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  1. Thanks for the Roz tribute!! She is in my top 5 fav's...she is forgotten, I think at times.Rosalind Russell.. the one and only...thanks again!
  2. Loved Vivien!! I think she is underrated and under appreciated.A tremendous actress who worked extremely hard to be the actress she was.She never thought she was the performer of Olivier's class and felt like it.I really enjoyed her in Anna Karenina, Streetcar, Ship of Fools, and yes GWTW.Years ago I read in Susan Strasberg's autobio, Bittersweet that she fell down the stairs and lost her and Olivier's child. She never recovered and died a few years later in 1967.Her self-confidence around him seemed to be pretty low but she was a star in her own right. I adore her.Let us not ever forget her.
  3. I do have a few:The Heiress,The Greatest Story Ever Told,To Kill a Mockingbird,Now Voyager,Lion in the Winter, Julia,Marnie,A Women of Paris,Chaplin's score was superb throughout the movie,a silent with Lon Chaney,Sr, and Hotel;there are probably more I can't think of now.
  4. I liked Jack Palance in the Lonely Man.You don't here of this movie mentioned too much, but I thought he was superb in it.He will be missed....(sigh)...not too many of the great ones left.
  5. I grew up watching this show.I loved it.I don't remember anyone else in the female lead except Diana Rigg.She's the only one I remember seeing.I loved the opening theme,the intro,those bad leather suits Emma Peel wore,those boots,the high leg kicks,her partner's umbrella....yeah, I've got it bad!!!
  6. I believe I read on IMDB that Vivien Leigh never thought she was as good an actor as Olivier.She would have to work really hard for her performances.Sometimes they were torture for her,but she had other issues too.
  7. I've seen this film several times,though not from the beginning.I love it.Superb performances.Especially Simone,Oskar,Jose.I believe Elizabeth Ashley is still alive.
  8. Toss up between Susan Hayward and Judy Holliday.Susan,in my opinion has never really got her just do...if only she hadn't worked on that horrific"The Conquerers" or if it hadn't been filmed in that radioactive desert.Judy left us way,way too early.She was so talented...they both were...(sigh)
  9. Double Indemnity, Key Largo, Sea Wolf....he was one of our greatest....I think he has been somewhat underrated and overlooked.I enjoy watching him on screen,such talent.Johnny Rocco:"Yeah,I want more!"
  10. You can add Jerry Lewis,too.Never ever thought he was funny.Not as a child.Now,he's old and makes fun or himself(sigh)
  11. Yeah,Gladys was a gem in all the before mentioned films.She was cold as ice in Now,Voyager.I really enjoyed the scene in her bedroom,and from bed she needles the new and improved Charlotte about,"...turning your nose down at a pot of gold." She was a class act.
  12. Wow,I haven't seen alot of his films,but the ones I have seen,he's tremendous!Dinner at Eight,A Bill of Divorcement,Grand Hotel,Topaze,20th Century(I need to see the whole film,he and Lombard...um!),Counselor at Law.....he's either stealing scenes or stealing the picture! That scene @ the end of Dinner at Eight with Lee Tracy letting him know how washed up he is,John's reaction,and his death prep.scene is unforgettable.Barrymore really seemed to make fun of himslf in his performances,to me.He was such a gifted talent....
  13. L.Olivier was good and good to look at,too.Was Kathy crazy or what??!! I think I would have tried to live on love with Olivier than the riches with David Niven??? We must stay true to the book.And her brother,what a foul-mouth he was!!! I enjoyed the cowardly,drunk's performance. P.S. rebecca,how could you not be satisfied with Maxim?? Because of you,he married the mousy Joan F.
  14. I just like to see those 2-min.tributes.They show respect for the artists.They are very sentimental to me because these national treasures will all be gone one day.I hope Paramount and Universal get their act together.Virginia Mayo was a good actress.Her best films,to me were The Best Years......,White Heat, and a western she did with Dale Robertson.She wasn't an "A" star but had the talent to be if given better material. Thanks Deborah!!
  15. I really appreciate the info.Whenever a star would pass,TCM would do the "Remembrance" moment for them.She was a beautiful lady,underrated actress.I always thought it was so kind to remember the greats from yesteryear.A wonderful tribute.By the way,Virginia Mayo passed too,and I heard and saw no mention of it.Did I miss that,too.
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