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  1. I wanted to like this movie but honestly it is not good. There’s the meandering plot, the intrusion soundtrack (Over The Rainbow ??!!) and the constant change in tone. Once it got to the scene where Betty was removing Victor’s handcuffs with a hacksaw I had pretty much had it. Sorry. ( and who woke up screaming anyway?).
  2. Re: recent broadcast of “It’s Alive” - that was not the full length, uncut version. It seemed to be a cleaned up for regular broadcast TV version. That was disappointing because I’m used to seeing uncut movies of all types on TCM.
  3. I am interested but I wasn't sure what you meant by TCM notes. How do I do that? Thanks.
  4. I would be very interested in seeing those toons from long ago...especially the Columbia/Screen Gems which I barely remember. Thanks.
  5. on the February 11th schedule, TCM has "Se7en" starting at 3:15 AM and then a short starting at 3:22 AM and the next movie doesn't start until 6:30 AM. Something's not right here???
  6. I definitely remember those two programs from the late 50's. It was another part of the anticipation leading up to Christmas to see that show each year. Well, we only had one channel in those days. My memory may be hazy, but I thought each story was only 15 minutes long ...it was just a 30 minute show. There weren't too many 90 minute programs in those days. And it was sponsored by the phone company, for some reason. I don't know of any video that's available for the two episodes. Maybe TCM can dig them up, who knows who owns the rights to them.
  7. this SHORTS thread has really gone downhill. I used to look forward to reading it to learn about upcoming shorts on TCM but lately it's been a lot of off-the-wall claptrap.
  8. Here's my two cents...I too was disappointed to stumble upon the last 10 minutes of Charley Chase on Monday and so what's the verdict...can we please go back to the old way and stop wasting our time with that unreliable schedule. How about it guys??
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