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  1. Some of those Andy Hardy movies are coming up soon on TCM--but not necessarily on Saturday mornings.
  2. For the past many months, early every Saturday, TCM has been broadcasting a movie from a series of movies. There was the weekly Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movie, then his Jungle Jim movies. And Johnny Sheffield's Bomba movies. Recently, TCM ended its weekly run of The Saint movies. What other movie series should TCM show on Saturday mornings? I suggest the some 28 Penny Singleton-Arthur Lake Blondie movies. I have a handful of them on DVD, but I would love to see them all again, week-by-week.
  3. > Is this it? > > http://ihofa.gspband.com/ Yes, that's the site that also offered the DVD.
  4. Around Thanksgiving I found another site devoted to just this movie (I can't locate the site now). She was selling a DVD for $20 of a VHS transfer of a television broadcast. That, too, was not the best quality transfer, but it was good enough. I watched just the first ten minutes to make sure it was the movie I was indeed thinking of. It was. Then I brought it with me to the family Christmas gathering and we all watched it. They all loved it. It's a fun, charming, and enjoyable film.
  5. Does anyone know the plot of this movie, "Police Call"? http://www.boxrec.com/media/index.php?title=Police_Call&rcid=51797
  6. I remember seeing, back in 1978 on Los Angeles TV, this old black-n-white film, from circa mid-1940s. The plot was something like this: Every winter this rich family would leave their palatial New York City home and move to Florida for a few months. And every year this "bum"--who knew the family moved south each winter--would sneak into their home and live there until spring, when the family returned, never knowing he had been there. Well, this winter, circumstances become such that the "bum" allows a young woman to temporarily stay with him in this huge mansion, but only for a while. Then
  7. I am brand-new here. A couple of weeks back TCM showed about four boxing films back-to-back. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope to see more old-time boxing movies shown. This is the most complete list of boxing-related films I know of: http://www.boxrec.com/media/index.php/Category:Cinema
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