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  1. I am surprised you call yourself 'a true film buff'. First of all, every single one of the movies you name are shown quite frequently on TCM. I might also point out that many of the films shown on ACM (probably one or more of the ones you name) are credited on ACM as being from the TCM library. But, my real point is how can you call yourself a real film buff when the movies you watch on ACM (and all other non-TCM channels) are not only interrupted frequently by commercial breaks but are almost always edited mercilessly to make room for commercial breaks as frequently and that last as lon
  2. Thanks, captainot, for your help and info. Although those prices are a bit steep, I certainly can understand why The Hanging Tree might be worth it to those who can affort the prices. With the prices some vinyl phonograph records are going for these days, they don't seem all that bad. It's just a shame that TMC, Bravo, AMC or one of the other movie channels don't see fit to make them available on their schedule. While I'm beefing, I just cannnot understand how TMC and the other movie channels run James Dean's latter movies (Rebel Without A Cause; Giant) frequently, but totally ignore Ea
  3. Thanks for the info. It's too bad that entertainment that really should be public domain after a while (or, at least public access) gets locked up tighter than Dick's hat band over some ridiculous misunderstanding. I remember another similar situation. Had to do with Joni James tremendous musical output, primatilly fromt he fifties. She blocked their re-release over some ridiculous tift she had with the recording studios or distributors. Only recently have her recordings become available again. And so it goes. Vergipoo
  4. I am a movie nut and serious collector... particularly since I retired two years ago. I've been looking for two movies religiously since I began collecting. One is "The Hanging Tree" starring, I'm pretty sure, Gary Cooper. I thing the scene at the beginning of the film where Coop is riding up the winding trail past the hanging tree to the mining town is one of the most memorable opening scenes I have ever seen. Can anyone help me find a vhs or, even better, dvd source for this movie? The other movie is either "The High And Mighty" or "The High And The Mighty" with The Duke. I ha
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