  5. I bought San Francisco on DVD off of Ebay, it came from the UK. Its awesome, and works great!!
  6. What is everyone's favorite silent movie?? Mine is "flesh and the devil" Gilbert and Garbo have such steamy chemistry
  7. Not so very old, Cinema Paradiso is from 1990, but I am considering it a classic already. We watched it in my film class, and ever since, it has become one of my favorites. Its such a great (Italian) movie, I love it!! Especially, the last scene, there so many recongnizable screen kisses, its fun to try and name them all. Has anyone seen it?
  8. The Awful Truth Marie Antoinette The Women All About Eve Flesh and the Devil Destry Rides Again .....I never get bored of these films
  9. I could see Irene Dunne as Scarlett, I'd think she would be great
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