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  1. DR. JACK is a very underrated film in the Lloyd Canon. Made between GRANDMAS BOY and SAFETY LAST it is little remembered, and seldom screened by comparison. Nonetheless, it is heartwarming, and delightfully enjoyable fair from start to finish. Noteworthy as the only Silent Lloyd feature in which his first name is not Harold. The sequence being referenced where Dr. Jack Jackson dons the guise of the escaped Madman "Humpy Logan" is actually a Lloyd parody of John Barrymore's Mr. Hyde persona. It has nothing whatever to do with Lon Chaney. Mildred Davis character name of the "The Sick Little
  2. Number 1. Herbert Brenon's BEAU GESTE (1926) with Ronald Colman and an All-Star Cast. Not yet voted into the National Film Registry. Get this outstanding film the exposure it deserves. Raymond Bernard's THE CHESS PLAYER (1926). An awesome French production that apparently TCM has never shown before. Although on DVD from Milestone. King Vidor's HIS HOUR (1924) with John Gilbert and Aileen Pringle. Gilbert's TWELVE MILES OUT with Joan Crawford, and MAN WOMAN & SIN with Jeanne Eagels. (Both 1927). King Vidor's PROUD FLESH (1925) with Eleanor Boardman. LOVEY MARY (1926) with Bessie Lov
  3. I think that it is wonderful that Kyle is being remembered here in this way. I'm sorry that I have been so out of the loop with what has been going on for most of the Summer. Fell mortified that I knew nothing of this sooner. Very sorry to learn of Kyle's passing. What did he die from, if I may ask? He was always very insightful and I greatly enjoyed reading his posts over the years. My sincere condolences to his family and all who knew the man. He will indeed be missed. God Bless You my friend.
  4. *Norma Talmadge Born on this Date May 2nd 1894*
  5. Lynn, Every blog has Zero comments. Where is all the feedback? I wanted to read some reviews.
  6. So where are all the reports from the TCM Classic Film Festival? I can't find a thing?
  7. The Grandfather who was the banker took the Money. At least the first time. Her earnings in Vaudeville they never discovered who pinched those. I was under the impression CAPTAIN JANUARY was a major hit in 1924, so hard to believe that it didn't cover it's cost's as the studio claimed? Maybe not as successful as HELEN'S BABIES the film that proceeded. I was surprised there was no reference to this movie in the documentary because it was probably her biggest film. I hope people caught the encore broadcast if they didn't see the documentary earlier in the evening. Her parents were real
  8. Update, Warner Archive apparently released at least two more MGM Silents today for the first time. Frank Borzage's THE CIRCLE (1925) with Eleanor Boardman, and Tod Browning's THE SHOW (1927) with John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, and Lionel Barrymore. Trying to find out if THE RAG MAN with Jackie Coogan, and MARE NOSTRUM with Alice Terry and Antonio Moreno was also released? Warner's is fast running out of the Silents with recorded scores to release. They only have a few to go, before they will be left with only the major MGM titles we have been waiting on. Yet to appear are the two in question
  9. > {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}Hi, gagman, > > I am sure the reason is threefold for the release on Blu for The Jazz Singer. > > > > > > 1. It comes out in January 2013, the start of WB's 90th anniversary celebration, and The Jazz Singer is a major part of WB's history. > > > > > > 2. It is already mastered and easier to put on Blu. > > > > > > 3. People could be more in the market for silents after the half silent/half talkie of The Jazz Singer > > > > > >
  10. I don't understand this big rush to get THE JAZZ SINGER out on Blu-ray first? It's already had a DVD release. Who cares? Maybe if DON JUAN was also on there? THE BIG PARADE hasn't been on DVD ever. It would be gradifying if they went with stuff that has long been awaited. Wonder if there are any plans in the works for OLD HEIDELBERG?
  11. TCM premiere tonight. In less than a half hour!
  12. Joe, I'm trying to get more information. Sent an E-mail to Robert Israel this evening to find out if he knows anything? Can't seem to reach TCM's Chuck Tabesh. maybe he changed his E-mail address? According to Digital Bits THE BIG PARADE is coming out next year. If there is a next year. No word on any of the other major MGM Silents we have been waiting on for so long though. www.digitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/100412_0100/Page-2|http://www.digitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/100412_0100/Page-2
  13. > {quote:title=JonasEB wrote:}{quote}Oh, good lord... > > Yet another year goes by, no Greed, no The Crowd, no The Wind...and we get this gigantic piece of crap instead.Jonas, Apparently, they are finallly going to be releasing THE BIG PARADE! That is huge news, but I have no details. I will try to contact Robert Israel and see if he can tell us something.
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