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  1. i dont think anybody should be stereotyping that people at a young age dont enjoy silents: im 19 years old, and i have a silent movie collection that contains more than one hundred films. i love silent films, and i think that they are now only appreciated by people that really love film. i am one of those people. my favorite directors are erich von stroheim and charlie chaplin, and ive seen multiple films by murnau, lang, pabst, griffith, sjostrom, vidor, niblo. they have now evolved into an acquired taste, and it is very understandalble that people dont enjoy them anymore. unless it's a ch
  2. Persona (1966) Directed by Ingmar bergman Starring: Liv Ullman, bibi Andersson, Gunnar bjornstrand MGM DVD Release Persona is a mind blowing film. It is not easily accessible for those that are not familiar with the work of bergman, but after watching a few of his films, and understanding his style, this film will come to the viewer at full force, and will display why bergman is one of the greatest auteurs of all film history. The print on this dvd is pristine. There arent any cracks in the film, and it is presented in its original aspect ratio, and is in crystal clear black and w
  3. I bought a japanese import of Jean Renoir's Toni, and the english subtitles were a mess. Things came out saying "go store to will me?" It was horrible. Every translation was unreadale. I wouldnt recommend any japanese imported foreign films.
  4. These are just a few that i can think of off the top of my head: La Roue (1922) Greed (1924) The big Parade (1925) The Crowd (1928) A Lon Chaney Collection, feat: He Who Gets Slapped (1924) The Unholy Three (1925 & 1930) West of Zanzibar (1928) La Chienne (1931) Zero for Conduct (1933) All of Ingmar bergman's early works The Magician (1959) Life of the Marionettes There are more, but that's all i can think of right now
  5. why are foreign films referred to as being a completely different genre than american films? to me, film is film, whether it is in english, french, german, dutch, whatever. It doesnt make sense how a film that was made by victor sjostrom in sweden is considered foreign, while the films that he made in america arent, even though they came from the same mind. i dont think it should be a seperate category at all. film is film. to me, the only difference is the language, and thats not much of a difference at all. im not bashing the name of this forum, which is foreign language films, because tha
  6. safetylast15

    la roue

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of abel gance's 1923 film "la roue"? i cant find it anywhere, and i really want to see it.
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