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  1. That's the mark of a good soap.. I don't know this one, but any movie that features Oscar Homolka as a love interest, I want to see.
  2. I'd love to see some of your photos. Do you recall the thread titles you posted on?
  3. Then and now photos of homes, buildings, locations are interesting to me, too. I envy you having had the opportunity to visit these places personally. I'm happy to find comparison photos when I can.
  4. This is in my news feed today, an item from Entertainment Weekly where Pete discusses Who LP covers. Of Who's Next, he says: "It’s another piece of s—. I hate it. It’s a horrible thing. Just horrible. Of course I don’t like it. It’s got no artistic consequence whatsoever. No link to the music. It’s meaningless. It’s four guys stopping in a car and **** up against a chunk of concrete. It was photographed by a very fine photographer in Ethan Russell, who, thank God, I really liked and used again for Quadrophenia, but I hate the front cover, I hate the back cover, I think it’s disgusting. I
  5. I found the audio. It was a running gag that night with **** standing in front of Paul's building trying to get him to come out and talk. He says to the audience that he learned a trick from rona barrett about throwing rocks at the window. "Worksa every time." Edit: **** is bad now? Edit 2: I'm ready to check out of the 21st century. One of us is a little hypersensitive and I don't think it's me.
  6. I remember he was on SNL where I think he performed Coming Up, or played the video. It was not long after his bust and jail time in Japan for grass. Don Novello, as Father **** Sarducci, interviewed him and asked questions like, is it easier to write music when your high? Do you get better ideas when your high? Do you get high often? Stuff like that, you get the idea. The gag was Paul trying to get him off the subject of getting high.
  7. That's the confidence of youth.
  8. That's pretty much what my prof said. And it's probably what I responded to about Mordden. He appealed to my cynical youth. Or the smart-**** in me at the time.
  9. This has been on my bookshelf since the late 90s. I need to dust it off and actually read it. I used to buy second hand books by the half dozen, planning to get to them one day. The days are here.
  10. Happy birthday to Frédéric Chopin, born 211 years ago.
  11. Here's one straight from the 1984 time capsule.
  12. Bobby Driscoll's story broke my heart. God rest him.
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