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  1. Olivia gets my vote. Her performance in THE HEIRESS was absolutely brilliant. If she had never made another film, she would have been immortalized by that one. NOT AS A STRANGER was another Olivia masterpiece. I'm in awe of her talent every time I watch it. Joan was terrible in THE WOMEN but developed into a very fine actress. SUSPICION and REBECCA showed what she could do. Cheers to both these great ladies! If only we had some like them performing today.
  2. Dr. ZHIVAGO (put me to sleep within 30 minutes) A PASSAGE TO INDIA (the longest 2.5 hours of my life was spent watching this) THE ENGLISH PATIENT (boring beyond belief) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (kept waiting for the "greatness" of this film to emerge) CITIZEN KANE (still don't get it) anything starring GRETA GARBO
  3. 1. Sudden Fear (easily the best film I've ever seen) 2. GWTW 3. Notorious 4. The Bad Seed 5. Double Indemnity 6. The Heiress 7. Sunset Boulevard 8. Diabolique 9. Come Back Little Sheba 10. A Streetcar Named Desire
  4. Joan Crawford Barbara Stanwyck Vivien Leigh Olivia de Havilland Norma Shearer Loretta Young Humphrey Bogart Cary Grant George Sanders Walter Pidgeon Paul Douglas Gregory Peck
  5. The Heiress Perfect ending to an unforgettable film
  6. In my book, CRAWFORD wins hands down. She was far more glamorous than Davis and every bit as good as an actress. Warner Bros. gave Bette far better films than MGM ever gave Joan and it wasn't until she was well into her career that Joan got the meaty roles that Bette had enjoyed for years. Joan was superb in films such as Mildred Pierce, Humoresque, Possessed, Harriet Craig, Autumn Leaves, and The Story of Esther Costello. Her performance as Myra Hudson in Sudden Fear is the finest performance by an actress that I have ever seen. The part where she overhears on the Dictaphone her husband p
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