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  1. Bronxgirl, "The Other" is a disturbing "horror" movie from Robert Mulligan. I remember seeing it as a child and it terrified me! Great performances-especially Uta Hagen. Another recent movie that I would say fits into the "horror" category is "Beloved." With Oprah Winfrey. She plays a "former slave" right after the Civil War who's life is over come with "ghosts." She gives a powerful performance in a powerful (over-looked) film.
  2. Here's a playful tribute someone posted on YouTube-
  3. Bronxgirl, are you sure you're not on the Chunky pay roll...
  4. No mention of "Jesus Christ Superstar" or "Agnes Of God" either. Jewison has a fascinating fascination with pride and prejudice.
  5. Congratulations, Kyle! Does this mean drinks are on you? I just know that you'd come up with some crazy concoction I'd get hooked on immediately... Great covers, as always, filmlover! This has been a fun challenge and many thanks to sugarpuss for a great job-despite all the "technical" difficulties. I can just hear you "cussing out" these boards the past couple of weeks...I know I did several times! Kudos to all involved. TCM, can you hear us now?
  6. Thanks, Dewey! sugarpuss, I went back to my original post (in the challenge thread) and discovered the omissions there. I just assumed they happened as a result of all the changes being made on the board(s) that week. But you say you saw my schedule intact? Strange. Maybe it's my computer or connection or whatever...I'm a novice at all these "technical" things. However, I have noticed that some of my (entire) posts appear and disappear and reappear. Maybe I should take up "magic."
  7. Here's a link to an amazing YouTube collection! http://www.youtube.com/TVNETWORKS
  8. Thanks, Lynn and FrankGrimes, for the votes! It means a lot...especially since my schedule appears somewhat confusing. I just noticed that there are several curious omissions from my orignal posted schedule? Including 8 of my theme/song titles..."Curiosity Killed The Cat," "Bizarre Love Triangle," "The Lady Is A Tramp," "Turning Japanese," "True Colors," "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking," "We Got The Beat" and Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me.) Also missing are some Patsy Kelly/Thelma Todd shorts that were part of my birthday tribute to Patsy. Those darn gremlins! Anyway, sorry for you
  9. Joey and Dallesandro were married in the movie ("Cry-Baby".) Joey and Ray also had a short lived TV variety show in '75 called "Joey And Dad." Pat Paulsen and Henny Youngman were also on it. Joey's brother, Dick, was a radio dj in the '70's/'80's. Here's Jill Sobule's tribute to "Joey-"
  10. We've decided that our "theme" this year (for our front yard Halloween decorations) is spiders! So I guess my list would include- "King Kong" (33) "Cat-Women Of The Moon" (53) "Tarantula" (55) "The Incredible Shrinking Man" (57) "The Lost World" (60) "Village Of The Giants" (65) "Spider Baby" (68) "Spider" (2002) And, of course- "Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" (73)
  11. I'm sorry I missed it too. And where is Joey Heatherton!! The last time I saw her she was "speaking in tongue" and married to Joe Dallesandro in John Water's "Cry Baby." Of course, there was the layout in Playboy. Her last movie was some strange, experimental movie called "Reflections Of Evil" in 2002. She was billed as the "Serta Spokeswoman." Read about it here, but be prepared to be confused... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0350044/ There's also another interesting movie from MGM called "Twilight Of Honor." Joey received a Golden Globe nomination for this movie-for best newcomer. It also
  12. Bronxgirl, thanks for the Southern Gothic appreciation. I LOVE anything Southern Gothic and, having grown up in the Mississippi delta, I lived it! I don't know if it's possible to "pinpoint" what fuels this "genre," but I'd have to say it's the humidity and iced tea. Just spend a day sweating and drinking pitcher after pitcher of iced tea (with all that caffeine and massive amounts of sugar) and you'll be buzzing around like a "queen bee" slappin' every cousin that looks at you crooked. I enjoyed Fay too. I just wish they would have included a scene of them having to drag her off-letting go w
