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  1. O.K. I looked at the pic links it is Katherine Hepburn, she is just classic.
  2. I have to say that I have recently found great enjoyment from the silent films. after the silent sundays in march I was overjoyed when it started again for May. I was so looking forward to the 21st with the evening of Valentino, I set the date on my calendar last month. Well, to my dismay I have moved across the country and 'sniff" we do not TCM only AMC. I am sooooooo disappointed. It's not like you can find these movies in a video store, I've tried to find The four horsemen of the apocalypse with no success. Just had to vent.
  3. Hmm going back I would have to say Rudolph Valentino, Yule Brenner (I do not know what it is about him) and Clint Eastwood back in the early black and white westerns. I've only had the pleasure of seeing a few of them. For female adoration who can't say Marilyn Monroe? um, Bette Davis was phenomenal. There is another one, maybe someone could give me her name, she started the trend of wearing mens slacks, she was real tall and slender, real strong features, she was a good looking woman, nevermind the fact that she went against the tradition of womens wear.
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