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  1. Maybe they are working on getting LITTLE ORPHANT' ANNIE, STAGE STRUCK, CHILDREN OF DIVORCE, or BEGGARS OF LIFE? The first two would be splendid additions to the festival lineup. How about Female pioneer Director Lois Weber's SHOES? That just came out from Milestone a few months ago. How about a premiere of the newly restored KING OF JAZZ in 2- Color Technicolor from Universal? I expect to see this debut on TCM sooner or later. But then for whatever reason they never seem to air WHOOPEE, so who knows? That being said, July has been a great month on TCM in my opinion. Can't complain. Loo
  2. Hibi, Rest assured, neither am I "rolling in the dough" so to speak by any means. I neglected to mention that Chuck did surprise us with a a Prime-time debut of Von Stoheim's THE WEDDING MARCH (1928) last August during Summer Under The Stars. So that was one Paramount Silent that has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray Especially with the Carl Davis score, that TCM was able to get a hold of. Although it didn't happen overnight. The Photoplay Productions version they aired was produced for British Television clear back in 1998. Chuck obviously kept on working at it. THE WEDDING MARC
  3. Tom JH, Everyone, The Vitaphone or Movie-tone track to the film has never been found. This version will contain a new score by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. The 2-K transfer is processed from the 2006 George Eastman House 35 Millimeter restoration. So it took basically nearly 12 years to make it to DVD/Blu-ray. Unexpectedly, Kino licensed a handful of long awaited Paramount Silents. In June they released a beautiful restoration of Gloria Swanson in ZAZA (1923). A film that has not been widely seen since it's original theatrical run. Highly recommend this. Two additional Swanson t
  4. Not a laugh track. Alas, this score to THE WINNING BARBARA WORTH was recorded at a live screening event many years ago. Preformed by the legendary Theater Organist Gaylord Carter on the Mighty Wurlitzer. Much like the TCM Orchestral score to LOVE (1927) had also been recorded at a live screening. Inevitably, a few audience reactions noises were audible in the process. Incidentally, That guy was definitely wearing long johns. No nudity there. I ended up watching the entire film, which I had not seen in many years, even though I have it on DVD. Have to say it was much better then I had gener
  5. It's great to see RC as Star of The Month. It's also nice to see THE WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH (1926) airing in Prime-time. The only other occasion it was shown was like 4 or 5 O'clock in the morning a few years back. This production is also notable as giving Gary Cooper his first major role after a year of stunt work for other actors. THE WHITE SISTER (1923) with Lillian Gish has been broadcast in Prime-time before several years back. Not meaning to rant here, but alas there are no premiere's of any Colman's Silent Films. This is rather disappointing. THE NIGHT OF LOVE (1927) with Vilma Ba
  6. I haven't looked at the whole schedule yet, but it appears that TCM has picked up the brand new LOC restoration of Douglas Fairbanks THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1921) which debuts on the 10th. Just released on DVD and Blu-ray a few months ago. As far as I'm aware this film has never aired on TCM before. So a premiere across the board.
  7. DR. JACK is a very underrated film in the Lloyd Canon. Made between GRANDMAS BOY and SAFETY LAST it is little remembered, and seldom screened by comparison. Nonetheless, it is heartwarming, and delightfully enjoyable fair from start to finish. Noteworthy as the only Silent Lloyd feature in which his first name is not Harold. The sequence being referenced where Dr. Jack Jackson dons the guise of the escaped Madman "Humpy Logan" is actually a Lloyd parody of John Barrymore's Mr. Hyde persona. It has nothing whatever to do with Lon Chaney. Mildred Davis character name of the "The Sick Little
  8. One of my first choices obviously would be Leonard Maltin. Here are some other unique suggestions. None are high profile people, but all of them could be. Karie Bible - Just a beautiful and highly charismatic lady with a profound passion for Noir, Golden Age and especially Silent Films. Ginger Pauly - Lovely young gal, who is Vintage through and through. Loves the Golden Age and Silent Era's. Actress, Comedienne, Singer, interviewer. Boundless personality and charm. Fernando Martin Pena' - His knowledge of the Cinema and in particular Spanish, Argentine, and the Silent Era is virtu
  9. Midnight08, Let's not forget about WINGS (1927). Although that isn't shown all that often either. Was left off of 31 days of Oscar this year. There are beautiful restorations of MANTRAP (1926) from the Treasures From The American Film Archive Volume 5 "Treasures West" DVD set. and Also HULA (1927) Directed by Victor Fleming that are available. For whatever reason TCM's hasn't picked those up.
