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  1. Okay, but then: See? That's a political statement. It may be correct, it may not be, but it is certainly political.
  2. Hostility toward the opposing party is what we want from our politicians. But seriously wouldn't you as a Republican prefer an ineffective Biden to a sharper and more energetic younger Democrat? I say let Joe be Joe.
  3. Ratings are higher for some years, lower for others. What I'm not getting is the Biles thing. She has a mental health issue affecting her team participation, but not the individual competition?
  4. How far ahead have you gamed this? How do you get Kamala to resign?
  5. I'm not sure it does. Nobody's Fool is set in a small northern town with lots of snow but I found the story a little more interesting than you apparently did. Edit: Oh you're talking about something else. Nevermind.
  6. Did you see Adriane Lyne's Lolita? If the premise doesn't put you off, you might see a side of Melanie you haven't before. I watched it again last year (it was streaming somewhere, probably still is) and I found her very sympathetic as Charlotte Haze, both as the exploited woman and the single mother at odds with her errant daughter. (Shelly Winters in the Kubrick version might have been truer to Nabakov's literary character, but that just made her pathetic.) Writing this I'm also reminded of Melanie's role in 1994's Nobody's Fool, where she played a kind-of-sort-of-similar characte
  7. In his dreams. Stalin had bad skin from childhood diseases, so if it is uncle Joe, it is heavily doctored, which would not be unusual for photos from the Soviet archives. It is also apparently a mug shot. (Too bad they let him go.) Source here
  8. Would make more sense, too, since the anti-vaxxer is a rhetoric appropriator. Of course, one can be pro-choice and anti-vax, which would also make more sense.
  9. Another thing I don't like about this Facebook "doc" post. If you have a patient begging - begging - for something that won't hurt them but might make them feel better psychologically, why not just give it to them? I think most med pros would in such an extreme case. I really question this whole thing. Seriously.
  10. This governor is apparently quite safe. Her state has a low vaccination rate at one third of the population. It is unlikely such an electorate is worried about the non-vaxxed since most of them are in that category.
  11. Virgil The Aeneid, translated by Robert Fitzgerald. I'm taking an online course offered by Hillsdale College, The Great Books 101: Ancient to Medieval. You don't have to actually read each book completely, but of course it is encouraged. You listen to a lecture about the work under consideration, (there are ten of them, including The Iliad, Oedipus Rex, The Divine Comedy), take notes in the space provided beside the video, then you can listen to a Q&A interview with the lecturer for some deeper background in key areas, then take a short multiple choice quiz. After passing a fin
  12. But there was none of this "they brought it on themselves" talk. No docs saying they brought it on themselves. No office holders scolding them.
  13. I remember when the anti smoking thing started gaining momentum in the 80s, with some docs saying they wouldn't treat smokers because they brought it on themselves, the public blaming smokers for higher insurance costs. This sounds very similar. The AIDS epidemic a few years later brought a very different time. More compassionate. I don't recall anyone being told to stop being gay. Just an observation.
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