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  1. Actress Lila Leeds was arrested with Robert Mitchum for marijuana possession in 1948. His career, of course, recovered. Lila didn't handle her end as well. She went on to harder times but eventually found a spiritual grounding and devoted herself to charity. More here.
  2. This has apparently been around for a year or so but I first saw it today.
  3. I can't do the white bread thing. Like eating cotton. I know Sara Lee thinks it's something special. It ain't. But I appreciate your on-point reply, Mr. Disc.
  4. Meanwhile, Tom and Bogie discuss politics
  5. The scriptwriters, Jim Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum, who wrote for "The Andy Griffith Show," knew who they were writing for and must have had each actor's strength in mind.
  6. In case you don't know, they aired for two hours every Saturday evening on MeTV. Probably in your area, wherever you may be.
  7. I was in the car today, so I heard some radio. This one struck me a little harder than it normally does, for the melodic shape of the guitar line, which reminded me of The Phil Specter production of The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me." The Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine played it on a Rickenbacker 12 string, and that sound reminded me of "There's An End" by The Greenhornes. Here then is a triple-shot. George Maharis introduces The Animals ("Foist time any place singin theh bran new reckid!") on the October 11, 1965 NBC broadcast of "Hullabaloo!" I'm sure you will note, and wince at
  8. Everyone involved was just a pro. Nobody missed. And the script is wall to wall gags. I showed this to my son when he was a teenager and he responded to it like it was fresh and new. It really holds up.
  9. You know, I could use more fruit in my diet. I always enjoy it when I eat it. Which is whenever someone puts some in front of me. I just never think to buy any. Good luck with the treatment. Stay tough.
  10. Loved her print. She got it at Hefners!
  11. I'm very sorry to learn of his death on April 29th. I did not know he was a bandleader later on.
  12. From All that Jazz, Ann Reinking and Erzsebét Földi dance to the Peter Allen and Carole Bayer Sager song,"Everything Old is New Again." Ann died a matter of months ago. I cannot find any information on what has become of Erzsebét, but I hope she's well. She could not have been more charming here. Edit: Erzsebét later became a member of the Twyla Tharp company (I may have seen her when they came through town) then later left show business. She now goes by "Liz" and works as a licensed massage therapist.
  13. Store brand peanut butter (more Jif-y than Peter Pan-ish) and Smucker's blackberry jam on honey wheat bread, with a glass of whole vitamin D milk. Will probably have another. Edit: While making my second serving, I noticed I am actually eating peanut spread, not peanut butter. No wonder it wasn't as filling.
  14. Luther's mobile news unit. 1958 Edsel Corsair two-door hardtop. (Different sources say different models, but this is close enough.) (This is NOT the one in the movie.)
  15. The Edsel. The wool blend salt-and-pepper suit. The elevator. Chicken noodle soup. The score. I still get goosebumps from the organ loft scene. Taro taro sal-o-man. Bon Ami. The horribleness. The awfulness. It will never actually be forgotten.
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