  10. TomJH, Yes, CHILDREN OF DIVORCE was released back in December. I got my copy in the pre-order special direct from Flicker Alley for just S20.00 plus shipping. I think it's like $35.00 or something now. It contains both a DVD and Blu-ray. I was hoping for the 2012 BBC Documentary Clara Bow : "Hollywood's Lost Love Goddess" as an extra. Alas, Flicker Alley apparently was not able to obtain the rights. But it does include the 1999 Documentary "Discovering The It Girl". Frankly, It amazes me when people complain about Flicker Alley product being expensive. You pay extra for a quality resto
  11. Mightnight08, Everyone, Here is a link to an intrquing article about a rare 35 millimeter screening of ORCHIDS AND ERMINE (1927) that took place just last month. The BFI (British Film Institute), recently restored this title and TWINKLETOES (1926) from it's archive. Both films have been touring art houses. I do not know if the BFI print of TWINKLETOES contains the original or perhaps I should say alternate ending or not? Three different endings for the picture were produced. I had hoped that TCM might pick up one or both of these films. http://ithankyouarthur.blogspot.com/2017/01/bru
  12. I tried to share this news the other day, but the link apparently didn't work? Anyway, We have confirmation now that EYE Institute of Film Netherlands in Amsterdam Holland has 6 reels of the long lost Colleen Moore feature OH KAY! (1928). Does not state "Complete" on the LOC Silent Film Survival Data Base, just mentions the 6 presumably in-tact reels. When I checked on the site back in December with regards to this title, the page still read "No Holdings In Any Archive". I knew this was incorrect, since I had heard about a chunk of OH KAY! having been discovered at least 2 or 3 years ago. Just
  13. ELLA CINDERS (1926) is still in-complete since over 2 reels of footage was snipped from the 1928 Kodascope Libraries 16 Millimeter Show At Home edition that has been the basis for all copies in any format ever since. Unlike LILAC TIME, ELLA is public-domain fare since the copyright lapsed in 1953 without being renewed. In-fact, Eric Grayson, Jeff Codori, Jeffrey Nelson, and myself were going to start a Kickstarter campaign to have a new 35 Millimeter master struck, together with a stills reconstruction of the missing scenes. That being said, what's left of the film was screened only a week or
  14. Boo!!!! What??? Are you kidding me? Now STELLA DALLAS (1925) has been mysteriously removed from the 2017 Festival schedule as was previously announced! Even mentioned many times on Television. Why??? I happen to know that there are excellent quality restored or archival 35 millimeter prints that have been screened elsewhere. It's not like there aren't any materials available to show. This is getting absurd! They just nixed the long awaited THE PATENT LEATHER KID (1927) Premiere from 31 Days of Oscar a couple of nights ago. I mean this could have been replaced with 7TH HEAVEN which won 3 O
  15. Blast! There was a big article up on this site about the picture too. It was there just last night!!!! The article I mean. I read it three times. Not yet another case just like with LILAC TIME which was pulled off of the October schedule? In this particular case, I had no reason to believe THE PATENT LEATHER KID would not air, since it was talked about for a couple of years after a live screening event. I expected the movie to debut last year during 31 Days of Oscar. Now I don't know what to think? To say the very least it's disappointing. Maybe it is being rescheduled for a Prime-time debut l
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