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  1. Marianne Faithfull is 75 today. Very inspiring. For a while there, the odds were not good.
  2. Joe has just coasted on the vaccine. He rode it into office having had nothing whatsoever to do with it's creation, thinking it would end all our troubles and he could take the credit. As with so much else ... Woops.
  3. I think I'd prefer to run afoul of the IRS than the Mexican government. They don't like foreigners there. Have you heard anything from him since?
  4. Ohhhh, I'm sorry but that post was, in fact, sarcasm. Sarcasm. No points there, but thanks for replying.
  5. There are some wonderful, dedicated, conscientious people at the IRS who labor selflessly year-in and year-out to keep our democracy financially sound and I, for one, applaud their efforts and bow to their integrity.
  6. Did they slip in a "subpoenas" joke? Heh heh. Subpoenas.
  7. Hoaxers love to write blather in the style of Nostradamus and pass it off as his prediction. The 9/11 thing was just such. The source material is readily available. Be suspicious of the second-hand stuff.
  8. If she is as inactive as president as she has been as veep, I'm thinking I'd be okay with her succeeding him. Especially with a GOP Congress. She'd just veto everything. No new legislation. A speech full of platitudes a couple of times a year. Maybe a crazy EO here and there that would be struck down within a week. I'm cool with all that.
  9. Maybe that Darwin fella was onto something after all.
  10. I wonder if calling Harris "president" is a habit from his decades in the Senate, where the veep is referred to as "president" (of the Senate).
  11. Anything that reduces the lefty population, I'm for. Within reason of course. (And I'm increasingly flexible.)
  12. Watch these without audio. It's like B roll from MGM.
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