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  1. Waterloo Bridge and Brief Encounter are both excellent, well acted tearjerkers.
  2. Waterloo Bridge and Brief Encounter are both wonderful, well acted tearjerkers.
  3. Some of my favorite foreign films include Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal, Smiles of a Summer Night, Through a Glass Darkly and Scenes from a Marriage. I guess you can tell I'm an Ingemar Bergman fan! I also really like Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir. It is an excellent anti-war film. One of my all time movies scenes is when Jean Gabin leaves the woman who has befriended him. The look on her face is so poignant.
  4. I hope I don't offend anybody but Citizen Kane is one of the more overrated movies of all time. Technically, I will admit it is brilliant but I just could not care about Orson Welles' character or any of the characters in the story. I don't get the same pleasure watching this movie as I do from Casablanca. It's not a bad movie but I don't think it is the greatest movie of all time!
  5. I certainly hope they never make a movie biography of Steve McQueen. Who could play him and do the role justice? It was bad enough that Pierce Bronson did Steve's role in the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair but I can't think of anybody who could play Steve McQueen. Steve was an original, the ultimate in cool.
  6. My top ten in no particular order would be: 1. Wild Strawberries 2. Casablanca 3. Smiles of a Summer Night 4. The Awful Truth 5. Doctor Zhivago 6. Pandora's Box 7. An American in Paris 8. Taxi Driver 9. Top Hat 10. Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen
  7. I have to go with Rita Hayworth!. She was so beautiful!
  8. One of the worst miscasting's of all time has to be Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby! What were they thinking? A better choice would have been Steve McQueen. Steve was great at conveying emotions with his face and especially those gorgeous blue eyes. He didn't have to use words to express how he felt. Gatsby I felt always had a mysterious air about him and Steve could have done a much better job at being mysterious than Redford did.
  9. My favorite would have to be Wild Strawberries although there are so many great films that Ingmar made including The Seventh Seal, Through a Glass Darkly, The Virgin Spring, Scenes from a Marriage and Smiles of a Summer Night. There is something special about Wild Strawberries, however. I believe it is Bergman's most accessible and warm films he has ever made. The performances in the film are excellent especially Victor Sjostrom. He is absolutely wonderful in the film and should have been nominated for an Oscar for his performance. I love the ending of this movie. I can't really
  10. I am a big Laurel and Hardy fan. Their Music Box short film is a classic. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. My mother, her nursing aide and myself watched it one night and we all just about fell on the floor from laughing so hard! My mother laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes and the nursing aide and I were complaining about our bellies hurting from laughing so hard. Stan Laurel was a comedic genius. If you watch one of their films very closely, you can see that their comedic routines were choreographed just like a dan
  11. My favorite silent movie is the classic Pandora's Box starring Louise Brooks. What a movie! It is such a hypnotic movie. Louise Brooks is fabulous in this movie and her character, Lulu , paves the way for future sexy female stars such as Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Barbara Stanwick. When you watch Louise's face and especially her eyes, you can see a full range of emotions. She alsproves you can be very sexy without having to take your clothes off. I think her performance is one of the greatest female performances of all time.
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