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  1. Oh I love Christmas movies! They really make me get excited for this time of year (I live in Minnesota where the winters get really bad, so it's always nice to have Christmas to look forward to at least) Every first snow, when it actually sticks to the ground and coats everything with white, I have to watch White Christmas and eat Cream of Wheat I also love: Holiday Inn (my first Fred Astaire movie, and he's my favorite classic star ever!) Miracle Of the Bells Christmas in Connecticut (Dennis Morgan is so dreamy) Holiday Affair Since You Went Away (even though it makes me cry so
  2. I love them both so much, and like some people have said, it's really subjective to who's better. I personally favor Fred, which is funny because I'm more of the working class type than the ritzy type. Fred was much better with a partner and I think more technically advanced and Gene was much more athletic and innovative. Fred seems more romantic to me while Gene is sexy. Cyd Charise once said that Fred Astaire had her heart and Gene Kelly had her body. That wraps up their persona's to me pretty well. Erika Message was edited by: myfairlady84
  3. I think that I've counted 27 movies I've seen of his, including the 10 with Ginger. It's taken quite a while for me to get this far. There are still some I want to see that I haven't yet like Daddy Long Legs and The Skies the Limit. I think just about everybody dubbed in their voice at a different time than the filming. It just made for better sound and probably was easier to get things right as well. Some people even had others dubbing for them. Rita Hayworth was dubbed by someone else in her movies with Fred which is funny because she's actually a pretty good singer. The one person I kn
  4. Thanks for the great welcome everybody! Here's a list of my favorite Fred Astaire dances. Solo: "I've Got My Eyes On You" from Broadway Melody of 1940 "Slap That Bass" from Shall We Dance "Shine On Your Shoes" from Bandwagon (even though he dances with somebody for a bit) "I'd Rather Lead a Band" from Follow the Fleet The firecrackers dance from Holiday Inn "Puttin' On the Ritz" from Blue Skies "You're All the World to Me" from Royal Wedding (dancing on the ceiling) The one with all the drums (can't remember song) from Damsel in Distress "Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails" from Top
  5. Wow I love this! A Fred Astaire thread. I could talk all day about my favorite movie star ever! The first time I ever saw him is when my dad talked me into renting "That's Dancing", a compilation of a lot of famous dancers/dances from movies throughout the years. When I saw his clips I knew I had to see some of his movies. Nothing makes me feel better than watching one of his movies, to me they are the entertainment equivalent to chicken soup. I've seen more movies of his than any other actor. My favorite quote by him would be from Roberta when he says to Randolf Scott: "Everyday you
  6. Barbara Stanwyck Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor
  7. The auto's I love best are Lucille Ball's Love, Lucy and Ginger Roger's autobiography. Both were very quick interesting reads. I've read Lucy's numerous times in fact. Wow, after this thread I have a bunch of books to add to my ever growing list. Now I really want to read Myrna's, Oscar Levant's, and Harpo's really badly. If we're talking biographies, by the way, I just want to say that my favorite would have to be Little Boy Lost about James Dean and my least favorite is Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming. There are many Marilyn bio's out there....don't get that one if you want to rea
  8. Robert Taylor? Oh he's dreamy! Not only that, but I really enjoy his acting. My favorite movie of his is Waterloo Bridge. One thing I think you should definetly include in your book is the interesting story about his parents. His mother came down with an illness that was considered untreatable and fatal so Robert's father became a doctor and cured her disease. That's one of the most interesting and romantic stories I've ever heard.
  9. Of course I do. One of my favorite scenes is how the movie is introduced, with Audrey's beautiful voice narrating about the Larabee's and their estate (the outdoor tennis courts..and the indoor tennis courts). Maybe my favorite movie intro ever. Audrey is fabulous in this movie. I love her in pretty much all her roles but this movie seemed made for her. William Holden was great as usual and I agree that it was nice to see him in a lighter role. I usually like Bogie but he seemed not into this movie at all (and I heard he hated it which explains things). That's my only qualm with Sabrina.
  10. I was really dissapointed in this one. I thought it had a lot more extras which is why I bought it even though I already owned a copy on VHS. Now I wish I never would have wasted the money. It wasn't worth it at all.
  11. you're good! take 'er away MrWriteLA!
  12. Audrey Hepburn- A Nun's Story Marilyn Monroe- Bus Stop James Dean- East Of Eden (not that he had many to choose from) Paul Newman- The Hustler Jimmy Stewart- Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Barbara Stanwyck- The Lady Eve Jean Harlow- Hold Your Man Clark Gable- It Happened One Night Myrna Loy- Wife Vs Secretary Claudette Colbert- Since You Went Away Claude Rains- Notorious Cary Grant- Penny Serenade
  13. cool! hmmmm.... ok I got one "You have no repentance! You're bad! Through and through, bad!" Message was edited by: myfairlady84
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