  13. This was a tough one. All the schedules are terrific-very creative and filled with movies I love (or would love to see.) Congratulations to everyone... and Good Luck! There is one schedule that really blows my mind...and so I cast my vote for our resident "mad mixologist..." Kyle (Who went through the looking glass) In Hollywood After re-reading his schedule (and notes) I have to quote Marilyn Monroe (in "The Seven Year Itch")-"Isn't it delicious!" Kyle, your schedule is like...well, it's like eating a banana split at Serendipity III on Halloween night while Carol Channing reads beat poetr
  14. Here's another great short from Chuck Workman. It's the Oscar winning "Precious Images." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkomAdFxniw
  15. Hi, pktrekgirl Have you seen "The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone?" I don't know if Tennesse Williams is your cup of tea, but I think this is one of the best film adaptations of his work...and one of my favorite Vivien Leigh performances. It is depressing. (Don't expect a happy ending.) Her performance is even more moving considering she was going through the painful divorce from Laurence Olivier. The movie also features a marvelous performance from Lotte Lenya (as a pimp!) She should have won the supporting actress Oscar. And Warren Beatty (despite his phoney Italian accent) ain't bad to look a
  16. Her autobiography, "Child Star," from 1988, was pretty good. (Including her tumultuous marriage (at age 17) to John Agar.) It ends in 1954...she's been working on her second autobiography since. Interesting trivia-Shirley's daughter, Lori "Lorax" Black, was a bassist in the bands Clown Alley and The Melvins...
  17. Me too, Lynn! When those marbles hit and the score starts I get a big lump in my throat... I've seen it so many times, but I still get shivers down my spine when Jem finds the dolls in the tree...and I always "jump" when Jem and Scout are attacked-walking home from school that Halloween night.
  18. I'm very excited about the June schedule...especially the "Screened Out" theme. ("Victim-"and four other movies from this collection of "Gay Images In Film" were on my June schedule for the programming challenge...as well as a birthday tribute to Jeanette MacDonald on June 18.) Will my William Haines DVD box set dream come true? Also looking forward to seeing "Dodsworth" (for the first time.) And Ida Lupino! Thanks, TCM!
  19. Another one of my favorites (and another one of his overlooked movies) is "Wise Blood." Huston must have been great to work for, because his movies are consistent with great performances-from leading roles to bit parts...
  20. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is my favorite movie. The novel would probably be in my top five favorites. (Still waiting for another Harper Lee novel to surface.) Mrs. Dubose did have an important role in the novel and I would love to have seen Jem's dark and disturbing experience with her in the movie. I'm curious if Horton Foote included that in his orignal screenplay, because of the brief scene in the movie...maybe other scenes were cut for time or because of the whole drug addiction thing?
  21. We went to Pet Smart yesterday and noticed empty shelves and notices about the recalls. The Science Diet cans were still on the shelves-on sale. I didn't read the recall list, because of the empty shelves. Luckily, the girl at the counter said those cans were recalled too. I don't know why they were still on the shelves, but at least this girl was showing her concern. I'm always a little surprised when I get good customer service...I realize that we humans are at risk with anything we buy in supermarkets (lately,) but now our pets are in jeopardy!
  22. I'd love TCM to run it too...haven't seen it. Another Ava Gardner fan. Can't imagine Frank Sinatra going from Ava to...Mia Farrow. Like giving up Southern Comfort for...ginger ale.
  23. John Huston is one of my favorite directors. I can't imagine why anyone would ignore his work between "The African Queen" and "Fat City?" That would be excluding some GREAT ones... "Moulin Rouge" "Beat The Devil" "Moby Dick" "A Farewell To Arms" "The Misfits" "The List Of Adrian Messenger" "The Night Of The Iguana" "The Bible..." I love directors who work in different "genres-"like Robert Altman, for example-which can hurt the success of their movie(s) sometimes...
  24. Show People (1928) Song Of The South (1946) 3 Women (1977) Days Of Heaven (1978)
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