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  1. I saw it this year and was greatly surprised at the end. ?
  2. I would certainly like to see Roaring Rails (1924), Beverly Of Graustark (1926), more of Max Linder, Ian Keith, and Antonio Moreno.
  3. Could you tell me what film of Conte's is being referenced in the noir segment showing a woman playing tic tac toe on him? I always miss the title, thanks.
  4. Warren William in the lost film Honor of the Family (1931)
  5. We discussed an essay from The Dread of Difference in which McLarty states that "scientific experiments on women's bodies results in consequences that have to do with the female body as a site of disgust than with male science as a source of horror". There is also "a projection of evil and revulsion onto the female body" as she creates the brood and makes them carry out her orders in anger. The "eruption" of her body causes disgust towards the end. Another author (Wood) makes the point that the ultimate dread in films like these is of "women usurping the active, agresive role that patri
  6. I was introduced to the film last year when I took a horror film course and nearly died of laughter when a male student next to me cringed in disgust and turned away as the mother cleaned the new one in the brood. It was a bizarre film and the ending made me wonder if the "normal" child was affected.
  7. Hi guys! I just wanted to drop in and leave this photo for Mr. Grimes. Hope you're all doing well and take care!
  8. I'm glad you approve Barb! Hope you and your mom are doing well and thanks for posting one of my favorite photos of Connie. Tomorrow it's Cortez in "The Case of the Black Cat". I couldn't resist posting these two caps from "Mockery". Until next time, arrivederci amica!
  9. Happy Easter to all! Barb, I came across this photo of Bela and thought you might want to see it (if you haven't done so already).
  10. Waxworks (1924) - Ivan the Terrible doing what he does best and as someone wonderfully described, "the wedding crasher from hell". The Man Who Laughs (1928) - Gwyplaine, tired of being chastised, yells out in front of the queen's court "A king made me a clown, a queen made me a lord, but first God made me a man!".
  11. I would like to see "Cruise Into Terror" (1978) on TCM. Not sure if it's any good but the storyline has intrigued me.
  12. I came across this one today, not sure if you've seen it. Rudy is cuddling his animal friends with Rexy singing in the background.
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