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  1. "If you need confirmation of this medication I described the only board member that I know is "TMS" verify it with her she's a nurse." Just a slight correction TMN, I am a secretary not a nurse. But I would try to help you if you had a question, I work with a great bunch of people. My thoughts are with you in your time of need and sorrow. If there is anything I can do for you..send me a PM! TMS
  2. The smell of sauerkraut!! to me it stinks! My dad loves the stuff! Stinks up the whole house! Haven't tried the soft shelled crabs yet..but it sounds tasty! SPAM...AKA...Skunk, Possum and Mouse! That's what we call it anyway!
  3. Don't forget Hockey season!! A taco salad sounds good also!! Susan...I noticed you are from Philly...let me tell you I could go for a cheese/steak hogie!!! yummy!
  4. Thank you.. I have always made brownies from a box...so this should be interesting!!
  5. Susan Thank you very much. I am a big fan of dark chocolate!! I prefer that over milk chocolate anyday!! How did you even get a recipe of hers?
  6. Susan--oh I would love the recipe for the brownies!!! love chocolate (who doesn't) Now I feel like I should misspell something?
  7. RR..did you just go "off topic"? Message was edited by: TMS
  8. I was thanking Frec C for the info on the photos and the other reply was too Mrsl. ps. Hedy Lamarr
  9. Here we are, hijacking another thread .... it happens. thanks for the info. ps. Love PR...guilty pleasure I guess you can say! Message was edited by: TMS
  10. Didn't David Niven hang with Errol Flynn...from what I heard they were good chums? ps. love Tim Gunn!!
  11. yes thanks Fred C "We're all nuts in my family! " You too huh?!
  12. ;0 It won't work! this one should Message was edited by: TMS
  13. I agree...but I am always laughing....I just got done laughing my eyes were watering! Of course that doesn't help you guys out because you weren't here! Of course I do sing along when I have TCM on...you should see the look on my son's face...priceless!!! )
  14. Somebody getting married, perhaps? Ya know I don't think that's how it started....that's even crazier!! LOL loved your story though!!
  15. LOL...too funny...just a couple of weeks ago we broke out into song at work....."get me to the church on time... how it started I have no idea!
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