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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!!!!!! Hope your holiday is one full of joy and what not.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!!!!!! Hope your holiday is one full of joy and what not.
  3. To Anyone who has read this, Well, I was very excited to tell my Drama class that votes have been submitted. Though it is not enough, but we must keep up our hopes. I hope everyone is in good health and high spirits. The Drama Class
  4. JackBurley yes i am enjoying them thanks again
  5. JackBurley, "homework assignment"? If by that you mean getting to see those movies you recommended, then yes I have...I loved Philadelphia Story and Some Like It Hot. I actually bought Some Like It Hot. Sadly I haven't been able to see The Awful Truth, The Major and the Minor, or Dogfight yet. Or if by homework assignment you mean getting people to vote for Faithful in my Fashion...I'm still trying Imagine
  6. To Anyone who has read this, I thank those of you who did vote. And I want to say these boards are the most fun I've ever read. So if you please keep on voting. My friends and I thank you very much. We just hope to bring this movie one night to our two times a month Drama Class Get Together- Classic Movies Night. Anyway thank you all very much. And with patience and time and determination, we may after all achieve getting it put on DVD. May you all be blessed and keep enjoying these wonderful classical movies. Thanks again those of you who have put in your votes to get Faithful i
  7. This has nothing to do with Faithful in My Fashion...but Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there and I hope your day is full of great joys!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello, All I have to say is that I've read all the replies and there very interesting. I have no idea what started the topic of FDR because I'm fairly new here but so far I agree with most of you. I believe that those who wait until someone is dead to place a blame are... well scared because they know that if the one who they are blaming was alive, they would lose sorely. Though as I said before I'm only commenting on what I have read...so I could be saying something that doesn't pertain to your discussion. Oh, and my favorite war movies are probably The Great Escape, The Longest Day, D
  9. Oh, wow I absolutely love "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"!!! Though I ask myself how can I just pick one favorite musical!!! Top 20 maybe even Top 10...but I've driven myself into the ground in thinkimg of five of my loved musicals: 1) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 2) Guys and Dolls (love Brando and Sinatra in this one) 3) Yankee Doodle Dandy 4) Singin' In the Rain (love Gene Kelly) OH, the dreaded awaited 5th one...here's the solution there won't be a fifth...lol...cause there's to many Gene Kelly flicks that I love and
  10. I've seen several romantic comedies but can anyone recommend anything to me? I've sadly become deprived of my movie watching and plan to sit myself down and watch a day full.
  11. Imagine

    World War II Films

    I like the Great Escape. And it was pretty cool to turn on the TV and flip to TCM and find it playing. So what great WW II does anyone recommend? Cross of Iron I can't remember very well, but I remember thinking at first I liked it. I'll see if I can find it and see it again
  12. movieman1957, That's the one i was thinking of!!! Thank you. Yep that one's depressing but there is something about it that I like that makes me watch it everytime I find out it's on...but I truly wished the ending was different. Imagine
  13. It's true Gilda did have a dislikable ending. Though there are alot of movies that leave me wondering and thinking of better ways I would have ended them. Farewell to Arms I liked but it did have me crying. Another movie i can't possibly remember the name of ; where there were five brothers and they all went to war and all of them died on the return home voyage. Most likely i'll kick myself when I find out the name of the movie (cause its one of those you aren't meant to forget). That end I very much disliked.
  14. Hello everyone, For those you have seen it and have fallen in love with it, would probably would like to own it on DVD. Though if you've tried to purchase it, It's a no go! Well vote and maybe they'll decide to start selling =) For those who have not seen it, it's an adorable, lovable, romantic, quirky picture. And it'd be great if you could vote also. Just type in 'Faithful in My Fashion' in the movie search database, then click on the movie in the title match section, where you can read a quick synopsis, or watch the trailor, then look for the vote link and Cast Your Vote! PLEASE!! I
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